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Modern clothes

Nowadays, fashion plays the role of an indicator of the status and lifestyle of a person. Girls can choose any style of clothing to their liking. In past centuries, ladies could not afford this and strictly followed the canons of beauty and fashion, but today style has become a much more democratic concept.


Throughout the entire existence of mankind, fashion has reflected all the key moments of the era. If at the very beginning our ancestors used clothes as a means of protecting the body, then gradually the clothes became a reflection of lifestyle and status. Fashion as such began to arise in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Just during this period, only the highest nobility could wear red clothes. In ancient Egypt, it was customary to devote color to a particular deity. The first prototype of the modern dress code was the toga of the Romans. In them they were obliged to appear in court, in the Senate and in the stadium. During the crusades, elements of female fashion are born. The image of a beautiful young lady implies the appearance of a neckline in her costume, a fitted dress and long sleeves. Femininity is contrasted with masculine restraint and masculinity in fashion.

After some time, fashion in Europe becomes quite strange. Women and men of the Middle Ages wear meter-long hats, as well as shoes with terribly curved toes. All these details showed the importance and statism of their owner. In the Renaissance, fashion changes dramatically. Women's dress has become completely different. Skirts-skirts up to six meters in diameter have become fashionable. For a long time, at the peak of popularity, there were cuts on the sleeves through which you could clearly see the lower shirt. Not without funny trends. Situations are well known when mice and spiders were found in wigs put into fashion under Louis the Fourteenth.

Another key moment and a serious turn in the world of fashion will be the Bourgeois revolution. Men began to wear trousers, and a corset appeared in the women's arsenal. A men's jacket was created in the nineteenth century. Fashion trends were changing so rapidly that few people could follow them. In the twentieth century, the length of women's dresses changes dramatically and splendor leaves the skirts. The real revolution was the model of Coco Chanel, and certainly her little black dress. Perhaps, with this dress you can count offensive modern fashion.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the era of Art Nouveau came, and women are happy to get rid of boring corsets. After a few years, it became fashionable to be thin. Owners of magnificent forms even had to bandage them. Stylish became a strong tan, too bright makeup and pearls. Pearl beads sometimes reached two meters in length.

The twenties of the last century are characterized by graphic squares, bright eyeliner like the ancient Egyptian priestesses and narrow dresses. Fashion riot subsides by the beginning of the thirties. Long skirts of an oblique cut again come back and blouses with sleeves - flashlights become popular. In the forties during the war, everything was strict, an acute shortage of fabrics does not allow any liberties with styles.

In the sixties there is a bright explosion of color and style. Girls wear short dresses and miniskirts, Yves Saint Laurent introduced a geometric print into fashion. The seventies of the last century are firmly rooted for hippies. Flared jeans, ethnic and folk style intertwined. During this period, punk and disco arose. It was fashionable to wear shirt dresses and flared pants.

The wild eighties were remembered by many with pantyhose in a net, knitted dresses, bright sports suits. The craze for aerobics brought neon colors, headbands, colored leggings and sneakers into fashion. In the nineties, many ladies began to refuse to wear real animal fur. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, styles are so deformed that girls have more choice in terms of their style.


The history of fashion is quite revealing and characteristic for each era. Currently, there are many styles in trend. The main condition for each girl is to choose her own style in order to look harmonious.

Experts in the fashion world give preference to the French and English style in clothes. Restraint, elegance, quality and practical fabrics. This style of clothing will certainly appeal to a modern resident of the city. At the peak of popularity, clothes in the style of some subculture. Very often you can see girls dressed in Gothic, ethnic or vamp style.

For a long time, the romantic style of clothing remains in trend. This is a very feminine and beautiful trend. Clothing in this style involves airy and light fabrics, guipure, lace and delicate knitwear. In the image, furs and various accessories can be used that give the image romance and femininity. In its pure form, this style is not suitable for all representatives of the fair sex. Using individual elements, any image can be made much more feminine and sophisticated.

The sporty style of clothing thoroughly entrenched in the mid-twentieth century. At that time, sport was actively promoted among men and women.

Today, it is the most versatile of all existing styles. It is worn in everyday life, on travel and even on holiday events. It can exist in the wardrobe of a person of any age. Shoes for him can be in the classic version of sneakers and sneakers, as well as slip-on shoes. Sports style includes several subgroups. For example, safari style, sporty chic, military style and marine style.

Eclectic style is a combination of several fashion trends in one style. For example, a romantic image can be supplemented with elements of folklore style, etc. This direction is characterized by a combination of a variety of textures and fabrics. This style of clothing is preferred by people who love freedom, often these are people in creative professions. Or people with a delicate taste who manage to combine the incongruous. Subspecies of this style can be casual, grunge style or kitsch style.

Consider two main styles that will be relevant for a long time.

  • Business or office style in clothes. Most often, the lineup is represented by trouser and skirt suits. Along with office suits, a strict cut of the dress, but with flirty accessories, began to be allowed.
  • Classical style of clothes in a modern interpretation. As many wise people said - the classics is eternal. It implies a combination of femininity, romance and sophistication.

Names of modern clothes

Modern fashion and designers, along with the traditional names of dresses, coats and trousers, sometimes offer very non-standard names for things. Some appeared names of clothes are associated with an interesting story or they are rooted in the olden days. But there are things that extraordinary names came up with designers.

Consider some of the names of modern clothes.

  • Bermuda is a subspecies of shorts. They began to be carried by the British colonial troops when they were in the tropics. As a rule, they are sewn from suit fabric in soothing colors. In Bermuda, to this day they are considered the subject of a business men's wardrobe.
  • Body. A type of women's clothing from knitwear that resembles a one-piece swimsuit with long sleeves. The body closure is on the gusset.
  • Blazer. Type of jacket with large and patch pockets. The buttons are often made of metal and play in contrast with the primary color of the blazer.
  • Bolero. This type of clothing has its roots in Spain, at the time of bullfighters. As a rule, this is a beautifully designed women's jacket or jacket up to the waist. This is currently a women's wardrobe item.
  • Breeches. A subspecies of knee-high trousers in a women's wardrobe.
  • Bicycles A sports item knee-length. As a rule, they are sewn from elastic sports fabric.
  • Cardigan. A variant of a jacket made of thick knitwear or wool. This style implies the absence of a collar and buttons. The cardigan has a deep neckline and a long belt that is tied in front.

Of course, the names of modern clothes are much larger. Each name sometimes has a very interesting and fascinating story.

Fashion trends

Consider the main trends in the upcoming fashion season.

  • Volumetric things. This trend is one of the most important in the upcoming season. Experts recommend choosing clothes several sizes larger than necessary. If you think about it, then these things can be classified as oversized. They hide the flaws of the figure, and in them the girl will feel comfortable and at ease. Nevertheless, such things should not be hanging completely hoodie or shapeless bag.
  • Broad shoulders. Hello to the late eighties and early nineties. Designers offer to achieve the effect of wide shoulders due to a special cut.
  • Lush sleeves. This is another bright trend of the coming season. The sleeve styles are the most diverse, which allows you to create very unusual models. Due to this cut, the width of the shoulders increases. The models use raglans, ruffles, fringe and extension sleeves down.
  • Very wide trousers. Another item of fashionable wardrobe that increases the volume of women. Pajama style remains at the peak of popularity in the upcoming season. This contributed to the popularization of wide trousers. At high fashion shows, some models of trousers were almost impossible to distinguish from skirts.
  • Extra long sleeves. Experts believe that such a model of a jacket, dress or blouse will be very relevant. Especially in the spring, when such a model will do without gloves.
  • Extraordinary cuts on clothes. Modern designers have given free rein to their fantasies. Cutouts of various shapes may be in unusual places. For example, on the back or stomach.
  • Cut skirts, trousers and sleeves. Some original designers decorated the cuts with lacing.
  • Cuts on the shoulders. A fashion trend that has been holding its position is not the first season. Designers represent both very frank models, and quite appropriate for ordinary life.
  • Layering. Pants with a dress or a skirt with a dress are the original trend of 2017. This trend is hardly new. Many women of the East have been wearing such clothes for centuries. Pretty insidious combination, on the verge of a foul. For indecisive ladies, experts recommend combining a dress - shirt with trousers of a simple style.
  • High waist. The trend is strongly recommended by world designers. Girls should introduce such a fashionable trend into their wardrobe especially carefully. Although designers this season have shown concern and developed models for almost every type of figure.
  • Dressing gown. One of the hits of the upcoming season. Fashion designers recommend wearing models of such dresses from denim or viscose. Such an outfit will be simply indispensable at an evening event or in everyday wear.


In recent years, accessories have become an indispensable thing that allows you to interestingly and stylishly beat the image. In the upcoming season, it is fashionable to wear multilayer bracelets. Large and voluminous, they look very stylish and fashionable. Pendants and pendants in the coming season are distinguished by a variety of textures and sizes. Of course, in the warm season it is impossible to do without flowers. They are presented in different interpretations on rings, earrings and pendants.

In the upcoming season, a cassette bag is returning to fashion. A simple form is diluted with interesting fittings and texture of the material. Bright staves, pompons and key rings make each bag unique. Bags - giants have become a real discovery of the upcoming season. Huge models in shape resembling squares and trapezoids are made of a variety of materials. Semicircular bags are also in fashion, as well as textured bags under the skin of reptiles.

The main trend among bags is backpack bags. They are made of various materials and sometimes amaze with interesting prints. Bags and wallets are presented in different versions, each girl will find a suitable model for herself.

Designers provided the opportunity to choose when purchasing hats. The most fashionable option for the upcoming season is considered to be. Knitted hats do not give up their positions. Fashionable colors for this accessory will be orange, purple and fuchsia.

Watches in the coming season retain the tendency to form an oval, circle and square of a large shape. Along with such bulky models, miniature watches are trending. Such watches with rather long straps are devoid of catchy jewelry. It also remains popular to wear a watch on a scarf instead of a strap. Multi-colored shawls look quite original on the female wrist.


In the shoe fashion in the coming season, there have been several significant trends. Designers suggest wearing open sandals with a velvet texture. Another trendy trend is high boots and lace-up sandals. In the spring, designers offer women to purchase highly over the knee boots made of soft suede in various colors.

Actual in the summer season will be the skin of reptiles on sandals and high-heeled shoes. Shoes with a rectangular heel and a rough platform will remain fashionable. For sophisticated ladies, fashion designers offer pointed shoes, which again returns to fashion catwalks.

Basic Wardrobe Tips

A basic wardrobe will serve as a good support when creating a fashionable image. Having in your closet the necessary basic things, there will never be a question of what and what to wear. For any woman and girl, the basic wardrobe should consist of a dark suit of a simple cut, a pencil skirt, a white shirt, a pair of good jeans, a black dress.

Complement the onion

To be in trend, some basic wardrobe items can be supplemented with fashionable novelties. Designers recommend adding a black base suit with a bright scarf around the neck and a massive watch on the wrist. Bags in your arsenal are better to have two. One large leather one with two handles, and the other a small one on a metal chain. Bags are better to choose neutral colors, so that they fit the maximum number of things.

Jeans and a white shirt will go well with the classic cashmere coat in sand or gray. Under a simple black dress in the upcoming season, you can wear a T-shirt or pants.

Stylish looks

A set of clothes in one color, but in different shades, will look stylish and unusual. A chocolate cashmere coat will look great with a beige knit dress that has elongated sleeves. High lace-up boots complement the look.

For the office and meeting with friends, a model of a strict dress with wide shoulders is perfect. Calm colors and classic models will not look defiant and inappropriate.

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