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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Women's clothing "Fashion"

The stylish image of a modern woman attracts the views of others. Paying close attention to the choice of wardrobe items, a woman strives for perfection, an ideal image. Today, thanks to the diligent efforts of professional world-class designers, the dreams of girls are embodied in real masterpieces, replenishing the wardrobe with fresh colors and hit functional novelties.

Features and Benefits

The trademark "Fashion", specializing in the development and production of women's clothing, occupies a leading position in the market of the fashion industry. In conditions of considerable competition, the company has achieved great success by offering the consumer diverse products of a high level of performance that meets practical and aesthetic requirements.

The produced clothes models from the Ukrainian developer Fashion have a number of advantages, among which the broad focus of the brand is of particular importance.

Brand Assortment

In the presented collection lines, shoppers find all wardrobe items, from light clothing to warm seasonal trends. Such a variety of directions gives the manufacturer an advantage among competing companies, since this factor allows you to make a harmonious and relevant choice of diverse clothing, starting from the home line, assortment for sports, fitness, outdoor activities. The catalog of the collection includes sweatshirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, T-shirts, shorts and tracksuits.

A considerable range of the offered assortment falls on the classical direction. It presents models that are perfect for everyday use: these are all kinds of costumes, sets, cardigans, shirts, blouses, knitted versions, vests and dresses. The urban style of the modern metropolis is quite extensive and has its own characteristics.

Clothing for special occasions has a separate place in ruler production. The solemn group is represented by extraordinary novelties that not only give the image a uniqueness and originality, but allow the woman to feel like a queen.

One of the advantages of Fashion clothing is the coordinated work of professional designers and creative designers, expressed in the creation of unique patterns. In addition to the standard basic ones, the enterprise developed adapted patterns specially taking into account the structural features of the figures that differ from the typical ones. This affects not only a wide range of size range, but also in volume and growth, variations of which are provided for in each model.

The level of performance of basic designs is so high that it is not inferior to individual tailoring. The fit of the products according to the figure is checked in each size range before starting the template in production.

This constructive approach allows you to choose the most beloved thing without much effort. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to additionally correct or suture something. Grateful customers leave a lot of positive reviews about the company, thereby increasing its rating and recognition.

How to choose

The Fason brand produces products for women of different age groups, ranging from young women to mature women. Thanks to the large dimensional grid, the brand’s works will appeal to both slender fragile girls and owners of plus size. In the case of luxurious forms, the design solution masterfully defeats the flaws, focusing the style on natural virtues.

This is another advantage of the Ukrainian manufacturer, as it allows the owners of magnificent forms to get rid of not only hoodie and asexual compositions, but also gain confidence and a positive attitude towards their own body. The style develops ensembles that hide the stomach, while visually stretching and shaping its owner.

When creating designs, active work is being carried out in the direction of taking into account the type of figure: the brand offers styles of collection novelties, made depending on the existing body types. When buying wardrobe items, company stylists recommend paying attention to your type of figure: this will greatly contribute to the harmonious selection of clothing that puts emphasis in the right places.

There are several options for the structure of the body:

  • Triangle (pear) characterized by fairly narrow shoulders and voluminous hips. The waist in this case is weakly expressed, the chest is small. An ideal model selection would be to comply with the rule, in which it is necessary to highlight the shoulder girdle and chest, without emphasizing the waist and hips. A harmonious proportional solution can be expressed by a deep neckline and accessory in the form of a thin chiffon scarf around the neck. This will draw attention to the top and visually add harmony. The bottom eliminates the use of wide belts or tight tightening at the waist level: this can not only visually add width to the hips, but also cross out the entire ensemble.
  • Rectangular type physique has its own nuances, represented by narrow shoulders and hips. The choice of stylish new products in this case is leaning towards products that give the silhouette an hourglass shape. This technique will place emphasis in the right places and soften the angular shape. Vertical design strokes diagonally converging on the waist line will reduce its volume and emphasize the feminine. A flared bottom skirt will complement the harmonious proportions of the ensemble.
  • Inverted Triangle Type defined by a wide shoulder girdle and narrow hips. The design concept of the product for such a feature of the figure involves emphasizing the waist and hips. It can be wide and fancy belts of different lengths, located both at the waistline and below.

Decorative decoration is often in the form of a bow made of satin ribbon or base material. The skirt in this case involves a minimal volume and conciseness of the constructive solution. It is not recommended to decorate the neck or bust with contrasting accessories that scatter the integrity of the kit.

  • The most optimal, standard type of shape is the option "hourglass". It is considered to be beautiful in itself, and it is not difficult to choose suitable new products, as it involves any versions and templates. A semi-adjacent silhouette that smoothly repeats the contours of the body will be the best compliment to such a figure.

The collection lines of the Fason brand are designed taking into account the different seasons of the year: these are wonderful warm products warming from the weather and wind, demi-season options, as well as a colorful summer composition, pleasing with bright shades and a cheerful mood.

The materials used in the production are strictly tested for compliance with international and hygienic requirements. They conduct air well, which allows the skin to breathe. Natural ingredients do not cause allergic reactions or discomfort.

Colors and prints

A special role in obtaining excellent results is played by color schemes in which the products of the developer are performed. Catalogs are full of a wide range of colors, among which there are delicate shades of powder, pastel colors, so suitable for romantic natures. Models with lace inserts emphasize the note of mystery and tenderness of a woman.

The collection was not complete without floral prints from blooming buds. Such options are presented in different directions of the assortment, ranging from flirty to graceful formal dresses made in noble shades.

Cells, stripes and polka dots remain the trend of this season. Impeccable classics of white and black adorn each catalog of the Ukrainian brand. This color combination gives the image a special charm and sophistication.

Bright saturated spring and summer colors are generously spilling over the creative outfits of the most daring fashionistas. The decorative addition of the ensembles does not cease to amaze with the riot of color and the boldness of forms. Such models will give the wardrobe a new breath, and an extraordinary style, in combination with a variety of accessories, can be changed at least daily.

Options for a harmonious choice for owners of plus size may be in favor of a combined color scheme with a light top and dark bottom. Stylists pay attention to the possibility of exclusion of colors with a print, this can violate the harmony of style. Unwanted clothing that tapers down will add volume in proportion. The optimal length for luxurious shapes is the length below the knee.

Buying clothes is worth taking into account the color of your skin and hair: for blondes, the brand advises options for a calm range, and brunettes are more suited for rich colors. The main rule of a successful purchase is a good mood from the acquisition.


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