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Men's beachwear

Men, like women, love beach vacations and strive to look fashionable and stylish on it. Someone prefers a beach holiday without swimming, catching the rays of the sun and getting a bronze tan, while someone likes to swim in the rivers and seas. Regardless of the type of beach vacation, a man needs to choose the right clothes for such a pastime.

Top part


The most popular beach item in this category of clothing is a T-shirt, as this item is very convenient and practical to use. Most often, men's t-shirts have a free cut, thanks to which the movements become absolutely free, unlimited, so this clothing is perfect for beach sports.

Now designers and fashion designers offer a huge number of T-shirt models of various colors and styles, which will appeal to both young men and mature men. Moreover, some models have a fitted silhouette that perfectly emphasizes all the advantages of the figure, while other models, on the contrary, help hide flaws, thanks to the free style. A t-shirt can be worn both for a walk along the seashore in the evening, and for swimming or for being on the beach to avoid burning in the hot sun.

Depending on your taste, you can choose a T-shirt with a V-neck or with a classic round neck. As for the length of this element of men's clothing, the length that reaches the middle of the buttocks is considered optimal, since a shorter T-shirt will bully and create some inconvenience, and a too long T-shirt will resemble a women's dress.

Beach t-shirts are perfectly combined with Bermuda, jeans or cotton, linen shorts, lightweight pants for sports or casual styles. The bottom should be selected based on the individual wishes of the man and depending on the weather. Although beach t-shirts often have very bright colors, do not forget about the basic principles of combining colors in clothes, since a large number of incongruous saturated colors should look very clumsy and tasteless.


In second place in popularity among beachwear is a men's T-shirt. This element of the wardrobe is the choice of courageous and confident men, because it allows you to brag to people around you with strong, inflated male hands, shoulders, back and chest. If you want to impress with your appearance of the fair sex on the beach, then a T-shirt is the best solution. This item of clothing is perfect for relaxing on the beach on the hottest summer day, and it will also be very convenient to play beach soccer or volleyball in it, many athletes also surf in T-shirts.

This item of beachwear is more open than a T-shirt, so it cools the body better in the heat and dries out very quickly. Among the models of T-shirts, the wrestling T-shirt is considered the most athletic and open, as a rule, such T-shirts have a fitted style and perfectly emphasize the male silhouette. Another, more closed model is a classic T-shirt with a solid back, which most often has a straight cut.

Designers usually present beach T-shirts in a variety of bright colors, but still, the most popular color is white, because this color perfectly emphasizes the bronze tint of the tan. These shirts are most often combined with light jeans or summer bermuda shorts. This item of clothing will look great with any sports model of trousers and shorts.


Such an element of clothing can be called intermediate between a beach short-sleeve shirt and a T-shirt, in addition, such clothes are now at the height of fashion. As a rule, polos are made of natural materials, have a straight cut and simple design. The neckline has a soft collar and fastens with several buttons, usually the polo is decorated with embroidery or the brand logo on the chest.

Polo is a stylish and laconic item of clothing that is perfect for men who want to look restrained and elegant even on the beach. Such a wardrobe item will look great with classic types of light summer trousers, as well as chinos or elongated shorts. As a rule, polo t-shirts have monochrome colors, but some designers produce bright striped models.


For men who are skeptical of sportswear or want to take a cool evening out along the beach along the seashore and are planning to visit a restaurant along the way, a light shirt is a great solution. Moreover, for such cases it is better to prefer monochrome models. For a day's rest on the beach, it is better to prefer shirts with a print in the form of a cage, a wide or thin strip, in the form of a geometric or abstract pattern. The most popular shirt options are short-sleeved models with a bright, so-called "Hawaiian" color or a royal lily print that can be worn with any shorts. The second option is more solemn.

Cotton shirts are best for the beach, as they are breathtaking and breathable. A shirt can be worn with any element of the lower part of the image, but you need to take into account its style. As a rule, shirts are equally well combined both with shorts and bermudas, and with straight and narrowed models of summer trousers.

Bottom part

Among the bottom of beachwear, the most popular wardrobe item is shorts. Stylists and designers present fashion collections, they are distinguished by a variety of models of shorts, so every man can choose beach shorts that will appeal to him and will be interesting to look in appearance and very comfortable to wear. There are shortened (lengths above the middle of the thigh) and elongated models of shorts (knee-high or a couple of centimeters higher), as well as intermediate, medium-long ones. Another model of shorts is Bermuda - shorts below the knee by about ten to fifteen centimeters.

A wide range of beach shorts was presented by such fashion brands as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok and many others. When choosing shorts that you won’t swim in, give preference to models made of natural materials, as they are breathtaking and very comfortable in hot weather. If you plan to swim, then it is better to wear shorts made of synthetic materials, since such fabrics dry out very quickly, which is their clear advantage.


Even in hot summer weather, trousers are very popular among men. For the beach, trouser models made of cotton or linen are perfect. When choosing the color of trousers, it is better to give preference to light discreet shades, and if you want to buy a model brighter, you need to choose it correctly to the upper part of the image so that the colors overlap and blend well. As for the cut of beach trousers, the most suitable option would be classic straight cut trousers or skinny trouser models.

For a beach holiday, lightweight pants in a sports style, or the "chinos" model are very relevant. Dark trousers of more classic models can be taken with you on vacation if you are going to a business event or a banquet.

Swimming trunks

Shorts-swimming trunks. Speaking of beachwear, one cannot but mention swimming trunks. One of the most popular options for this item of clothing among men is swimming shorts. They perfectly combine the functions of shorts, since they usually have their shape and length, and the function of swimming trunks, because due to the presence of a special mesh in them, they do not need to be removed before swimming. Such clothes are usually made from synthetic quick-drying materials. Usually, men choose bright swimming shorts of a loose style and medium length, because they are comfortable and suitable not only for swimming, but also for a regular walk.

The fitting models of swimming trunks are suitable only for swimming, they are less universal, since they are unacceptable to wear for going to a cafe or for a walk around the city. But their main advantage is that fitting a silhouette, they create a streamlined shape, so it’s most convenient to swim in them. For this case, it is better to choose bright sports models.

In addition to the above models of swimming trunks, there are shortened swimming trunks that fasten with a button on the belt and supplemented with pockets. This model is very stylish, but it will be a little challenging to enter the city. Usually, such swimming shorts are distinguished by a narrower silhouette, which perfectly emphasizes the advantages of the male figure.


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