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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Kidswear Ticket to Heaven

Brand features

Ticket to Heaven is Denmark's largest producer of high-quality children's clothing. Since its founding in 1992, the company has been producing down comforters. Once the decision was made to create a trial collection of clothes for walking along the street, in 2005 Ticket entered the world market.

Today, the company’s priority area is the release of collections of comfortable children's clothing for any weather, with a unique design combined with excellent functional characteristics, as well as concern for the environment.

Ticket is available in two ranges: winter and demi-season, differing in design and amount of insulation. Good compatibility of things allows you to make fashionable images for boys and girls. Among mothers whose children already wore membrane models of other manufacturers, Ticket to Heaven clothing has a huge number of positive reviews.

Since most of the time, newborn babies are in a stroller for up to a year on a walk, the manufacturer offers sleeping envelopes made of Mini Ribstop fabric with natural down filling, lined with fleece.

For crumbs from six months to three years, Baby Baggie winter overalls made of Mini Ribstop and Snow Baggie material are offered. Snow Baggie coveralls are well-known and trusted by consumers. Temperature range: +5 to -20 with additional fleece pods. Two zippers on the front make it easy to dress the child for a walk in winter and autumn. All seams are glued. In such overalls, the child should not freeze even on the coldest day. Here, all the details are thought out to the smallest detail: an insulated seat, a detachable hood with faux fur and a button closure, dabs, and reflective stripes. Water resistance is 8.000 mm, Breathability is 8.000 grams. Ottoman topcoat, lining of 100% polyester, insulation layer of 100% polyester 200 grams.

Toddlers from two to eight years old will be pleased with comfortable overalls and sets of jackets and pants Baggie Snowsuit made of Oxford fabric, as well as Othello Snowsuit made of Ottoman fabric.

In addition to overalls for boys and girls, Ticket to Heaven offers comfortable demi-season overalls with adjustable straps and a thin lining. The model of semi-overalls is also made of membrane polyester wind and waterproof textiles with high wear resistance, glued seams, light-reflecting strips. The zipper is equipped with an internal windproof bar.

For schoolchildren from 8 to 14 years old, both overalls and Baggie Snowsuit and Othello Snowsuit suits, consisting of jackets and pants, with a top layer of Mini Ribstop fabric and a layer of insulation from synthetic down, are great.

For boys, the brand makes a universal functional model of a quilted jacket-vest with a zipper. In the model, the hood and sleeves come unfastened, turning the jacket into a warm fashionable vest.

In the new 2017 collection for street games, going to school and playing sports, demi-season rubberized waterproof Rain Rubber suits consisting of semi-overalls and a jacket are presented. For walks in rainy weather, a Rubber Rain jacket made of 100% PU material with a removable hood and glued seams and reflective stripes on the sleeves is useful.

Lightweight down jackets, parkas, and nylon coats with the softest fluff filling offered by the brand are an excellent choice for juniors seeking to look stylish.

The size

Improperly sized clothes do not fulfill their warming function. She will not be comfortable and comfortable to wear. Clothing that preserves heat should be loose-fitting to accommodate all the insulation layers. The overalls should have a sufficient margin of length from the point of divergence of the trousers to the occipital part of the hood. During the fitting, you need to watch so that the back of the overalls does not stretch very much when the child bent down. The sleeve length is chosen correctly if the edge covers the wrist. Dimension of brand products - from 74 to 164.

Dimensional grid of clothes Ticket to Heaven

Table number 1

Table number 2


Ticket to Heaven clothes are distinguished by a thoughtful cut and details focused on comfortable walks in any weather. Design features of the styles do not limit movements, do not interfere with the child playing and running at ease, not being afraid of weather changes. To ensure the most comfortable wearing of products in the manufacture of children's clothing, branded modern materials with membrane surfaces are used, which at the same time are highly oxygen permeable and prevent fogging.


The classic Oxford fabric has a plain plain texture. The unique properties of the fabric greatly facilitate the care of things. A cloth or sponge moistened with a detergent solution will easily remove any dirt from clothing. Oxford fabric repels water, while at the same time promotes air exchange and retains comfortable heat. It does not get wet and is not blown by the wind.

The layer of insulation material Tinsulate provides maximum protection against the cold with a small thickness and weight. Products with Tinsulate are thin and light, but they perfectly warm at low temperatures to -30-35 degrees.

The durable Ottoman fabric with a dense structure is matte and not as stiff as Oxford. Ottoman fabric repels moisture, prevents blowing, has heat-insulating properties. In winter collections it is usually combined with high-quality and easy-to-maintain insulation material made of polyester.

The plain Mini Ribstop fabric is soft with a smooth shiny surface. Strong enough, does not get wet and is not blown by a wind. The Mini Ribstop fabric has membrane properties, which allows you to remove moisture and retain heat. In models, Mini Ribstop fabric often comes in combination with Oxford fabric, with Oxford used in heavy duty parts.

PU material made of polyurethane fibers completely does not let water through, it is used in the manufacture of raincoats.


From season to season, Ticket designers are working on new collections, combining traditional styles with vibrant hues. In the new models of girls, bright blue, yellow, red, pink shades of materials, as well as fabrics in a cage and strip or colored with bright patterns: flowers, stars, waves, will delight.

Boy’s fabrics are distinguished by bright harmonious shades decorated with interesting prints: favorite characters, cars, fashionable inscriptions. In practical winter clothes, geometric patterns are more often used, for example, in the model of the outdoor jumpsuit, a dark blue membrane fabric with stars is used.


A serious approach to the selection of cut patterns and fabrics guarantees the practicality, durability and safety of Ticket.

The fibers of the materials used in clothing are 100% different; they do not contain chemicals and compounds that are harmful to children's health.

The design decisions of the clothes of the European company do not leave open parts of the body. In such clothes, the child’s body always remains dry. Clothing is characterized by increased wear resistance, it is strong, rarely tears. The non-slip coating of the material will make sure that your child moving away from the snow slide does not roll too far.

Models come with functional details such as comfortable adjustable straps, cords, deep hoods with detachable faux fur and zippered zippered pockets.

For a more comfortable and tight fit on the figure in the models contraction at the waist is provided. On all products, the seams are hermetically glued for additional moisture resistance. Silicone pants are sewn to the bottom of the trousers, cuffs reliably protect from snow, fasten with Velcro. Pants usually have removable straps.

Cuffs allow for convenient adjustment of the sleeve length. Stand-up collars block the baby’s neck from the cold wind.

For the safety of the child in the dark, all outer clothing is equipped with special reflectors.

For kids, overalls are available with a warming fleece lining, which helps to maintain heat. The elongated back forms a reserve for the diaper.

Cozy envelopes for babies do not constrain movements. The pulling cord additionally protects from wind and snow. The sleeping bag is ideal for strollers and car seats with safety belts. A special anti-pollution fabric is sewn inside. An unzipped envelope can be used instead of a rug or pillow.

Ticket clothing provides not only active wear, but multiple washings. In order for clothes to retain their consumer properties during washing, you must follow the care instructions on the label and follow these recommendations:

Severe contamination before washing is preferably treated with a special stain remover;

  • use the washing program for colored linen, with a maximum temperature of not more than forty degrees;
  • Do not use too much detergent;
  • you can not use a fabric softener when rinsing, as it can spoil the fabric;
  • for drying clothes with an insulating or fleece layer, it is recommended to turn it inside out;
  • clothes made of polyurethane fibers are washed in a gentle manual mode; they cannot be dried in a washing machine.

It should be noted that the prices of the company's products are quite affordable. Considering the number of seasons that Ticket to Heaven’s practical things will last, the purchase becomes profitable.

Shoes & Accessories

Ticket to Heaven has accessories in the form of panama hats, scarves, mittens and gloves. Soft caps with ties and balaclava made of wool with a warming inner knitted layer, fit well to the head and protect from wind.

Mittens, gloves and winter booties are made of a material that has the same protective properties as the fabric for ski sets.

The full range of the brand also includes thermal underwear, holiday products, shoes, school and preschool backpacks, and sports bags. The design of accessories is carefully developed and helps to complement outerwear, combine things with each other, allowing you to express individuality and create a unique style for each child.

Watch the video: Ticket to Heaven - Fashionshow AW 2014 (February 2020).


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