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Clothing Incity

The Russian brand Incity is one of the most popular brand clothes on the market not only in Russia, but also in many countries of the near abroad. Incity brand store is in almost every major city. What is the secret of the popularity of the company, and what reviews do customers leave about it?

About company

The Incity brand was created in 2003 and since then continues to increase the number of its stores and expand the range. Initially, it was exclusively women's clothing, but now the company also produces men's and children's lines, although, of course, female models continue to be the main ones.

Additional collections

The company’s offices and design centers are located in Moscow, Kiev, Alma-Ata. Tailoring is made in China and Bangladesh. From the beginning, the main concept of Incity was the creation of fashionable clothes at affordable prices. The collection is updated several times per season, which allows customers to offer the latest trends in the fashion world.

Incity Style

Incity style girl is young, energetic and active. She appreciates comfort and convenience, while remaining feminine and elegant.

In Incity stores, customers can choose beautiful and inexpensive clothes for any occasion:

  • Basic wardrobe is filled with things of the Basic line - jeans, jumpers, T-shirts. They are convenient to combine and complement with various accessories, creating different images on their basis.
  • The Black line represents a collection of business clothes. Here you can find classic pencil skirts, elegant jackets, blouses, pantsuits.
  • The Gold collection is mainly represented by dresses for special occasions. Models with a skirt on the floor are suitable for more formal celebrations, and short cocktail dresses will look great at a party.
  • Blue label - comfortable clothing for outdoor recreation or a picnic in the country. These are hoodies, T-shirts, semi-sports trousers and light jackets.

The company also took care of plus size girls, expanding the size range for many models to 56.

Incity is a unique company in its assortment. In addition to the actual clothes, here you can pick up interesting accessories - bags, belts or jewelry. In addition, you can buy stockings, socks and tights in company stores, because there are never many of them in the wardrobe.

The collection of comfortable home clothes from Incity is also noteworthy. It is often made using funny prints, for example, there are special issues with Smeshariki or with Disney characters.

Represented in the stores of the company are beautiful sexy models of underwear, as well as a line of swimwear, pareos and beach accessories, thanks to which you can emphasize your style on a hot beach.

Customer reviews

Incity has a wide network of stores in the busiest shopping centers, and also actively promotes sales in its online store. Customer loyalty is also supported by a profitable bonus program. Many women have already managed to evaluate the products of the fashion brand and leave their feedback.

In general, it is difficult to say that shoppers are unanimous in their opinion. On the contrary, reviews are sometimes very controversial. For example, someone likes the large number of diverse things in the Incity assortment, and someone believes that such diversity is at the expense of quality.

Speaking about the quality of clothes, it should be noted that here opinions are divided. There are those who claim that the things bought in the company's stores are impractical, quickly lose their appearance, and have flaws in tailoring. Other clients, on the contrary, praise the quality of Incity, showing photos of things that have served them well for more than one season. First of all, this applies to outerwear - jackets and raincoats.

The only point where most buyers are united is the affordable price. Even those who complain about the quality of things notice that at such a price these shortcomings are quite acceptable.

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