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Polish women's clothing

Reasons for popularity

The main advantages of Polish women's clothing are a pleasant and affordable pricing policy, as well as above average quality. Manufacturers can offer various models and styles for women and men that match the latest European fashion trends.

Clothing of Polish manufacturers is always elegant, modern, well suited for everyday wear and business outlets.

Another advantage of outfits from European countries is practicality and high resistance to wear. Such features of clothing are a big plus for the Russian climate, since clothing is constantly subject to severe weather conditions - be it severe frosts or sultry heat.

Polish designers use fabrics such as linen, leather, fur, wool, cotton as materials for sewing things. Most sets do not contain synthetics, which allows moisture to pass through well and breathe clothing on the human body. Natural fabrics are also savings, especially for small incomes in the CIS countries. All models are budgetary at cost, they retain their qualities well with long wear.

Fashion from famous brands

Polish clothes for women can vary in different price ranges, depending on the consumer audience. Among the goods you can find things not only the middle class, but also luxury. Therefore, everyone will be able to find kits based on the family budget and visual preferences.

Among the famous brands are Olmar, Salko, Angora, Alexandra, Bastet, Zaps, Paparazzi Fasion, Bermar, Pola Mondi, E.Levy, Merla. They are much cheaper than French and Italian brands, but they are in no way inferior in quality. This is mainly due to the fact that in Poland it is several times cheaper to sew clothes than in other developed European countries.

Poland's most popular brand is Big Star. Under this brand, shoes, jeans, shirts, shirts, wallets, bags and belts are produced. The brand is a competitor to Levis and Wrangler. The only difference is the lower quality of the fittings, as well as the operating time of things.

The second most popular is Diverse. By analogy with Big Star, it produces shirts, trousers, jeans, T-shirts. Additionally, in the assortment you can find raincoats and jackets, as well as sportswear.

Reserved, Cropp, Sinsay, House - this is a fairly budgetary Polish clothing. In such companies, you can fully assemble the wardrobe. However, it is not advisable to collect exactly the basic sets in them, since chemical elements are often found in clothing. A big advantage is the ability of brands to follow the latest fashion trend, constantly update and show new collections. The items of these brands can complement well weekend sets and sets for everyday wear, to make the image more fresh and modern.

Classic models

Classic models are produced by several Polish brands. One of them, already known throughout the world, Top Secret. The brand produces women's clothing that can be used to create everyday looks. The company produces in abundance and good quality blouses, skirts and dresses.

Este is also a classic, which pampers customers with a beautiful European design. The clothes of this brand combine unusual lines and details. The basis is taken from fabrics that were produced in France and Italy. Designers pay great attention to the selection of fittings.

Maxim company specializes in tailoring jackets and dresses. In their collections you can find both flying and strict models. Thanks to the good, high-quality patterns, models sit well on a woman’s figure and correctly emphasize her merits.

Fedini brand for its regular customers makes dresses for special occasions and special occasions. All things are unique and are produced in small quantities, so it is possible that by purchasing things from this designer house in your city you will look unusual and very stylish. Some outfits may be suitable for everyday wear.

In Pretty Woman, you can find very feminine, delicate dresses. They are suitable for walks in the park, dates with a loved one, a trip to the office to work in the spring and summer. Designers keep track of where the fashion is moving, and try to replenish collections with relevant models.


The most popular fabric from which Polish items are made is knitwear. Most brands for the mid-price category are sewn on its basis.

A few decades ago, Soviet citizens considered such fabrics the most durable and wearable, and dreamed of acquiring Polish outfits. European knitwear has become the standard of high quality.

Today, knitted sets are far from scarce goods, just look at any Polish store to purchase them. In addition, a significant part of Russian manufacturers are actively purchasing Polish knitwear as fabrics, and on the basis of this they produce their products.

Among the brands of the middle class there are also things that include linen. As a rule, these are things from spring and summer collections. Due to the fact that the cost of products compared to other European countries is very low, residents of the European Union like to order Polish things through online stores. They are not inferior in quality, for example, to such leading brands as Zara or Marks and Spenser.

Polish sizes

In order to choose clothes correctly and in shape, it is important to have the correct information about European sizes. Before you figure out what your clothing size is, measure your chest, waist, and hips.

The main Polish female sizes include S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL.

  • S is the smallest size and stands for small. The chest circumference is from 82 to 88, the waist circumference is from 77 to 69, the hip circumference is from 92 to 95 centimeters. Also, the size corresponds to the number 36.
  • M - is the average size of clothes, and reads as medium. The chest circumference is in the range from 89 to 92, the waist - from 70 to 73, and the hips - from 96 to 98 centimeters. Medium is equal to 38 clothing sizes.
  • L - large, is a large size. Breast size from 93 to 96, waist from 74 to 77, hips from 99 to 102. Larger sizes start at 40.

This is followed by several other large sizes - XL, 2XL and 3XL. They include the size of the hips in ascending order from 97 to 110, the waist from 78 to 91, and the hips from 103 to 115 centimeters. XL is 42 size, 2XL is 44 and 3XL is 46.

In general, Polish manufacturers offer customers high-quality clothing that meets the latest fashion trends in the market. It is very profitable to buy sets from such inexpensive European brands, since in this way you can save your family budget, purchase good-quality items with a margin of safety and durability, and also be a few steps ahead of fashion in the post-Soviet space.


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