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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Women's clothing from Italy

In the second capital of world fashion, there are a huge number of brands, and getting confused among such a variety is easy. If in the near future you are planning a trip to Italy for shopping, then you just need to study all the subtleties of Italian fashion.


Clothing from Italy is known to most women of fashion and fashion, since only the most talented and famous designers work on creating European products. Italian clothing is of consistently high quality and never goes out of style. But not only popular brands, but also less visible companies are not far behind fashion trends. To get stylish clothes, you need only the highest quality and expensive fabrics and accessories. Therefore, Italian fashion for women is always beautiful and expensive.

In the list of inexpensive, but high-quality Italian brands there are a lot of companies. Here are just a few of them: One Love, Everis, Wiya, Plums, Live, KAYLA, Marley, Zak Co, Glam, Souvenir Clubbing, J.N.C. Each company is unique in its kind, as it produces original and stylish clothes that are unlike anything else.

Bella cosa

This small company is relatively young - it has existed in the Italian and world market for about 10 years. For this short period of time, manufactured products found their regular customers not only at home, but also far beyond its borders. Bella Cosa is a wide range of choices that starts with tops and skirts, and ends with jackets and coats. The quality of the goods is no worse than that of world brands. The dimensional grid pleases, as the company makes clothes for both miniature girls and chic ladies, helping everyone to brush off their luxurious appearance.

Manila grace

Manila Grace is part of the Antress Industry Spa, which has been keeping pace with fashion trends since 1989. The company promotes a special concept of style in which clothes do not attract everyone's attention, but only emphasizes personality. The main task is to create elegant and comfortable clothes for everyday wear. According to fashion designer Alessia Santi, a woman in the style of Manila Grace evolves in the same way as her desire to develop and be unique.


Mezzatorre is high quality fashion casual clothing. A whole team of professionals is working on the creation of each collection, under the strict guidance of the creative director. The clothes of this company combines the experience and creative ideas of the chief designer - Rosie Kafaro.


"Mokko Italy" is a successful brand of women's clothing. He appeared thanks to the harmonious cooperation of Italian designers and Russian fashion designers. The brand concept is a combination of impeccable lines and restrained colors, high-quality tailoring and a unique style. Mocha designers did not go around any category of women, so ladies of any age will be able to find any thing they like.

Via Delle Perle

Since its foundation, this company has been producing very high-quality, comfortable and beautiful clothes. Initially, the company was engaged in the creation of exquisite lingerie for Italians, but over time it outgrew itself, gained momentum and entered the world market.

New j

NEW J is a very young but already popular brand that quickly found its customers. A year after the opening, the company was already engaged in expansion, creating more and more new models. In a very short time, NEW J went beyond Italy and spread throughout the world market. Clothing of this brand is distinguished not only by its uniqueness, but also by its unique style. The quality of fabrics and tailoring is at the highest level.


Suerte clothing is mostly made up of office models. From a huge base, you can choose the most different type of clothing: pants, skirts, jackets, sundresses, dresses. All of them will easily fit into the strict dress code of any office. All models are not inferior to the most fashionable trends. Each thing is sewn efficiently, so it sits on the figure without any problems.


This company creates all the wardrobe items for women. Thanks to Dixie, women look bold and attractive, as the clothes of the Italian company offer avant-garde and feminine looks. Dixie is a collection of both individual things and ready-made ensembles for work, study and travel. The size range is small: 40 - 48.


Kontatto is an Italian brand of quality knitwear that originated at the end of the last century. The brand's style is aimed at fresh fashion trends in an elite and youthful performance. Expensive clothing can be called, since it is made of the highest quality fabrics, and youth - due to affordable prices and a wide age focus. Kontatto clothes are chosen by girls over 20, and women over 40.


Most of the brands can be safely called luxury clothing. After all, Italian clothing is not only distinguished by the highest quality of the fabric from which it is sewn, but also fits perfectly. A good fit is achieved with the help of a perfect cut and soft fabric structure. Fabrics, which in their composition contain only a small fraction of elastic materials, contribute to the creation of diverse and elegant styles. Most of the Italian materials are made from a natural base, so you can easily find linen fabrics, as well as from natural silk or felted wool. Therefore, often the finished product looks a little rumpled, which only confirms the above.

Models made of natural fabrics attract with original styles, clear details or freedom of cut. All this is responsible for a good fit and comfort to wear. Italian clothing also has a wide color palette. Summer models made of viscose and cotton have bright colors and prints. Winter collections consist of discreet models made of dense viscose, mohair, wool, merino and alpaca.


Italian clothing abounds with a range of patterns, but basic wardrobe items can be distinguished. These include:

  • Sheath dress. Regardless of the name, this dress is not required to fit the figure. Perfectly fitting thing should gently flow around the body. The most stylish options are black, white, or black and white models. Strict classic models that have additional frills or ruffles look good.
  • Skirt - pencil (with a slit). This model is optimal, as it combines with business style. Strict colors are black and gray, brighter - for the holiday and everyday life. Narrow models look good with a variety of types of blouses, tops and blouses.
  • Trousers. Most often, Italians choose direct or slightly flared models, both dark and light shades. Airy blouses, delicate turtlenecks and black jackets look equally good with trousers.
  • Suit. Without an Italian costume, they simply cannot imagine themselves. There are many options: with trousers and a skirt, dark and light, light and warm. Here the main quality of tailoring and landing. This type of clothing in Italy is welcomed not only in the office, but also in everyday life, which is used by European fashionistas.
  • Jeans. Without this part of the wardrobe, no modern Italian can live. Many models are popular, but most of all straight, flared and skinny jeans. This part of the wardrobe is most often worn with moccasins or sneakers, and sometimes with wedge sandals.

We select according to the type of figure

It is very simple to choose Italian clothes according to the type of figure, since all models are sewn taking into account all the features of the female figure. But for greater reassurance, it is best to determine in advance your type of figure and style of clothing. So, there are 3 main figures of the female body:

  • Pear or triangle. In this case, the woman's figure expands to the bottom: narrow shoulders, but wide hips. For this type of female body, it is necessary to visually expand the shoulders, and reduce the hips. Light blouses with shoulder pads or sleeves - flashlights and a free dark bottom can easily cope with this. Focus on the chest to distract your gaze from the bottom.
  • Hourglass. Such a figure is considered the most beautiful and proportionate. It is important to emphasize the waist with belts and bows. And you can simply choose a semi-fitted or fitted outfit, so the figure will look very advantageous. Pants, shorts and low-waisted jeans look good. Shapeless things boldly throw aside - this is not for you! Also, do not wear things with deep cuts on the chest or with large cuts at the skirts.
  • An Apple. This type is distinguished by the harmony and beauty of the legs, but the hips and waist are a problem area. Ladies - "apples" should refuse dense coarse, as well as multilayer fabrics, so as not to resemble a bun. Opt for a straight cut of light and soft fabrics. Suitable for this type of figure: V-neck, flared skirts and trousers without belts, coats - a trapeze, clothes with abstract drawings of medium sizes. Oriental cucumbers and discreet vertical strip look good

And one more thing: the Italian sizes of women's clothing differ from the Russian ones (by 2) in a smaller direction. Also, many Italian brands create small numbers: they write one size, but in reality, another comes out. This is done to cheer up beautiful shoppers. Who doesn’t want to be deceived a little and buy a couple of dresses of the fortieth size (even if this size is only on the label)? Be careful and you will find your perfect thing.


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