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Finnish women's clothing

The secret of success

Ever since the days of the USSR, Finnish clothing has always been associated with the quality mark for Russian people. It was not easy to get a Finnish down jacket, they were expensive - like good natural fur coats. Nowadays, there is no problem in buying a Finnish jacket or down jacket, but the demand for them is still very high.

The secret of the popularity of women's clothing from Finland lies in several factors:

  • This country has a similar climate to Russia, and the winters are just as severe. Therefore, only the best heaters and high-quality, wear-resistant materials that withstand temperatures below -30 ° C are used there for tailoring down jackets.
  • Finnish outerwear is not only very warm, but also highly ecological. This is subject to the laws of the country - production harmful to the environment is prohibited in Finland.
  • This clothing is easy to care for. It is lightweight, worn, and, thanks to the special processing of materials, has excellent dirt and water repellent properties.
  • Finnish down jackets are not from a cheap price segment, however, the prices for them are quite justified by their quality, in addition, manufacturers often arrange pre-holiday and seasonal sales.

All this gives Finnish products great advantages over competitors - Italian, Turkish, Canadian and Chinese, and allows you to maintain a significant place in the Russian outerwear market.


Between Finnish clothing for women, winter or demi-season, and high quality, there is always an equal sign.

When choosing a thing from a manufacturer from this country, pay attention to how the seams are made. They are not only carefully stitched, but also glued with a special composition that helps to increase the water-repellent properties of the fabric.

Even with many protective features, Finnish winter clothing remains very light. It can be voluminous, but at the same time do not constrain movements, fold to a completely compact size and not crumple. It is distinguished by strength, wear resistance and excellent appearance.


Finnish manufacturers select the highest quality, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly materials for their products.

In the production of knitwear, only 100% natural cotton, linen or wool is used, which makes the fabric very hygroscopic and pleasant to the skin. In the manufacture of outerwear, cotton, polyester and polyamide are used both in pure form and in various percentages that determine the properties of the fabric.

Despite the water-repellent impregnation, the fabric from which most Finnish down jackets are made does not create a “greenhouse effect” and allows the skin to breathe. The whole secret is in a special technology that has been developing rapidly in recent years. It lies in the fact that when a polytetrafluoroethylene film is applied to the surface of the fabric, a special kind of membrane is formed. Membrane tissue acquires the ability to release internal fumes, while at the same time completely not letting external moisture in.

Currently, there are many varieties of membranes - non-porous, pore and combined. Each manufacturer seeks to announce the improved properties of their fabrics. But when choosing a membrane jacket, down jacket or overalls, you should pay attention to the insulation - it must be natural. With synthetic insulation, the membrane loses its “magical” properties and turns into a “greenhouse film”.

Finnish manufacturers of outerwear as a heater use mainly natural or artificial fluff. Arctic bird fluff has remarkable heat-saving and hygroscopic properties. It does not fall off and the thing retains its shape for a long time, but at the same time it is difficult to wash at home. Products on natural fluff are better to dry clean, in addition, fluff can cause an allergic reaction.

Unlike natural, artificial fluff is hypoallergenic. It is favorably distinguished from its predecessor sintepon by lightness, increased heat capacity and environmental friendliness. Artificial down items can be washed at home.

In operational characteristics, the modern insulation isosoft is not inferior to fluff. Recently, many Finnish brands have been actively addressing it in their production. The thin isosoft fibers that make up the balls retain heat perfectly, without interfering with the evaporation of moisture. With a large number of layers, isosoft jackets are able to withstand frost to -25C.


The size range of Finnish-made outerwear has its own characteristics. When choosing a jacket or down jacket for adults, you should know that the difference with the Russian sizes is 6-7 positions, i.e. our size 48 accounts for 40-42, depending on the style and manufacturer. Therefore, before making a purchase in an online store, it is better to consult with the seller or read reviews about this brand.

Like most domestic and European brands, the Finns sew outerwear up to sizes 54-56 (50 on the tag). But there are some companies that focus on the production of stylish and high-quality clothing of large sizes.

Children's things are usually distinguished by their large size. With the specified size of 80cm, a thing can fit a child 86-90cm. In general, Finnish children's clothing is designed for large and strong children.

Often on the tags there are alphabetic indexes indicating the physique:

B - thin;

B1 - thin and tall;

C is normal;

OS - low, normal;

OD - full;

E - full and low.

Types of clothing

Russian women have long appreciated many types of Finnish-made clothing. First of all, these are, of course, down jackets. They are represented by a wide variety of models - shortened and elongated, sports, with original prints and a wide variety of colors. These down jackets are always a great choice for those who care about fashion.

Choosing a down jacket should be based not only on your style preferences - long for lovers of classics, shortened by a sporting lifestyle, but also on the climatic conditions in which you live. Remember that no matter how warm the winter is in your area, you need to choose a model under which you can easily put on warm clothes - thick pants and a voluminous sweater.

Demi-season clothing from Finland is designed for temperatures from +5 to -8 ° C, which coincides with the weather during the off-season in most regions of Russia. It is lighter and thinner than winter models, as a heater, as a rule, synthetic winterizer is used. The collections of jackets and raincoats are very diverse, and meet all the requirements of style and quality.

Finnish sports overalls can be called legendary. Quality, strength, durability, simplicity and ease of care and storage make them leaders among other manufacturers.

Popular brands

In Finland, more than 100 manufacturers of outerwear are registered. Russian buyers have long been familiar with brands such as Maritta, Luhta and many others.

  • Maritta company produces women's clothing not only standard, but also large
  • Luhta is famous for its Alaska national jackets, a brand that has been around for over 100 years.
  • The most famous and recognizable brand from Finland was and remains the Marimekko brand, which differs from other manufacturers with catchy and even eccentric collections with bright colors and a large bold print.
  • Skila designers focus on sportswear and casual
  • The Reima brand produces clothes aimed not just at athletes, but at extreme sports fans. A feature of their models is the presence of reflective elements
  • Every self-respecting skier wants to have a Finn Flare or Green Hill jumpsuit
  • Kerry produces excellent outerwear for children, taking into account all the wishes of small customers and their parents - it is not only convenient to run and play in, but also easy to wash and store
  • JahtiJakt occupies a unique segment - it produces clothes for hunting, fishing and tourism, not forgetting that these hobbies are not only for men, but also for women
  • Wellensteyn jackets are designed for the most severe and long winters.
  • Joutsen down jackets will always please fashionistas with actual shades and stylish styles.


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