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Basic wardrobe for women

Fundamental rules

Most women, choosing clothes in the store, pay attention to fashion trends, things that have a good discount, attractive color or style. Coming home with such a purchase, it turns out that there is nothing to carry it with. The image does not look harmonious, so purchases have to gather dust on the shelves of the cabinet.

To avoid such situations, you need to understand what should be in the wardrobe for the perfect combination of every new thing. This requires the formation of a basic wardrobe for a woman. Its elements make it possible to create numerous stylish and fashionable images. And new clothes will be a great addition to it.

Rules for creating a basic wardrobe:

  • All basic things should blend perfectly and harmonize with each other. It is necessary to exclude too bright or eye-catching outfits;
  • All wardrobe items should be easily replaced with others, so that you can wear both trousers and a skirt to the same blouse, and vice versa;
  • Do not buy too cheap models. All of them must combine quality, be socks and aesthetically attractive;
  • The colors of the entire basic wardrobe should resonate with each other and be sustained in neutral colors. It is desirable that their number does not exceed three. In this case, creating the perfect kit is not difficult;
  • Avoid things with a variety of decorative elements and prints. All of them should be simple, stylish and concise.

Following these simple rules, every woman will be able to create a spectacular image, as well as learn to follow fashion trends.

This versatile wardrobe will make it possible to combine clothes with each other and create an infinite number of images, to stay fresh and new to prying eyes.

Pick color

In order to learn how to combine things with each other, it is worth figuring out what kind of color scheme they should be. As mentioned above, the kit should be designed in neutral colors, but which colors to stop on, you should understand.

All things should be divided into 4 groups depending on their color:

  • Base colors. These clothes should be the darkest. It is she who will give the image confidence, elegance and bring respectability to the image. Thanks to such things, the style can be adapted to the office dress code, as well as just to position people to trust. Dark trousers, skirts, cardigans or coats can serve as their examples. Do not forget that each of these elements of the wardrobe should be of high quality and expensive. This will allow you to achieve a well-groomed appearance and a sensation of unsurpassed taste. Such things will become the basis of your wardrobe and will make it possible to combine with any other clothes;
  • Light colors. They are designed to dilute the base. Their use is suitable for women of different textures and ages, because light colors will refresh both young girls and more mature ladies. In the classic version, they are used for the top, namely blouses or shirts. These things will create a competent contrast, make the set thoughtful and fashionable. They fit perfectly into the office style, and are also suitable for urban looks. Examples of light colors are white, milky, light gray and beige;
  • Bright colours necessary for special occasions, as well as to create images in casual style. The main thing is not to forget about the restraint of shades. To create a basic wardrobe, you can afford peach, turquoise, lemon or pale green colors. Denim should also be included in this color group. These colors should also be well combined with the basic ones and create a thoughtful and competent image;
  • Accent colors created to make the image bold and bright. Of course, they are not suitable for every day, or for an office dress code, but should be available in the wardrobe. With their help, you can create many casual looks and memorable images for celebrations and significant events. These colors include red, hot pink, emerald or blue.

Mandatory Items

In order to make the choice of a clothing set for any occasion cease to be a difficulty, it is worth having in your closet just a few basic things, thanks to which you no longer have to worry about the image and style. It is worth talking about each of these elements of clothing for a woman’s image separately and figuring out what characteristics this or that thing should have.

Light blouse

There should be two bright blouses in the wardrobe as a mime, so that, if necessary, one could be washed and the other prepared for the exit, since this garment is considered the most universal. A white blouse is easy to combine with trousers, skirts and jeans, it can easily replace any other wardrobe item, so its presence is mandatory in the list of things of every fashionable woman.

By style, white blouses can be divided into two types. One of them resembles a men's shirt and is called a batch file, it is worn under suits and jackets, as it is able to create a strict and business style. The second is more elegant. Such blouses can be made in different styles, in different light shades, have a different shape of the collar.

Choosing the color of a blouse, you should know that it should be lighter than the color of tooth enamel. And the choice is made taking into account the color type of appearance.

For girls with small breasts, models with patch pockets and neckline jewelry are suitable. Owners of magnificent forms should dwell on lighter and laconic styles.

Choose high-quality products from natural fabrics, as they can last longer, maintain their original appearance and will not cause discomfort when worn.

Pencil skirt

A pencil skirt is also included in the set of basic things. This is a surprisingly feminine and elegant wardrobe item. It has many advantages and will never go out of style, as it is a classic. This skirt is able to visually simulate the silhouette and help in creating a variety of elegant images, simply combining with any details of the wardrobe.

Models with a length below the knee will be an ideal option for creating business images. She will perfectly fit into the dress code and will become a lifesaver to create a fashion kit.

Women who are not affiliated with offices are also recommended to have this thing in their wardrobe, as it will make it look chic and spectacular easily and simply.

When choosing a pencil skirt, it’s worthwhile to dwell on the palette of basic colors. It can be black, graphite or dark blue.

When making a purchase, you need to pay special attention to its size, because only a perfectly sitting thing can create the desired effect. If the skirt is not in size, then it will creep up, or vice versa to slide, add extra volume to the hips, twist and create inconvenience when worn.


Currently, for a girl there is hardly a more convenient and comfortable thing than jeans. They will save their owner both on a date, a walk with friends, and a business meeting that does not require a special form.

Jeans are easy to combine with different shoes, both with heels and with flat soles. They will become a stylish element for creating many images, from romantic to business ones.

When buying jeans, the main thing is to give preference to models that fit perfectly on your body. Fragile and long-legged young ladies will suit the skinny style, they will emphasize the slimness and grace of the figure. Owners of magnificent forms, such models are not suitable. For a spectacular and thoughtful look, it is worth stopping on flared or straight cut models.

Jeans for a basic wardrobe categorically should not have decorative elements in the form of rhinestones, embroideries, inscriptions and holes. These jeans should be as simple as possible, to be able to combine with different elements of clothing. The ideal color for them will be dark blue or close to black.


Another indispensable thing in the basic wardrobe will be a jacket, jacket or blazer. These items have a related appearance and can equally be used to provide a stylish look.

This item is worth buying to create a rigorous and elegant look.

In combination with jeans, this thing will make a democratic image for every day. And with the skirts you get an excellent regular kit, for working days.

The ideal color is black, dark gray or deep blue.

Also, preference should be given to models that have inconspicuous buttons. Their advantage is the ease of selection of accessories.

Little black dress

There seems to be no better dress for a woman than a little black dress. This feminine item of clothing has been highly valued for several decades, and will never go out of style. It can be used to create different images, from business to evening, complementing with various accessories, shoes and all kinds of clothes.

Another significant plus is that the black color slim. In this outfit, everyone will be able to feel like a little lady, regardless of form and physique.

Like all other components of the basic wardrobe, this detail should be extremely simple, concise and fit perfectly on the figure. It should not be decorated with a large number of decorative elements, which will enable easy combination with different things.

Black pants

Black pants are one of the main things in your closet. They will help to tie together all the available things. Being the basis, they are able to help create many different images.

Select a model depending on the type of figure. Pants can be narrowed or straight, have a standard waistline, high or low.

This thing is a classic, so it will never go out of style. It is truly universal, due to which it can be used in a variety of cases.

Knitted cardigan

A cardigan is an integral part of any wardrobe. With it, you can create a cozy and comfortable image, fill it with warmth and charm.

The cardigan is very versatile, it can be worn over a blouse, combined with trousers, jeans, or worn over a small black dress. With any of these combinations, you will remain feminine and tender.

The color of the cardigan should correspond to other things and not be too bright, the main thing is to comply with the overall color scheme of the kit.

An alternative to a cardigan can be a beige sweater. It also looks great with different elements of the wardrobe and is able to provide warmth on a frosty winter day.

Summer clothes

Modern clothes for the summer should combine aesthetic appearance, be of good quality and provide comfort and convenience. A great solution is to purchase a white T-shirt. It can be made in different styles, have different lengths of sleeves, neckline or cut.

Also, to create a basic wardrobe, a top made of light materials such as silk, cotton or satin is suitable.

These things will simply fit into any image using other basic things and will enable their infinite variations.


Having picked up a fashionable cloak of a classic cut once, you can wear it all your life. The fact is that this thing never goes out of fashion, it is able to complement many images, making them more feminine and elegant. It can be used both in warm spring or early autumn, and on a cool summer day, which makes it even more versatile.

Ideal colors will be all shades of beige or classic black.


For the cold season, the best option is a quality coat. You should not save on this detail, because natural materials, such as cashmere or wool, will make you look royal. This thing will last for many years and make the style elegant and solid.

Fashion collections present coats of fashionistas in different color variations, the most popular of which are cream, blue, dark and sand tones.

Shoes & Accessories

Heeled shoes remain unrivaled among the abundance of all kinds of models. Their selection should be carried out depending on the season. Pumps without additional decor are suitable for the warm season. They can complement any image and become indispensable for different occasions. Comfortable boots with high tops are suitable for autumn and winter.

Graceful ballet flats will suit women with an active lifestyle. They are more comfortable and will reduce the load on the legs, while remaining feminine and sophisticated.

As for accessories, the place of honor among the things of the basic wardrobe is occupied by a scarf-scarf. With it, you can transform a boring image and add new colors to it.

Also, you can not do without such an object as a handbag. Her appearance should be simple and original, for easy compatibility with both jeans and dress.

You can complement any established image with a variety of jewelry sets or jewelry.

Adjust the silhouette

Most women are not completely satisfied with their bodies and want to hide flaws and emphasize their virtues with the help of clothes. Choosing the right colors and cuts, you can easily correct problem areas, delicately hiding them from prying eyes. One of the easiest ways is to use black and white colors.

For example, women with a pear shape should give preference to a dark bottom. Pants-pipes made of light material will be an ideal option. It is worth remembering that dense, fleecy tissues add volume.

For thin girls, such trousers, on the contrary, are unacceptable. Black color will only emphasize thinness and attract additional attention. In order to hide this drawback, it is worth stopping at lighter tones. Volumetric fabrics such as velvet and velor allow you to balance the proportions of the body.

For low ladies, things that have a high waistline are suitable. They will visually add length to the legs and give the appearance a more elongated appearance.

The type of figure "hourglass" is the easiest to choose clothes, as this physique is the ideal of beauty. A thin waist can be emphasized with a belt or strap.

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