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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Fashion clothes Sorokka

The wardrobe of the modern representative of the fair sex is replete with variety in different styles. Thanks to the efforts of renowned world-famous designers, the assortment is constantly updated with relevant functional innovations that keep pace with the fashionable mood of the day.

Of great importance in the composition of the ensemble is the harmony of the composition, which largely depends on the wardrobe items themselves. The beautiful half of humanity in the pursuit of excellence is in constant search for the perfect image. It should be not only unique, but inspire confidence and elegance in any look, be it a light windy rush or a strict classic. Clothing should be comfortable in every sense: comfortable and appropriate to the mood of the woman. Often the success of a woman’s day depends on the ensemble.

About Brand

The modern market of the fashion industry offers many collection lines, ready to answer all the wishes of adherents of hit trends, satisfying even the most demanding preferences. The Sorokka brand stands out among women’s clothing manufacturers with an extraordinary approach to developing a range of products. The company aims to produce quality collections for the fair sex, emphasizing the femininity and originality of each image.

Design studio is developing and introducing into the production of creations for every woman. The company is distinguished by its vision of an expressive stylish female image. Such an approach to the process gives particular advantages in compiling and increasing linear series, allowing you to find exactly the "only" thing in which a woman will feel like a queen.

The high professionalism of the designers and designers of the brand allows you to create unique patterns that are suitable not only for standard indicators, but also designed taking into account the characteristics of figures that depart from standard ones. The patterns are designed not only taking into account the volume, but also of different growth to each size. This decision significantly affects the position of the company in the field of sales of its product: customers have the opportunity to purchase a thing without additional fitting to a specific figure.

Plus Size Collections

The design composition will appeal to owners of plus size.

In this segment, the works of the developer are in no way inferior to individual tailoring: an excellent fit, repeating the bends of the body, adds a rating to the company, making the brand recognizable and popular. Fashionable clothes Sorokka receives a lot of positive feedback from the lucky owners of current news. Noting the practical and qualitative characteristics, the female representatives note the elegance of forms, lightness and airiness, incredible tenderness in every creation of the brand.

The company produces a variety of collection trends from jackets to luxurious dresses. A large size range allows you to choose clothes for each figure. These are beautiful home sets, dresses, bodysuits, skirts, tunics, blouses, vests, jackets, sophisticated and graceful dresses of various styles and silhouettes. The sports range offers customers a quality workout for fitness and outdoor activities. Outerwear will please with nobleness and exclusive design.

The company is engaged in the development and production of clothes for different age categories, from young and fragile girls to representatives of adulthood.

Shaped range of products is quite diverse. Collection lines are represented by different silhouettes and manner of execution. It can be simple clear strokes of a straight cut, a gentle repetition of the semi-adjacent contour of the body's bends. Each structural component is designed to add tenderness and grace to the created image. Flared models are so perfect that women of fashion disassemble them as soon as catalogs of fresh rulers are published.

Such a product does not linger in boutiques and does not need advertising: the pursuit of ideal does its job, and fans of fashion trends cannot resist the feminine nature, beckoning with its originality.

How to choose

Stylists of the company offer to pay attention to the type of figure in order to create the most harmoniously designed look based on it.

It is no secret that a considerable proportion of women are hypersensitive to imperfections in their physique. Therefore, certain recommendations of Sorokka professional designers will help to hide flaws and present the advantages of the figure in the best light. The main rule that couturiers rely on is a positive attitude towards their body. This gives advantages in finding the perfect shape.

Owners of a rectangular type of figure have a straight line of shoulders and narrow hips. At the same time, the waist is slightly weak, a large chest increases the body.

The work of stylists in this case is to visually create softness of forms, soften the angularities of the shoulders and hips, and emphasize the waistline and buttocks. Skillful emphasis on the bust will adorn female virtues. The constructive solution excludes a snug fit to the body, it tends to an hourglass silhouette, so the style is taken as a basis for a semi-adjacent, smoothly repeating body contours.

As strokes, vertical diagonal lines often connect at the waist. A stylistic device is often expressed by the use of tucks, folds, a contrasting combination of the top and bottom of the ensemble, as well as the presence of patch pockets at the level of the hip line.

Actual styles for a rectangular type of figure will be:

  • bright tunics with a contrast print, decorated with decorative elements in the form of ruffles, folds;
  • sheath dress in the form of an elongated tunic with a wide belt accenting the waist;
  • dress shirt;
  • playful dresses with a fluffy layered skirt;
  • straight pants, leggings, flare from the hip.

The trapezoidal figure is distinguished by wide reeds, small breasts and narrow shoulders. The harmonious decision of the ensemble for this type of physique will be to give the volume of the upper part. It is necessary to visually increase the shoulders and chest.

In this case, stylists recommend paying attention to a loose cut with a deep neckline. This technique will attract attention in the chest and balance the proportions. The optimal length of the top of the suit reaches the middle of the thigh level. The waist should be emphasized weakly, excessive tension and a massive belt can visually add volume to wide hips.

Color compositions that are relevant to such a structure of the figure mean bright large prints in combination with accessories in the form of scarves that accent the shoulder girdle.

The ideal solution for balancing the shape will be flared skirts down and tight in the hips. A good option may be a skirt with soft tails, tightly attached at the waist, or a pleated skirt at the top.

Owners of such forms are recommended the average length with the design of cuts.

The triangular type of figure is characterized by narrow hips and broad shoulders. The ensemble must be selected with emphasis on shifting the emphasis from the shoulders to the narrow hips. If possible, it is recommended to avoid loose flared sleeves and any shoulder decoration. This wardrobe should avoid the massiveness of the top with additional decorations in the bust area. The bottom silhouette should be a trapezoid, which visually gives the width of the hips.

A beautiful tight-fitting dress with a flared hem or a layered skirt is the best option for a trapeze type. A-silhouette, tailored sun, half-sun are considered the right direction in choosing wardrobe items.

An equally significant nuance can be a color combination from the top in dark colors, complemented by a light bottom, for example, a skirt with lush drapery or flounces.

An ideal standard body type called an hourglass involves balancing the shoulders, chest, waist and hips. With this body structure, doors to many trendy models are open without fear of looking inappropriate in them. The main rule that brand designers advise to adhere to is the conformity of the design lines of the cut and the natural forms of the fair sex.

Natural bends themselves become a feminine adornment, a recognized symbol of tenderness and grace. Light laid-back lines emphasize the natural beauty of nature, a masterful combination of ensemble components will make the style expressive and breathable feminine.

The length of the season hits varies. For young coquitoes, the manufacturer presents flirty-length trends in combination with bright contrasting colors. A floral print remains a favorite theme: many models are decorated with color compositions contrasting with the main background.

Monochrome colors black and white remain a classic of the genre, often echoing in the colors of the product. This technique adds an image of pleasant notes of nobleness, aesthetics and grace. Fantasy lace prints made in monochrome shades are one of the most popular hits of the collection assortment.

A considerable proportion of models is filled with romanticism and tenderness, thanks to pastel tones of the color palette. A bright image, alluring with purity and sophistication, attracts the attention of others and fans of a romantic style. The skillful use of design techniques makes the clothes of the Ukrainian manufacturer a worthy alternative to foreign haute couture houses.

Each presented model will be a successful and relevant acquisition, highlighting its owner with refinement and originality of nature.

Bold fashionistas are offered options made in bright and juicy cheerful shades. All kinds of ruffles, shuttlecocks, tails in the form of decorative elements will add expressiveness to the image.

All products of the Ukrainian brand are made from high quality materials that meet international standards and hygiene requirements for clothing.

Trendy hits can make the image versatile, alluring and sophisticated. Generous colors are rich in a variety of not only colors, but also prints. Fashionable polka dots in black and white give the look chic, a harmonious cell in warm colors gives the ensemble rigor and coziness.

Rainbow butterflies against a heavenly background, curls, flowers, buds - diversity seems to attract modern women of fashion, calling to decorate your wardrobe with stylish and bright novelties, to breathe fresh colors and light mood into life.

Noble dark shades of smoke, emerald, cherries and black and blue color will give the beautiful half of humanity a premium outfit.

One of the advantages of the brand is the affordable cost of production: collection lines differ in a relatively low price. Having become acquainted with the Ukrainian brand, many customers become fans of the company, looking forward to each new collection.

There are so many models in the lines that their diversity is often perplexing when choosing. The desire to be more beautiful, elegant and elegant is successfully fulfilled in every sample produced by Sorokka. The positive mood from buying and wearing a model becomes an emphasis in choosing a high-quality, high-quality product.

Soft, flowing materials give maximum freedom of movement without any restrictions. Breathable fabrics provide comfort and breathability to products, which is important in the process of wearing.

The trademark is considered one of the best manufacturers of women's clothing line. The company was in the top ten trendy developers of modern style.

Harmony, design, grace and style are synonyms of the Ukrainian brand. By supplying a large assortment of products to the market, Sorokka consolidates its position in its segment, while continuing to remain the favorite company of shoppers seeking the beautiful and the sublime.

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