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Rules for Washing and Cleaning Suede Sneakers

Suede sneakers are in high demand because they look stylish and spectacular. The only drawback of such fashionable shoes is that they get dirty very quickly. But suede lends itself to being cleaned, and if heavily soiled, it can even be washed.

What pollution are there?

Suede sneakers do not lose their attractive appearance if they are cleaned of dust and dirt every day after wearing. If you follow the simple recommendations of specialists, then Strong contamination of suede shoes can be avoided:

  • Don’t wear suede shoes in wet or rainy weather. It is better to opt for leather sneakers.
  • Brand new sneakers are recommended to be treated with dirt and water repellent sprays before first use. Processing should be carried out previously so that the shoes can dry well. Experts recommend applying sprays in three layers for high-quality processing.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use creams designed for leather shoes. They are not designed for suede, so after using them, the velvet surface may look like a hard washcloth.
  • Suede sneakers can be cleaned with special wipes that absorb moisture well.
  • To store shoes from suede you need to choose a special place. It should be well ventilated, away from direct sunlight and heaters. If you do not adhere to these recommendations, the material will lose its color, softness and elasticity.
  • If it was not possible to remove the stains from the suede surface, then you should wait until the shoes dry out, and only after that try another method of removing stains.

If fresh spots appeared on the shoes and there is the possibility of eliminating them, then you should not hesitate. Using a paper towel, collect excess dirt. All actions must be performed gently and carefully so as not to rub dirt into the material.

If there are dried spots on suede shoes, then use a wet cloth. She needs to gently wipe the stain, wait for the surface to dry, and then clean it from traces of dirt with a special brush for suede products or an eraser.

Do not ignore the instructions from the manufacturers of suede shoes. It usually indicates the means to clean the material qualitatively of various kinds of contaminants.

If water stains remain on the shoes, then water will also help to cope with this problem. First you need to put paper in the sneakers, as it will protect them from the possibility of deformation. Water should be sprayed onto the surface of the shoe, then carefully collected. After these steps, the sneakers should dry completely at room temperature, and then they can be further treated with a protective compound.

Suede sneakers can even be cleaned from stubborn dirt or grease stains. using such means:

  • A brush with rubber, rubber bristles or a special eraser will help remove greasy stains.
  • You can sprinkle the stain with talcum powder or baby powder, since these products absorb all the fat, and then use a brush with hard bristles to remove any residue.
  • To make the surface velvety, remove grease, cleaning with a crepe brush is ideal.
  • Well removes grease stains gasoline.
  • For shoes brown, you can use coffee grounds. It should be applied directly to the stain and wait until it dries completely. Then use a brush to remove the remaining coffee.
  • The combination of water with vinegar or milk with soda also helps to eliminate all kinds of pollution. The tool is ideal for light sneakers. Milk has a positive effect on the softness of the pile.

How to wash by hand?

Suede sneakers can be washed by hand, but avoid completely wet shoes. Typically, instructions for cleaning the product are provided on its label.

Experts recommend that in order to clean shoes from suede, stock up with an eraser or rubber brush, vinegar and ammonia, talcum powder and sandpaper. Such an arsenal will allow for high-quality cleaning of shoes at home before washing. Sneakers must be cleaned carefully without using force.

A hand wash will require a soap solution. It perfectly removes street dirt from the surface of suede. To prepare a soap solution, you should take a liquid or laundry soap, and washing powder without abrasive particles is also suitable.

If detergent is selected for washing suede, then it is necessary dissolve thoroughly in warm water. To make all the grains disappear, it is worth adding ammonia in the proportion of 1: 5. If the grains of the powder remain in the water, then after washing, the formation of soap stains on the surface of suede is possible.

You need to wet a soft cloth with soap in the prepared soap solution and gently wash the dirt off the shoes. Care must be taken to ensure that suede is not wet through. Crumpled paper should be put inside the shoe. To remove the soapy solution from the product, you will need a new cloth and clean water.

For a quick drying of suede sneakers, a dry towel is ideal. Walk along the surface with soaking movements. Dry suede shoes away from the battery or fireplace.

When buying suede shoes, consultants usually recommend purchasing a special shampoo for suede. This tool is the best, because it allows you not only to gently wash the shoes, but also returns it shine and beauty.

Can I machine wash?

Some experts allow you to wash suede sneakers in a typewriter, if you use the delicate mode, others do not recommend to do machine wash, so as not to risk the product.

Using a washing machine is the easiest and fastest cleaning method. Many owners of suede sneakers think that it is enough to throw shoes into the drum and turn on the delicate mode. In half an hour she will look like new. But just such actions will definitely ruin the product.

In a washing machine, shoes made of faux suede can be washed well, although natural material can be cleaned in this way.

The main recommendations when choosing a machine wash at home:

  • It is worth abandoning the usual powder. Preference should be given to a liquid product.
  • The use of bleaches and stain removers is strictly prohibited.
  • It can be washed at a water temperature of not more than 40 degrees.
  • Before machine washing, you should carefully check the product for damage, since even a slight scratch can cause damaged shoes. If they do exist, then only hand wash can be used.
  • It is necessary to remove the laces and insoles. If, however, the insoles are glued to the sole, then they should not be touched, but it is worth assessing whether they are firmly attached around the contour. If there are peeling spots, then when washing they will peel off and may become deformed.
  • If there is dirt on the shoes, then you need to wait for it to dry, and then remove it with a dry cloth. After walking over the surface with a hard brush, applying strong movements to remove residual dirt.
  • When washing in a typewriter, a thick towel should be placed in her drum with sneakers. This will prevent damage to the drum during rapid revolutions, and is also an additional protection for the integrity of the shoe.
  • Washing must be done on the Delicate Wash program. Be sure to turn off the spin and dry function before washing. Check that the water temperature is not more than 30 degrees.
  • Only one pair of shoes can be washed in the washing machine. You can use a special bag in the form of a mesh. Sneakers should be placed in this bag before washing.
  • Pour into the machine is a liquid powder. For washing minor contaminants, liquid soap is ideal.

Light-colored suede sneakers are not recommended to be machine-washed, as they may lose their attractive appearance. It is better to use dry cleaning, and for serious contamination hand wash is suitable.

When cleaning white sneakers, you should be very careful, as dirty accessories can stain your shoes even more.

For cleaning colored sneakers, it is worthwhile to use separate brushes, where each will be used for a single color fabric. If there is a need for color restoration, then it is worth purchasing special paints and creams that are designed specifically for suede.

Tips & Tricks

In order for suede sneakers to maintain their original appearance for a long time, it is necessary to adhere to the advice and recommendations of specialists. Remember that suede loses its beauty in high humidity or after contact with water. If it rains outside, then suede shoes should not be worn or need to be pre-treated with special water-repellent agents.

Today on sale for the care of suede are presented such funds:

  • A special cream designed for cleaning suede. It is strictly forbidden to use ordinary shoe polish, as it will only spoil the product.
  • Spray paint designed for suede. It allows you to illuminate the color of the material, and also gives it a water-repellent property.

Suede shoes can be cleaned of dirt with a special foam. First, you need to brush the sneakers with a brush, and then apply a special foam to the dry product and wait five minutes. Next, the remnants of the product must be removed with a cloth and leave the shoes to dry completely. If there is not much time to clean and shoes should be given a beautiful look very quickly, then a crust of rye bread will do. It is enough to rub the contaminated place a little.

To store suede sneakers you will need a napkin and a box. They need to be wrapped in a napkin, and then hidden in a box from under the shoes. Suede models should always be protected from direct sunlight. Do not dry them near heating appliances.

If you violate these rules, then the material may change its appearance and burn out. If there is an excess of moisture in the room where the suede shoes are, then soon it will become covered with mold.

Sneakers are sports shoes, therefore, they tend to quickly become dirty and deteriorate if you do not follow the recommendations for their care. If you follow the above rules, then your shoes will serve you for more than one year.

When cleaning suede sneakers all movements should be directed to one side. If abrasion occurs on the fabric, then when cleaning, direct the brush in different directions.

In order to reliably protect suede shoes from moisture and dirt, all manipulations should be performed in advance. Shoes should dry well before going outside.

For more tips on how to clean and care for your suede sneakers, see the next video.



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