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Types of outerwear for women

Everything that a woman puts on over dresses and suits is called outerwear. She has a huge number of different styles and models that help to experiment with style and always stay in trend.

Types of outerwear by season

Outerwear may be needed by a girl at any time of the year. How does it differ in each season and what species exist, consider below.

  • Summer. In summer, the weather is changeable, and without outerwear the beautiful half of humanity can not do. As a rule, such clothes are short and light. We are talking about jackets, jackets, windbreakers and bomber jackets.

Bombers They look like sports sweatshirts and fasten with a zipper. On the cuffs and at the bottom of the product, elastic bands are a must. Leather jackets summers are a striking element of grunge style. They are often very strongly decorated with metal buttons, spikes and chains. Windbreakers - The calmest option for outerwear in the summer. They are usually sewn from raincoat fabric. Windbreakers differ among themselves with a cut of sleeves, collars and pockets. Often, windbreakers are chosen for outdoor recreation or in a sanatorium.

Oversized girls opt for cool summer weather. the coat is a cocoon. Such a thing has a free silhouette without clear boundaries of the waist and shoulders. The length of such a product, as a rule, to the knees or slightly higher. Another popular model in the summer season for a long time is anther or coat - duster. This is a light coat for the summer of a free cut. Creating such a model, the designers were inspired by the wild west and the cowboys who wore such things while protecting themselves from dust. Beautiful women on rainy and cool days cannot do without cloak. Often, such models are sewn from waterproof and windproof fabric.

Many ladies prefer to wear in cool weather in summer cloak. She is usually thin, sleeveless and has a loose fit. An alternative cloak is poncho. This type of outerwear came to us from America. Basically, the poncho is knitted from very dense wool with a cut for the head.

For several seasons in a row, lovers of fashion trends are invited to wear lace summer coat. Such summer clothes will not warm, but will be a stylish and fashionable addition to a day or evening look.

  • Spring. A fashionable thing in the spring is coat. When it is still not very warm outside, but there is no desire to put on down jackets and jackets, a coat will be a great alternative. Bright colors and interesting styles will help to be fashionable and irresistible. A classic coat, double-breasted coats or cashmere models without fasteners, each girl will choose the right model for her look. From summer wardrobe to spring calmly migrate and jacket. Such a biker jacket will be very appropriate in the spring.

The necessary outerwear during this period will be and french. The model of this jacket was originally created for the armed forces. As a rule, it is olive or green. The model has a hood that easily turns into a collar. For lovers of military style, designers offer trench coats in various colors. For active and motivated women who have every minute counts, experts recommend choosing short coat. This is a short and straightforward model, great for driving a car.

A classic and very beautiful option in the spring will be camel coat. Light sand or light cream color, it is combined with almost all items of the basic wardrobe and perfectly warms.

  • Autumn. The warm season is still fresh in memory and some ladies find it difficult to readjust to new models of outerwear. Still relevant for September weather jackets from genuine leather and raincoats. Casual outerwear may consist of a classic coat. For girls who prefer a sporty style in clothes, it is worth taking a closer look at such a model as anorak. This is a model of a waterproof jacket with a hood, which is very similar in appearance to the outer clothing of the Arctic.

Another interesting decision for the autumn period will be duffle coat. Simply put, this is a coat with clasps - "fangs", which is sewn from a fabric or coarse wool. This model is most often knee-length and has two patch pockets.

Strict and business women should look at such a model as Chesterfield. This is also a coat model, but there are no horizontal seams on it.

For extraordinary girls, the autumn collection of outerwear often consists of pea jacketwhich is nothing more than a double breasted coat. Such a model moved to the women's wardrobe from the uniform of sailors.

In dank autumn weather, many women prefer jackets on synthetic winterizer. Although this material has many opponents, many women like these models of jackets. A long jacket or a warm coat will be the mast - chevs of the fall wardrobe of every fashionista.

  • Winter. Winter is a fabulous time of year when many women can demonstrate the luxury and sophistication of their fur coats or sheepskin coats. The choice of winter outerwear must be approached especially carefully. After all, clothes should be not only beautiful, but practical, comfortable and warm. Girls are one of the most demanding categories of customers, so modern designers offer different models for every taste and budget. Experts recommend that the fair sex have in their wardrobe at least two types of outerwear for the winter. One is recommended to choose in a sports style, and the second in the classic version.

An indispensable thing in the winter wardrobe of a city dweller is down jacket or quilted jacket. As a rule, this is a warm jacket with a fur collar. Fashionable option for cold weather will be parks. A wide cut and windproof fabric will protect perfectly on a cold, dank day.

Many girls prefer to choose in the winter leather jackets with fur or lining from synthetic winterizer. Such jackets perfectly protect from wind and snow and will be a very practical thing in the wardrobe. However, due to the topcoat, care must be taken to prevent scratches and abrasions on things.

There is a fairly large category of women who prefer to wear in the winter sport jackets. Created for outdoor activities, many mothers wear them for a walk with their children. Inside, such jackets are often quilted down and do not constrain movements. When choosing such a model, it is important that a woman can wear a warm sweater under her.

In cold weather, one of the oldest types of winter clothing will serve as the best option. fur coats. Sewn from natural or artificial fur, will be an excellent option for frosty winters. However, a fur coat is not only a warm and practical thing for the winter, but also an indicator of the status and taste of its owner.

Currently, fur coats can be made of artificial and natural fur. A variety of colors and styles will allow each woman to find her own unique option. Among the fur coats made of natural fur, our compatriots prefer to choose mink, muton and rabbit. This is the northern clothing that will last for many years, subject to careful care.

Sheepskin coats It is currently a very functional and practical thing in a women's wardrobe. It is a style resembling a coat or a fur coat of a classic silhouette. The length is usually from the middle of the thigh to the middle of the calf. Along with a fur coat perfectly retains heat and warms in cold weather. Such a thing will appeal to even the most fastidious fashionista. Designers create sheepskin coats of various styles and decorate with various decorations. Of the minuses, one can single out a rather heavy weight of such a thing. But she is not relevant for the first season and will serve her mistress for a long time.

Along with the classic options for winter clothing, designers offer to decorate down jackets with natural furthat will give it more femininity and beauty. Many fashion designers offer models of fur coats with bat sleeves or fur coats in the form of a poncho. Such clothes are complemented by leather inserts.


Every girl wants to look fashionable and stylish. Designers offer various solutions so that each girl chooses an option for herself. Women's clothing is so diverse that every girl will find suitable options for herself.

It is impossible not to consider the list of basic styles of outerwear. The following is a variation and description of the main styles in outerwear.

  • Classical. First of all, a lover of the classical style in clothes will be required to wear a coat. Perhaps this is the basic thing in any wardrobe. It can be winter or demi-season, but always strictly cut. Many experts attribute fur coats and sheepskin coats to fur coats. Discreet, noble models and colors perfectly complement the image in a classic style.
  • Overseas. Coats in this style look pretty good on slender and even thin girls. This style in outerwear makes the girl more elegant and fragile.
  • Business or office style. The basic thing in such a wardrobe in the autumn-winter period is a presentable coat. Outerwear is what is visible in the first place. Therefore, the choice should be impeccable. A business coat is better to choose in dark gray, blue, black and beige colors. The cut should be strict, and the presence of various accessories is minimal.
  • Sports. Sports jackets, parkas, down jackets and parkas should be comfortable and practical. Girls who prefer a sporty style love functionality, comfort and practicality.
  • Evening. Such clothes for women are designed for special occasions. Evening style looks very impressive when the girl is wearing fur bolero from natural or artificial fur. Formal evening wear is usually elegant. Black coat, perfect for a business meeting with partners. The girl will be elegant and such a coat will emphasize her business spirit and good taste. Often women like unusual, beautiful, designer or luxury outerwear. It all depends on the taste and financial capabilities of the beautiful half of humanity.
  • Youth. Bright, daring and modern - such clothes for girls in our time. This also applies to outerwear. Perfect for girls jacket pilot, jacket and baseball jacket. These jackets have returned to fashion recently and have become a real find for young people. Modern and fashionable outerwear for girls is also windbreakers, jackets-jackets, jackets made of fabric, parkas and down jackets. The design of such models can be very diverse.

The list of styles and their features can be listed for a long time, dwell on the most key. The main thing is to choose the style that is ideally suited to the type of figure and combines with the girl’s lifestyle. Outerwear is currently very diverse and numerous, but many names have come from ancient times.

Style and details

Consider the main styles of the most popular types of outerwear.

  • Coat. It can be single-breasted and with hidden fasteners, lapels, several rows of buttons. Double-breasted and wraparound coats are common. Duffle coat is usually loose-cut and has a huge hood.
  • Down jacket. In the upcoming season, long down jackets to the ankles are in fashion. Fashionable models are decorated with laces, leather and suede inserts, as well as large buttons and buttons. Many models come with swan fluff insulation, and detachable sleeves will be the novelty of the season.
  • Fur coats. At the peak of the popularity of a free-cut fur coat. A straight silhouette and a trapezoid silhouette for ladies with a pear-shaped figure are in fashion. Suede or leather trim may also be present.
  • Extra long leather jackets. Designers offer such products a straight cut and knee-length. The collars of such products, as a rule, are lush and voluminous, made from natural fur of silver fox or polar fox. Pockets in such models do not attract much attention, but the belt and collars will be bright details in the image.

For tall ladies, almost all winter clothing options are suitable. Any cut and style will look good on them. For short girls, outerwear should be chosen more carefully. This applies not only to models, but also to individual parts. The clasp should not be too large, it is better to avoid bulky pockets in the hips and do not choose too voluminous models.


In the wardrobe of a real fashionista, all objects should be harmoniously combined with each other. Under trousers, you should choose a trench, double-breasted or single-breasted coat, as well as a jacket or down jacket. A new stylish solution among young people is to combine a windbreaker or a thick cardigan with a puffy vest. This image allows you to warm your back and not hamper your hand movements. With a midi skirt, it’s quite appropriate to wear a coat, fur coat or cloak at work.

For lovers of experiments, this can be a short leather jacket or a pilot jacket.

Pants and skirts will look good with a double breasted coat or cloak. Jacket-jackets can be tried on with overalls, going to a fashionable party with friends. Other girls will definitely not disregard such a kit. A summer dress or sundress is well combined with a jacket in bright or rich colors. A bright or neutral scarf is perfect for a coat, cloak or short-skinned jacket with a classic cut.


Modern designers work with a huge number of different materials and textures. Their assortment impresses even the most demanding fashionistas. When sewing down jackets and jackets, insulation made of wool, fleece, polyester is used, and membrane clothing has also become popular. The membrane is a fabric with special impregnation. Such impregnation does not pass wind and moisture. However, it must be remembered that in such clothes the girl must constantly be in motion. This technology is very popular with athletes and women leading an active lifestyle. Fur coats are currently sewn from natural and faux fur. Such a fur thing will warm its mistress even in the most severe frosts.

Summer outerwear is often knitted, knitted or combined, when the jacket can be sewn from suede with leather inserts. Windbreakers and summer coats are often sewn from raincoat fabric. Knitwear is also used as inserts in jackets or windbreakers. Such combined clothing is perfect for girls who love non-standard things. School outerwear can be sewn from cloth or it can be coat-suit fabric. Cloth is used when sewing a coat for spring and autumn.

High-quality and beautiful outerwear can please a girl more than one season if she is sewn from good materials.

Fashion trends

In the upcoming season, designers do not force girls to choose between stylish and comfortable outerwear. A collection of down jackets for the upcoming fall and winter from eminent designers is white, red, multi-colored, with a smell or asymmetric options for every day. New models of down jackets are presented up to the heels or vice versa barely reaching the waist.What model to wear for girls, each one decides for herself, relying on her own style and preferences.

Clothing made of fur is always relevant. Fur coats or collars and fur inserts emphasize the sophistication and elegance of a woman. The trend of the upcoming season is a cowboy style, which is characterized by numerous lacing, fringe and embroidery. For ladies with forms, there is a stylish free-cut clothing. Properly selected size will hide all the desired flaws. And vertical ornaments will visually make the figure not so voluminous. Of course, the black color remains in the trend is not the first season. Properly selected accessories in the form of belts, bags and scarves will help diversify any look.



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