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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Outerwear of the big sizes


Previously, it was not always possible to find outerwear of large sizes, despite the fact that every representative of the beautiful half of humanity must look great. Clothing for women, despite the size, must emphasize all the advantages of the figure and carefully hide its imperfections. Similar products for girls are the dream of many.

At the moment, the situation has changed, and a large number of fashion boutiques have opened, which offers fashionable clothes of large sizes, outfits for pregnant women. High-quality products emphasize the dignity of their owners and help to feel confident in any situation.

The most important condition in choosing clothes is to take into account all the features of a woman's figure. It often happens that a thing looks great on a hanger in a store, but not on its new mistress. Therefore, you should be very serious about buying new outfits.

Outerwear of large sizes should not fill up its owner. If you have magnificent forms, a coat with a large flare will not suit you. Carefully study the colors of the products. The color scheme must not only blend perfectly with the appearance, but also not give volume. Only in this case you can achieve full harmony. It must be remembered that the purchased clothing should not only be stylish and fashionable, but also suitable for its owner.

If you choose outerwear, then pay attention to correctly selected accessories. It is these components that make the image complete and ideal, or completely spoil the whole impression of the chosen style. Accessories for chubby must be fully and completely combined with the size of the figure. Small bags, scarves and hats should not be chosen. When choosing a headdress, one should exclude fluffy hats made of fur, tight-fitting woolen products. Make your choice based on harmony with the shape of the face and outerwear.

If you buy outerwear for pregnant women, then do not forget about comfort and your health. Each purchased outerwear should first of all be warmed in the cold season, regardless of its brand and price tag.


Women's stylish outerwear for winter should not completely hide your silhouette. Many female representatives in winter products feel larger and more massive, making it difficult for them to feel their femininity and beauty. It is for this reason that in winter there are a lot of worries about his image, which the girls see as unattractive. However, there is no reason to feel unappealing due to the fact that it is not possible to correctly compose your wardrobe.

Each woman can choose for herself a stylish and fashionable image in which she will be comfortable. Following some rules, every lady, regardless of her weight, will be able to transform.


Large-sized winter coats can be easily found in stores. It is best to conduct searches in salons specializing in the sale of large-sized products or on the Internet. There you will surely pick up a large coat for yourself, which with the help of its cut and style will emphasize all the advantages of the figure. For slender women, and representatives with rounded shapes, not only products with different sizes are required, but also various materials and models of a winter or demi-season coat.

In a specialized boutique, as well as in Internet salons, a wide selection of demi-season and winter coats is presented. There you will not be offered monotonous things, which are usually sold in stores. Having spent your time searching, you can find a beautiful image that will not only warm you in the cold season, but will also be able to make adjustments to the figure without adding volume to it.

Pay attention to the demi-season coat of elegant style. It has different colors and is made from various materials. If you like skiing in winter, then you will need a more comfortable option, presented in the form of a jacket or a short coat. And for ordinary everyday life, going to the office and for walking, choose the universal option in the classical style, which is able to perfectly emphasize the femininity of the figure.

The main rules when choosing a heavy overcoat and winter coat:

  • Choose a coat that fits your size. Too voluminous or long version will increase your figure, or completely hide it. In this regard, get a coat of medium length;
  • do not forget that in the first place the coat should insulate you and not impede freedom of movement;
  • Do not be afraid to buy bright colors: blue, yellow, green. However, in your wardrobe a coat of black color must be present, as it is possible to combine it with various accessories;
  • a demi-season coat with a print should be diluted with a plain detail. If you have a large chest or a wide torso, a coat with prints is not advisable. Also, do not buy double-breasted models and products with large buttons;
  • Pay attention to the asymmetric type of cut with neat clasps. Forget about drapery with a scarf in the front of the torso. Leave a V-neckline that will stretch and lengthen the silhouette. A scarf worn without a drapery effect will give a similar effect.

Fur coat

Natural fur coats have always been considered a thing that emphasized the status of their owner. Unfortunately, not every woman can afford things with expensive furs. But a fur coat for winter from a muton is available for almost every wallet, while they are stylish and comfortable to wear.

Tips for choosing a winter coat:

  • If you decide to buy yourself a fur coat for the winter, then choose models with the correct sizes. You should not buy a smaller fur coat, because it will quickly wipe and will not be able to warm you;
  • fur coats with a dark color scheme look best, which include brown, black, blue and burgundy shades;
  • if you are the owner of a figure of the "trapezoid" type (silhouette with narrow shoulders and voluminous hips) - take a look at the options of a muton with large collars;
  • for ladies with a non-standard physique, the best option would be to buy a fur coat with a stand-up collar or a flare to the bottom. Fur coats of the “robe” type with a belt and a shawl collar look great on fumes, with magnificent forms;
  • knee length is the most optimal for large-size fur coats. Similar models visually reduce the volume. You can choose products with a length to the thigh if the product is made in the form of a trapezoid;
  • the direction of the pile should be vertical;
  • keep in mind that the semi-raglan sleeve remarkably removes excess volume in the arms


Chubby women can choose for themselves jackets of different styles. These products are able to emphasize different areas of your body. When purchasing a jacket, you should pay attention to some rules, thanks to which you can feel stylish and comfortable:

  1. The first step in choosing an autumn jacket is to choose a size that fits your figure perfectly. This factor is the most important, since when choosing smaller products you run the risk of visually increasing your volume.
  2. Choose a jacket or jacket for the fall, correctly emphasizing your roundness. If you have large hips, then a leather jacket will suit you, which ends at a little waist.
  3. For women whose stomach is a problem area, an elongated model of an autumn jacket would be ideal. She visually draws a silhouette.


When choosing a large cloak, you should use some tips, due to which you can look advantageous in any situation:

  1. If your raincoat for spring will have a trapezoidal shape, then it will hide wide hips and divert attention from the waist. Raincoats, which have an extension from the shoulders, guarantee wearing comfort and look perfect on plump women.
  2. Pay attention to spring raincoats, when sewing which uses several parts or tiers with a gradual expansion to the bottom.
  3. An interesting finish in the form of a frill competently removes the emphasis from problem areas, giving a slim and elegant figure.
  4. Picking up neat heeled shoes, you can make your look fashionable and add airiness.
  5. Most large-size raincoats use a drawstring, which is located at the waist. This ensures wearing comfort and protects against the cold. This method not only warms the clothes, but also creates an emphasis on the waist, creating elegance and femininity.
  6. When choosing a raincoat for spring of non-standard sizes, pay attention to the length. You should not buy very long, or vice versa, short models. The best option would be a coat whose length reaches the middle of the thigh. This way you hide the problem areas and look more slender and taller.

Do not blindly follow fashion trends and consider the features of your figure. For example, an elongated spring raincoat with a straight cut will sit well on a tall girl, and for owners of short stature fit products with sleeves in three quarters with a free cut. Vertical large buttons will help visually stretch the figure. A mortise pocket with an interesting finish adds appeal, and makes the image of any woman bright and memorable.


Spring colors of clothing should not focus on the problem areas of your figure. For example, a monophonic coat or a fur coat of dark shades perfectly mask the excess volume, and vertical stripes on the fabric give harmony. You should not choose fashionable colors with horizontal lines or with an underlined upper or lower half of the color.

You can choose outerwear of any color, but you should not always wear only dark. Bright spring colors of a cloak or coat with a well-chosen style can distinguish you from the crowd and cheer you up in cool weather. It is not recommended for women who are overweight to buy clothes with a pattern of small peas or stripes.


If you have a pear-shaped figure or, in other words, a trapezoid, you can emphasize your narrow waist. The emphasis should be shifted from the hips and legs to the shoulders and chest. This can easily be achieved with the help of smoothness, eliminating the evenness and clarity of the lines.

For full ladies, the fashion advises volumetric sleeves, on which there are assemblies and shoulder pads. Pay attention to hoods with a furry edge, as well as models with low shoulders. For women with a pear-shaped silhouette, these models are the most advantageous.

Often, experts advise chubby ladies classic styles, since it is the classics that can hide flaws and make the whole figure slimmer and more elegant. Such products are fitted and sewn using high-quality patterns with perfect straight lines.

Ladies with a trapezoid figure are also advised to choose clothes with a clear shoulder line, which is regulated with the help of shoulder pads. Straps in such things can emphasize the waist. Please note that the strap is not too narrow and does not get lost on the background of the clothes. Too wide belts can divide your figure into 2 parts, which will also adversely appear on the image.

For full ladies with an apple-like figure, it is worthwhile to choose shortened coat styles with a flare from the chest line, and short and full ladies should avoid the "floor" options. Products whose knee length or higher will be ideal in this case.


For outerwear you need to choose a beautiful fabric. Pay attention to the plain and soft options that fit the figure well, without restricting movements. These materials include velor, cashmere, tweed, as well as smooth furs.

When choosing a fabric, fillers play an important role, because they must be of high quality and do their job well. For example, synthetic winterizer and fluff perfectly protect against cold weather, but synthetics are more affordable.


If you are wondering about choosing a manufacturer for large clothing, you should familiarize yourself with the most popular brands:

  • German company ConceptK has been in the leading position for more than 50 years. The brand offers stylish coats and jackets of large sizes;
  • Marina Rinaldi Luxury design line offers its audience raincoats and jackets, the manufacture of which uses expensive, high-quality materials. It is worth noting that some items in the products are sewn by hand;
  • Well-established manufacturers from Turkey. The Gemko brand has been known since 1989. A distinctive feature of these products is their excellent fit along with a corrective effect. A wide selection of models will help you choose clothes for each fashionista;
  • Large Belarusian clothing is also popular. The company Djerza has proven itself well, which is always up to date with fashion trends. The brand is distinguished by contrasting edging, straps and decorative handmade flowers. For lovers of designer things there is the company "Aira", which twice a year replenishes their collections with new products. By purchasing products of this brand, you will always be original and stylish. It is also worth noting the Belarusian manufacturer of outerwear “Asolia”, which for more than 10 years has been pleasing its consumers with quality and stylish things. Here you will find a wide range of raincoats and jackets.
  • For many years Finnish manufacturers have been conducting experiments using new materials and creating unusual styles. Outerwear of large sizes with a water-repellent coating is very popular. The best Finnish manufacturers should include brands such as Marimekko, Reima, Luhta, as well as Joutsen, Halti. Each of the women of fashion will be able to find the best option for herself with a world-famous name.

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