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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Women's clothing Emka Fashion

Skirts, dresses, cardigans, vests, blouses, trousers, outerwear, belts - all this is offered by Emka Fashion clothing brand. This is a Russian brand, all things are sewn in our country. Emka Fashion women's clothing is chosen by bright, young, active, ambitious girls. Things of this company are distinguished by color and style, give positive and help create fashionable images.


The Russian brand Emka Fashion offers skirt models for every taste and color, for girls of any complexion. Models of this brand will not hamper movement or somehow limit in everyday life. An elegant and fresh look will help create a milk-colored cotton pencil skirt, it will emphasize the beautiful curves of the female body. The fabric stretches, so it will be beneficial to fit the hips. The image can be complemented with a delicate light blue blouse.

A viscose flared model is perfect for warm spring or summer walks. The skirt is fastened in front with buttons along the entire length, fabric in a small cell of green and white. A fabric belt that can be tied to a bow will add romance to the image. Side pockets add convenience. A light beige blouse with buttons on the buttons will complement the look for every day.

A bright wide skirt on a yoke will make the image memorable and sophisticated. This model will emphasize the waist. The mood will add an orange-white print. The summer look is complemented by a light white cotton blouse with original sleeves.

Sports enthusiasts should pay attention to the maxi skirt in gray and blue. The model is tied on a lace belt, so that the width can be adjusted. The skirt is perfect for active walks, it does not restrict movement. It can be easily combined with both shirts and casual tops.


As you know, every woman should have a little black dress. The clothing brand Emka Fashion offers not only this and diversify your wardrobe with models of bright colors and unusual styles. A straight-cut peach dress will add femininity. An unusual detail is the shortened sleeves with figured processing. This model can be safely worn both at work and at a party.

Enjoy the walk along the promenade in a long A-line dress. White fabric is diluted with a blue geometric print. This comfortable model will successfully hide all the flaws of the figure. The dress will look great with both sneakers and sandals.

A strict and at the same time stylish image will create a dark blue dress of a straight cut. Zipper on the back and a neat white collar, which can be detached if desired, add femininity and elegance.

A juicy and bright image will help to create a sheath dress in rich yellow color. In it you can safely go to a summer party or a fashion show. The style of the dress will successfully emphasize all the advantages of the figure.

The maxi model in dark blue will help to look mysterious and impregnable. Any man will want to conquer such a fortress. This casual dress is versatile and suitable for any occasion. The final detail is a white belt.


Women are thrilled with the simplicity and elegance of Emka Fashion models. In this, according to customers, the highlight of this brand’s things lies. Fabric and workmanship are always on top. The cut and style of dresses, skirts is very successful. In models, the figure looks slimmer, more elegant and more romantic. Women's clothing Emka Fashion helps to hide all the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the image.


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