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Clothes for nursing mothers

A woman always remains a fashionista, even if she recently gave birth to a baby and breastfeeds him. Despite this difficult period, she wants to look good, have a hairstyle and dress stylishly. Just some 7-10 years ago, there were practically no beautiful clothes for this category of customers on the market, but now clothes for nursing mothers are presented in a large assortment. What are the requirements of lactating women to clothes? Comfort, comfortable fit, fabric pleasant to the body and, of course, fashion matching.


Comfort is one of the main criteria by which nursing women choose their clothes. Breast during lactation is very sensitive and enlarged, breast milk is likely to leak. Therefore, in the area of ​​the bodice should not be any rigid inserts, tucks, corsets. To ensure not only physical, but also psychological comfort (women’s nipples are often in an excited state), the bodice has a duplicated insert that does not allow the breast to stand out.

In demi-season clothing, the armpit, neck and chest area must be closed from drafts.


Contrary to popular belief that blouses and bodices should be made only of cotton, clothes for nursing mothers are sewn from different fabrics. The main criterion is the hypoallergenicity of the material, while the fabric can consist of natural fibers only by 50%. The reason why only natural fabrics are not used in linen and blouses is simple: frequent washing and quick loss of presentation. Nursing women wash their underwear and tops daily, cotton bras stretch and stop holding heavy breasts, which does not affect its shape in the best way.

Special cut

Comfortable clothes for feeding - one from which you can easily and quickly release the breast and remove it back. In addition, parts of the female body should not be visible during feeding. That is why all specialized models have a certain cut.

Bras They are sewn of dense fabric with a detachable valve, which allows you to quickly reach the chest and feed the baby. Additionally, they are equipped with pockets for inserts that protect the nipples from abrasion; You can often find models with pockets for inserts from leaking milk.

Sweatshirts very often have a V-shaped neck, which is formed by folding the fabric crosswise (odorless). At the same time, folds are formed on the bodice, which are easily pushed to the side if it is necessary to give the child a chest in a public place.

Another feature of the cut is the horizontal overlap in the chest area. The upper part of the bodice is on the lower, the incision is under the chest, which allows you to design the neck of any type (even a turtleneck, even a boat). When feeding, the breast is not exposed and does not bother anyone.

Types of clothes for nursing

The choice of clothes for feeding is a very difficult question. This is especially true for underwear. No woman can be sure whether milk will come, how long lactation will last, what size breast will become. Therefore, taking linen for mothers in advance is not worth it. A woman should choose this important and intimate part of the wardrobe herself, having previously measured it. In practice, the female breast with the arrival of milk increases by two sizes, so you can’t buy underwear with the previously familiar cup volume.

All nursing bras are sewn without bones. Support for heavy breasts is provided by wide and elastic straps. The breast during this period is especially vulnerable to mastopathy and mastitis, so manufacturers of linen completely exclude pressure on the mammary gland.

The bra must have a valve for feeding (or a moving pocket). When buying linen, test the valve fastener, you should easily unfasten and fasten it with one hand, because you will hold the baby on the other hand. Good underwear provides breast support even with the valve unfastened.

The lining of the bust for feeding should be made of cotton, the top can be made of any other material that keeps its shape well.

You can take with you to the hospital home clothes and special pajamas for feeding. You can create a set of sleep clothes for yourself: pick up comfortable pants and buy an elastic top with soft cups that have not a fastener, but a pocket in the chest area. For the first few days, this is enough for you, because milk does not come immediately, but one two days after the baby is born. After you can get a bodice.

If you prefer nightshirts, then choose a model with a deep cut in the chest, models with straps with a valve, as well as models with cuts under the chest. Recommended material is thick cotton knitwear. You can buy a nightdress in advance by choosing the style that suits you best.

Dresses for nursing mothers they must meet certain criteria: in addition to the fact that a woman should have quick access to her breasts, the dress should hide the metamorphoses that occurred with the body during pregnancy. Usually dresses have a detachable waist and a wide skirt, which allows you to hide your stomach and hips after giving birth. The upper part of the dress has an odorless neckline, a rounded neckline with an elastic band or a horizontal cut under the chest. The length is usually from two fingers above the knee to the floor. When choosing a dress, it is worth considering that a bodice for feeding will be worn under it, so a boat neckline is not the best option. Beautiful clothes for mothers are a good quality fabric.

Blouses and tunics usually sewn from cotton with the addition of elastane. They are equipped with secrets for feeding, allowing you to give your baby a breast without exposing it. Secrets include inner double shirts, cross-cut, allowing you to lift only the inside of the bodice, leaving the chest covered. Unlike dresses, knitted blouses will be relevant even after feeding, when the breast will take its usual size. This allows a woman to form stylish sets of clothes for several seasons, without worrying about buying new things.

Having given birth to a child, a woman is not obliged to give up the usual style of clothing. If she used to wear sweatshirts and sweatshirts, sweaters, cardigans, as well as capes and hoodies, then she can continue to wear all these things. Moreover, these items can settle in the wardrobe of a woman during pregnancy. Stylish sweatshirt may have several options for "secrets" for feeding: two hidden zippers in chest tucks, hidden vertical "pocket", horizontal pocket with Velcro. Cardigans have a very beautiful pelerine shape.

Feeding Accessories make up an integral part of the wardrobe of a young mother. These include scarves for feeding, baby wraps, aprons for feeding. Scarves are not only practical, but also incredibly stylish. They can be used not only for feeding, but also for everyday wear after lactation. The peculiarity of scarves is an easy-to-drape crease-free fabric that retains its original color and shape after numerous washes.

Aprons for feeding - This is a practical accessory that consists of three layers: the upper and lower layers are cotton, between them is a film. An apron is put on the neck and hides the baby from prying eyes. At the same time, it can serve not only as a cover, but also protects from rain, can be used as a waterproof diaper in a stroller.


MilkyMama. The Russian brand of clothing for nursing women, which is entirely produced in Russia: from creating models to sewing them in domestic factories.

The models of this brand differ not only in a convenient cut, but also in the presence of a large number of pockets where you can put things that are irreplaceable when feeding: napkins, breast pads, pacifier, etc.

The company focuses on high-quality knitwear that does not stretch, warp or shed after numerous washings.

Models are sewn from a hypoallergenic footer that is well ventilated but retains heat and removes moisture from the body. Lycra and some polyester are added to it for elasticity and durability. The threads in the knitwear are woven in such a way that the cotton is inside out.

Zhu. The brand has its own special “chip” - the upper layer of the coquette of blouses and sweatshirts is sewn from eco-leather. This ensures the cleanliness of things: after feeding, mother just wipe the jacket with a damp cloth. For the production of things, cotton fabrics with the addition of elastane are used. Fasteners for feeding are located at such an angle that mom does not need a scarf or apron in order to close her bare chest.

I love mum. This brand collaborates with designers from Milan. Its feature is multifunctional clothing, the same models of which are worn by both pregnant and lactating women. All clothes undergo quality control: from the choice of fabrics to the packaging of finished products. For production, Italian knitwear and imported accessories are used. Fabrics undergo mandatory certification in Russia, all models are given a mandatory guarantee.

Beebeep Domestic brand of clothes for pregnant and lactating mothers, which is distinguished by current models and bold color schemes. All clothes are made in Russia, therefore, their prices do not depend on fluctuations in the exchange rate and the international economic situation. The manufacturer goes towards the client, any buyer can return the item within 21 days from the date of purchase, without presenting a check. All clothes are divided into collections: sports, classic, youth.

Creative mom. This is a Ukrainian clothing brand that produces clothes in their homeland, using natural fabrics for sewing. The range of the company is quite wide: homewear, festive, sports style, youth, classic, as well as warm outerwear for mothers.

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