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Women's Clothing Size Chart

Most girls love to go shopping, but there are times when it becomes impossible. With the advent of online clothing stores, you can easily and quickly choose the right clothes for every taste and color, with the help of such resources, ladies are constantly updating their wardrobe. Unfortunately, such purchases have a flaw. Often purchased items are not suitable, they look bad, so you need to know the size that suits you specifically.

This is especially true for outerwear (jackets, sweaters, sweaters): a large one hangs like a bag, and a small one restricts movement. It is important to understand that the parameters of things of different brands and companies are often very different, and you need to understand how parameters, volumes are compared and why it is enough to make all the necessary measurements only once.

How to determine your size

Before proceeding with the order, correctly take the measurements required to measure your body. Choosing the size of women's outerwear, consultants believe that it is enough to calculate five parameters of your body:

  • Growth
  • Chest circumference (the most protruding part)
  • Hips (measurements are taken at the widest place)
  • Waist circumference (just above the belly button)
  • Sleeve length (from shoulder to arm)

Adhering to these simple rules, you can easily choose the right size for women's outerwear using different size tables. It is important to understand that Russian clothing has its own parameters. Often they talk about the similarity of Russian and European sizes, since they are really similar, but there are significant differences.

Many online stores compose personalized tables. When ordering goods, you will use the scheme attached to the site. For example, if your Russian size is 46, and this corresponds to 38 from the manufacturer, then you need to choose only 38.

For a girl trying to maintain the state of the figure, it is enough to measure all the necessary parameters once to permanently remember what size is right for you, using tables of different manufacturers.

Dimensional grid of Russia

It is possible to find out your size of Russian clothes without using the list. It is easy to do. First, take off your body parameters. Secondly, just divide into two each parameter. Do not forget that the volumes of body parts are everywhere different, therefore, outerwear and pants or skirts will have different indicators. For example, a breast volume of 91 cm, sweaters or T-shirts of 46 sizes are suitable. If the waist circumference is 93 cm, then the bottom will be 44 or 42 sizes. It all depends on the material used for the pants. Sportswear is usually made of stretch material, while jeans and pants are the other way around.

It is worth noting that in the Russian metric system, half-circumference of the chest is considered the main feature in determining the right size of women's clothing, therefore, this parameter is your size in the domestic measurement system.

When you are planning to buy seasonal clothes in Russian stores, first of all, pay attention to the labels located behind the clothes.

In the first line, the growth is written on the label, and your height should be in the range of about 3 cm. If you measure clothing of adjacent growth, focus on the waist, the location of the pockets and sleeves. The second number is the coverage of the chest, and the third is the coverage of the hips. Of course, the most important thing is to feel comfortable in the purchased things. If you went to the showroom (a room at the salon where you are shown a new collection of clothes), but your height is below 155 cm, then experts advise you to remake outerwear specifically for your volume.

European parameters

In American tables, the parameters are indicated in inches, which is inconvenient for most buyers. To avoid inconvenience, consultants drew up special tables.

American boutiques use two designations: digital and alphabetic. The letter designation is not like the usual markings. The United States prefers to designate sizes in numbers.

XS is very small

S is small

SM - on some sites use instead of S

M - medium

L is big

XL is very large

XXL is very very big.

To determine the size used in the USA, in addition to standard measurements, on the labels of things you may find the letters P (short for the French word "Petit" - small) and L (from the English "Long" - long). In the first case, things are made for small, thin women, usually up to 165 cm, and in the second - for tall women, starting from 175 cm. The difference will be noticeable by measuring the length of the sleeves, pants and skirts.

If your parameters are different with those in the table, then you need to look at exactly what thing you were going to buy. For example, you are a woman with a height of 169 cm, your parameters are 85-64-96. Sweaters and T-shirts are best purchased in 4 sizes, skirts and pants - 6. In the situation with dresses, you need to rely on a particular brand, since expensive brands often have their own tables, with which you determine the right size, knowing only the volumes.

If you find it difficult to choose which size between the two standing next to each other, it is better to choose the smallest. Cheap American brands (Stradivarius, Bershka) are increasing the size of their products to increase the self-esteem of their customers. An expensive company will not allow this, so their clothes often correlate with the sizes in the table.

If you look carefully, you can see that the US size is indicated by the numbers 0, 2, 4, 6 and so on. This is done for more convenient use, because the numbers 1, 3, 5 and further are used by adolescents.

In any American clothing store, there are sections with Plus size things ("plus size", that is, more than usual). They are indicated by the letter W ("Wide" - spacious). Due to the fact that there is a serious problem of obesity in the USA, firms produce goods especially for people who are overweight, and their largest size that can be found in stores is (10) XL.

Pants for women are written in numbers through a fraction. The first number means the coverage of your waist (in inches), the second - the length of the leg (on the inside in inches). The last indicator will be conditional on your growth.

Size range of Asian countries

In the era of Internet technology, Chinese online stores are very popular among Russian buyers. They pulled ahead in terms of the number of products sold, because their items are fully consistent with the indicated price. One of the few problems of their customers is their ignorance of the size grid in China and their conformity with standard sizes. It is difficult from the first attempt to purchase the dress you like and not be mistaken with the size.

Responsible Asian sellers usually not only indicate the letter size, but also try to provide detailed tables to customers. We must not forget that European and Asian sizes are different. The fair sex of Asian countries is low and thin, so Chinese clothing is small-sized. Regular customers claim that the difference is approximately two sizes.

Most often, the tables attached to the website of the Asian online store show American, European and Chinese sizes, so you need to be careful when choosing the right thing.

Attention! The size indicated in the table and the product may not correspond to each other, so it’s better to write to the seller and ask him in detail everything about the clothes, and whether a particular product is suitable for your parameters.

Given your measurements, consultants can easily help you convert the size of Chinese clothing to Russian sizes.

If we talk about clothes in Plus size sizes, then Chinese products are no exception, so they have large sizes that are not similar to our usual ones. But manufacturers are trying to use their popularity and put up for sale things 4XL-10XL in size, corresponding to the Russian XL.

It is worth writing separately about the most famous Chinese online store "Aliexpress". The service specializes not only in the sale of appliances, electronics and trinkets for home and personal use, but also in clothing. Many sellers attach a dimensional grid matching the Chinese, European, American and Russian sizes to the description of their goods.

They do this to attract and retain customers, they want to make them permanent. If you saw that the table is missing or not sure of the correct determination of the size that suits you, it is best to contact the seller who will advise on any matter of interest.


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