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Muslim clothing for women

Muslim culture is still a mystery to many of us. An integral part of it is the traditional long dresses of Muslim women. To many, they seem mysterious and incomprehensible, but this does not make the fashion of oriental women inappropriate in the modern world. Let's look at the features of outfits for Muslim women.

Features and benefits of a traditional outfit

Despite the fact that the outfits of Muslim women are long and closed, this does not make them unattractive and boring.

The main distinguishing characteristic of clothing for Muslim women is that it is as closed as possible and hides from prying eyes all parts of the body except the face and hands. A traditional outfit should cover not only the neck, but also the earrings, if they are long. Many argue over whether to cover the feet and ankles. But classic outfits should be just that: long and closed.

Muslim women should not appear in public in dresses decorated with shiny embroidery or bright accessories. It is also desirable that the clothes were made of plain fabrics, without any prints. In Muslim dresses, modesty and restraint are welcomed, so you should abandon catchy accessories decorated with precious stones and metals.

Muslim outfits should not emphasize female sexuality. That is why faithful Muslim women do not appear in public in tight or translucent clothes. Behind the fabric of the attire, feminine forms should not even be guessed, because this provokes unworthy desires of men.

It is also forbidden to wear men's clothes. This applies not only to trousers, but also to shirts and t-shirts. In Muslim families, this prohibition applies not only to public outfits, but also to images in which a woman appears in front of her husband. Girls should only have dresses or skirts in their wardrobe.

Muslim women must truly value their faith and emphasize their belonging to it. That is why their clothes cannot look like dresses of representatives of other religions.

The advantage of Muslim-style clothing is that their loose outfits do not constrain movements. In these dresses, girls feel comfortable in any situation. The material of the dress or skirt should not crash into the body. In addition, a stylish scarf protects your head from the cold and sunlight and allows you to always look well-groomed and stylish.

Muslim shawls, contrary to stereotypes, also look stylish and attractive. A correctly selected accessory of this type is perfect for creating a fashionable bow. Moreover, Muslim women are not at all obliged to wear exclusively dark plain shawls of boring colors. You can choose an attractive pastel shawl, or an accessory decorated with a simple print.

Modern Muslim women are offered a huge selection of suitable clothes that look stylish and suitable for a wide variety of situations - from visiting public places, to going on vacation with your spouse. In a stylish closed dress you will look fashionable and emphasize your individuality in everything.

Modern Muslim outfits should be high-quality and sewn from natural fabrics. This makes the outfit more attractive and arouses respect of others both to the girl and to the religion itself.

For sewing Muslim dresses in the summer, fabrics such as cotton, linen or silk are used. They are good because they allow air to pass through and allow the body to breathe. So, even in the heat, you will not feel discomfort.

What should not be worn by Muslim women

Before continuing the discussion on how to create a stylish outfit for a religious Muslim, let's look at some of the prohibitions.

First of all, they apply to those clothes that make you look like representatives of the opposite sex. These things include men's shirts, t-shirts and pants. Such outfits should not be worn in everyday life, or at various celebrations, as this violates the basic rules of this religion.

Also prohibited are outfits that make the girl look like representatives of another religion. For example, the attire of Christian priests or crosses on a chain. Real Muslim women must emphasize their belonging to their religion.

It is also undesirable to purposefully demonstrate the level of your income - to wear outfits made of expensive fabrics, gold jewelry or other details. Selected clothing should be practical and high-quality, but not artsy and unreasonably expensive.

It is also forbidden to use clothing with inscriptions or prints that depict people in an unworthy form or forbidden inscriptions.


The basis of the wardrobe of modern Muslim women is simple things. As a rule, these are monophonic outfits, although options with inscriptions and prints are also acceptable.


The simplest part of a Muslim dress is muna. This is a plain dress with a simple cut, devoid of any patterns and inscriptions. Muslim women of all ages wear these dresses, regardless of their social status. Such dresses fit into a strict style, so they are suitable even for working Muslim women.


Demonstrating their naked body in public for Muslim women is unacceptable. Therefore, designers create appropriate outfits for such ladies. For swimming, Muslim women choose a closed suit, which is called burkini. A similar outfit covers the whole body of a girl except her face, hands and feet. Initially, it was produced exclusively in black, but today there are outfits in all colors of the rainbow.


An integral part of a Muslim outfit is the hijab. It is a simple small scarf that girls cover their heads at any time of the year. Such a scarf hides the head and neck from prying eyes, revealing only the face.


A more closed version of the headgear is niqab. He hides not only the head and neck, but also the face of a Muslim woman. The prying eyes remain visible only to the girl’s eyes. However, sometimes even they are covered with a translucent mesh that resembles a veil. The traditional color of niqaba is black.


Another option of outerwear, which is popular among Muslim women is the veil. This word itself translates as "tent." Such a detail of the outfit is worn by representatives of the Muslim religion outside the home. Usually, fabrics of dark colors are used for sewing on the veil. It can also be complemented with a translucent wrap for the face.


One of the most famous details of the wardrobe of a Muslim woman is the burqa. It is a cloak to the floor, which hides the entire female body except the eyes. Another popular clothing option is a burka. This is a hat up to the waist, which looks like a burqa, but is shorter.


For going to the temple or any special occasions, an elegant cloak is used, made of high-quality expensive fabrics. This cloak is called abaya and its appearance is very similar to a burqa.

How to choose the right

When choosing clothes for Muslim women, you should pay attention to the quality of materials, cut and the conformity of outfits to religious requirements. Wherever you go, clothing should be restrained and not underlining. A man should not guess how your figure looks under clothes.

Fashion trends

But, despite the fact that Muslim clothing must meet certain requirements, this does not mean that it cannot look stylish. Modern outfits for Muslim women look stylish, although they do not look like modern trendy outfits in Europeans.

Fashionable outfits for Muslim women are made from quality materials. They can be both monophonic and printed. But modern clothes are distinguished from classical ones by the fact that they are less uniform.

In modern collections for Muslim women, you can find many outfits that allow them not only to look stylish, but also to feel as comfortable as possible. Elegant dresses and skirts of light colors or complemented by simple prints are in fashion. Properly selected hats will help to complete such an outfit - a hijab, a burqa or a simple shawl, tied around the head.

Brand New & Design Collections

The best way to get acquainted with the modern outfits of Muslim women is to look at outfits from famous brands.


Simple high-quality outfits are offered to their customers by the Amira brand. At this company you can find an assortment for all seasons and occasions. You can appear in dresses from this brand both at a family celebration and at a public event.


The memorable outfits in the Muslim style can be selected among the assortment of the Sahara brand. From them you can pick up stylish dresses and shirts that do not emphasize the features of your figure, but make your image as a whole attractive.


Stylish Muslim outfits for all kinds of special occasions can be selected among the goods presented by the Irada brand.


Memorable and vivid details, which, however, do not go beyond the bounds of decency, can be selected from the Maidenly brand. Among their assortment you can find stylish colorful scarves, which, hiding all unnecessary from prying eyes, will help you emphasize the attractiveness.

Reseda Suleiman

Another famous brand among Muslim girls is Rezede Suleyman. This company has appeared in the fashion world relatively recently. Since the brand appeared, they presented only five collections. But during this time they have already managed to gain popularity.

Clothing from this brand is popular not only among ordinary Muslim women, but also among world celebrities. Girls appreciate the elegance of outfits and their good quality.

Outfits from the brand Reseda Suleiman look modest, but at the same time very stylish. Such costumes are liked not only by girls, but also by their spouses, because in this outfit the girl looks really luxurious.

Jamilya Style

Spectacular outfits for confident Muslim girls can be found in the assortment of Jamil Style's brand. This brand offers a large number of stylish dresses and suits with long skirts that look really attractive.


You can find quite affordable outfits in the assortment of this brand. They are perfect for everyday wear - a trip with friends for a walk, study or in a cafe.

Bella Karima

Modern dresses and skirts for Muslim ladies can be found in the collections of the famous Bella Karim brand. Simple, but at the same time stylish prints adorn most of the outfits from this brand. It can be small geometric and floral patterns that emphasize the simplicity of the outfit, but do not make it too catchy and noticeable in the crowd.


Young Muslim women like outfits from the Ansari brand. This company is able to surprise with unusual dresses and suits, which, without breaking old traditions, look stylish and modern. The Ansari brand also offers feminine outfits suitable for meetings with a beloved man or any other important events.

Stylish looks

Muslim fashion is very different from European. But this does not mean that the outfits of girls belonging to this religion look boring and monotonous. To create stylish images in this style, choose dresses or suits of a free cut, but do not forget to complement them with appropriate accessories.

The main accessories in the outfits of Muslim girls are hats, which hide from prying eyes all parts of the body that should not be accessible to prying eyes. Restrained, but at the same time attractive accessories will complete this look - earrings hidden under the hijab, rings or bracelets that do not attract special attention. Remember that outfits complemented with jewels and other catchy details are appropriate only within the house, but not in public.

To look like a worthy Muslim woman, choose for yourself simple closed dresses that do not attract much attention. The goal of Muslim fashion is to allow you to merge with the crowd of believers. So, it looks attractive, but not at all defiant. In these outfits you will feel comfortable and will not catch judgmental looks on you.

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