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Maternity Clothing Adele

During pregnancy, every woman wants to look stylish and wear trendy fashionable clothes, but even today it is difficult to find a really worthy comfortable model. Despite the variety of brands specializing in the production of clothes for pregnant women, not all of them will be able to satisfy their tastes. Maternity clothes Adele is made in Russia - in the city of Omsk, the design of stylish products is created here. The range of brands rich in clothing models allows you to choose something to your liking and size, and this or that thing will favorably emphasize the growing tummy.


  • Maternity clothes Adele is created in the city of Omsk, Russia. Own production allows you to create high-quality clothing for a special situation.
  • The cut of clothes is special: tucks for the abdomen allow the model to become comfortable for the expectant mother, the ideal cut of the trousers does not squeeze the stomach and allows the woman to put on her favorite pants, even during this difficult period.
  • Maternity clothes Adele is sewn only from natural and body-friendly fabrics.
  • Thanks to original design decisions, Adele’s clothing not only emphasizes the rounded tummy, but also relieves tension in the lower back and legs (some models).


Adele is rich in its assortment, which can conditionally be divided into several large categories: clothes, underwear, accessories for pregnant women and clothes for feeding.

  • Women's clothing Adele presents the top garments: warm jackets for the demi-season and winter, the so-called sling-jackets with an extra seat, first for the abdomen and then for the newborn.
  • Casual wear - dresses, pants, blouses, sweaters, cardigans and other items can well emphasize the tummy and allow the expectant mother to enjoy her position in stylish and fashionable clothes from the Russian brand Adele. Adele jeans and trousers have a durable fabric extra space for the abdomen, which provides him with support and allows the pregnant woman to feel comfortable in her favorite pants.
  • Adele underwear created for expectant and nursing mothers, bras made of natural cotton and do not have pressure structures, provide proper support for the female breast. Cups of such bras are easily pushed to the side thanks to convenient fasteners and a special design, so in Adele’s underwear the young mother will then be able to feed the baby. Adele home clothes are presented by light cotton and terry bathrobes, pajamas.

The collection of the Russian brand Adele has a special carrying for the child, which allows you not to excommunicate the baby from her mother while walking or going to the store. Ergonomic design allows you to carry in her baby weighing up to 7 kg; comfortable fasteners, soft straps and a wide belt at the waist will allow the young mother to maintain a healthy back, and the baby - to take an anatomically correct position and enjoy spending time with mom.

Size chart

The sizes presented in the Adele company correspond to the Russian ones: 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54. Not all brand models are found in the indicated sizes, that is, collections are limited in size range.

As for the Adele outerwear, there are jackets from 42 to 54 in Russian sizes. Jeans, dresses, blouses are presented in limited sizes, but each model is full-sized and can sometimes be larger, which can be beneficial for the future mother. Adele pregnant tights are determined by European sizes from XS to 5XL, which corresponds to "our" sizes from 42 to 56. Underwear, in particular, Adele bras, are determined by models B, C, D, E, and chest circumference 75-90 cm .

Reviews about Adele's women's clothing are mixed, but most of them are positive. Future mothers appreciate high-quality fabrics and current models, the design of which they like. Especially a lot of reviews about the Adele sling jacket, where the stomach is placed, and then the newborn baby.

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