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Wine color in clothes

The wine color in the clothes embodies sophistication and luxury, despite the complexity of the shade. Who is going to? It is suitable for young girls and elegant ladies, subject to the right combination and selection in clothes and accessories.

Combination of colors in clothes

A noble wine tint became popular back in the nineteenth century. It is obtained by mixing red and brown colors, so it looks like grape wine, which is in the process of fermentation. Sets in such colors look harmonious with pastel shades of pink, blue, bleached violet, gray, but bright turquoise, blue or blue are also original in such a harmony. What do burgundy skirts, trousers and jackets go with? Most likely, with things and shoes in restrained and not bright colors.

A similar shade in dresses and suits can be basic in a business style, everyday or in a youth club, where their length plays an important role. Outerwear in fitted or loose coats will also look good in wine color, this will give the look versatility and nobility. A burgundy skirt fits well in a loose denim style with a blue, blue denim jacket or shirt, and a dress with a denim vest. If you do not want to wear an abundance of clothing in wine tones, you can have them in the form of accessories or finishes.

Compatible wine and black colors are classic, especially in women's evening dresses, where a fitted bodice will emphasize the figure, make your look more aristocratic. Darkened and brightened colors in burgundy colors are found in vintage fashion, which gives the image a touch of restraint, calmness and aging.


The depth and magic of color prevents the fashion world from forgetting it. We know more familiar varieties of wine shades, but there are also exotic ones. What is the name of? Most often, the names of the flowers come from the names of cities, localities, historical events or are associated with associations of dark red color perceptions.

The name of the Marsala color came from the Italian wine variety, which is a tart, warm, earthy color with a brown tint. It can also be called dark wine, it looks mysteriously and spectacularly in evening dresses on dark-skinned girls with a warm skin tone.

Falunsky - has a brick tone and is called the Swedish copper mines.

The shade of Maron is closer to the walnut, red-brown, dark colors. The Turkish red-brown Adrianopolsky was given a name in honor of the city in which fabrics of similar colors were produced.

Bordeaux - a shade of one of the French wines, domineering, has long been the property of monarchs and aristocrats, can be an alternative to black.

Burgundy is a calm, refined shade of wine colors, popular, demonstrates conservatism and restraint, leadership qualities and determination in the character traits of its owner. This shade is widely used in clothes, applicable from business style to everyday.

The trend color of catwalks and celebrities

Wine color continues to conquer trend followers and world catwalks. Fashion houses, in recent shows, presented less acidic and saturated colors, more Bordeaux, various shades of Marsala, a variety of gray, pastel, turquoise. Designers such as Christian Siriano and Roland Mouret, Stella McCartney, Nina Ricci showed lines that are darker and more mysterious. The Bottega Veneta collection uses a variety of textured fabrics in a color palette from diluted pastel colors to rich burgundy, with the help of which "everyday chic" was shown, a game in the length of skirts and dresses, fitted silhouettes. This color is often chosen by famous people for parties and social events.

Halle Berry's luxurious embroidered dress has made history.

Model Irina Shayk, singer Beyoncé, actresses Uma Thurman and Patricia Clarkson chose outfits of wine shades in their wardrobe.

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