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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Clothing for short women

Selection rules

Clothing for short women should emphasize the charm of small stature. In order not to visually appear even lower, it must be remembered that all quantities are perceived by the eyes in a relative sense. That is, any woman can seem taller with the right selection of wardrobe.

Emphasis on the top

Miniature women should not overload the lower part. As a top, a dark muffled blueberry or dark blue blouse, a juicy top and a bright jacket are perfect.

As for the hairstyle, it should not be too voluminous, since in this case the head will seem too big. It’s best to choose a neat short haircut or medium length hair.

Determine the type of shape

The opinions of most stylists agree that proportions are very important for growth below average. A huge role in this is played by the line of the waist and its volume.. A short rib cage, which visually expands the waist, leads to the low line of the chest. In the event that low growth is combined with a large waist, you should abandon fitted jackets, dresses and blouses and wear straight-cut clothing. Highlighting the waist is advised only to short girls with a thin waist that stands out against the background of the chest and hips.

There are several basic types of shapes. Conventionally, they are called a pear, an apple, an hourglass and a rectangle.

Beautiful ladies with a pear-shaped figure have wide hips and a thin waist. A wide top and a tummy are women with an apple-like figure. The hourglass figure implies the presence of a thin waist and identical in volume to the chest and hips. Women with the “rectangle” type of figure can be either full or thin, but at the same time they have the same width as the shoulders of the thigh, poorly distinguished waist and small chest.

We change the proportions

Pear figure

To balance this type of figure, you need to add the volume of the upper part and bring it closer to the type of hourglass. A brilliant top or large print blouse will look great. Also in this case, a pencil skirt and A-line dresses are great. To change the proportions, you can use the cuts on the skirt.

An Apple

Changing the proportions with a sufficiently voluminous top is possible with the help of a V-shaped neckline that will beautifully beat a large bust and emphasize it favorably. Attracting attention to thin legs, thereby distracting him from the abdomen, will help a dress with a free cut to the length of the knee. Corrective underwear will also be useful.


As a rule, all styles are suitable for owners of this type of figure and there is no need to adjust the proportions here. Dresses that emphasize the waist, as well as deep V-necklines, look chic.


The main task in this case is to visually stretch the figure and reduce the waist. For this, outfits in which designers used a special cut, trim or color contrast to make a woman visually look taller are ideal. If the rectangle also has a tummy, then you need to choose clothes that are suitable for the figure of an apple. For thin girls with this type of figure, you can safely recommend dresses with a flared skirt, tulip skirt or A-silhouette.

Determined with the fabric

The choice of tissue of a woman of short stature should be treated correctly and very carefully. Unsuccessful texture and color can add excessive volume, making the figure wider. Quilted jackets, heavy knit sweaters and boucle should also be avoided. It is better to pay attention to products made of thin knitwear and thin fabric. As for coloring, the advantage is given to vertically elongated prints, preferably a small size.


When choosing a silhouette, you should always consider the type of figure. A-line is perfect for girls and women with a pear-like figure, and a loose cut is more suitable for an apple-like figure. Absolutely any silhouette fits the hourglass figure. Hourglass is one of the favorite trends of stylists and designers this season. To do this, they use all kinds of belts in their models, bringing the figure closer to this type.

Parts & Accessories

Women need to remember some details that will help them make a more correct wardrobe. For example, raglan sleeves, frills are not suitable for miniature girls and women. When choosing trousers, pay attention to models of classic cut or narrowed and correctly complete them with shoes. At the same time, the length of the trousers should be such that the heel covers exactly half.

As for accessories, here low ladies will really need a sense of proportion. Jewelry is desirable to choose a small and oblong shape. Bags should also correspond to the miniature size of short women. A miniature and graceful handbag will be an ideal choice, but you will have to refuse large bags that you can hide behind.

Office clothes

To choose an office wardrobe for a short lady is a very creative and enjoyable task. In this case, a semi-fitted dress with a knee-length silhouette in a classic style can be a great option. If a skirt or trousers is chosen for the office, then it is better to supplement them with a shortened jacket, which focuses on itself and visually lengthens the silhouette. Mid-height stiletto heels are perfect for office outfits.

Girls and women of small stature should pay attention to office outfits from emphasized-expensive fabrics that have a simple concise cut. In this case, the classic color scheme should be respected. In costumes, a contrast of elements is allowed, but within the classics.

Casual style

A casual wardrobe can perfectly emphasize all the charm of short women. It is necessary to carefully consider the choice of both the upper and lower parts. As a top, you can choose a fashionable blouse with a shawl collar, a shirt with a stand-up collar or a V-neck. The length of a blouse or shirt can be with a small launch over the waistline. All sorts of thin straps and belts will look spectacular in this case.

To add romance to your daily look, choose dresses just above your knees. If you are a lover of maxi dresses, pay attention to the cut, texture of the material and coloring visually lengthen the lower part.

Stylish jeans are a great casual outfit. If you are a miniature fan of practical jeans style, then choose models with pronounced side seams on the sides.

Short, slender girls can safely use short shorts in their wardrobe. The only condition that must be met so that this item of clothing does not work to lower growth is a tight fit, and, of course, an ideal fit.

Jackets, like any clothing for women of small stature, should not have any decor elements. Their cut should be concise and not contain unnecessary details. Shorter models that do not reduce growth are welcome.

Evening out

A correctly chosen model of evening dress will make a short woman the queen of a solemn event. A dress for the floor will become a luxurious option for a special evening. The main condition for stylists is that such a dress should be tight-fitting. Empire-style dresses also look great.

To make the evening outfit more effective, focus on the waist line. Dresses with a deep V-neck, as well as models tailored along the oblique look very nice.

As shoes for low girls, classic pumps with a narrow toe on a high stilettos are ideal. The small female leg in them acquires even greater elegance and beauty.

2019 fashion trends for petite women

  • Simple color scheme. Bright contrasting clothing visually divides the silhouette into zones, thereby making it shorter. The choice of calm pastel colors will be an excellent solution for girls and women of short stature.
  • Geometric pattern. The elongated geometric shapes became the real trend of the season. Any vertical lines or herringbone strip lengthen the growth and make the figure slimmer.
  • An open line of hips. When purchasing a blazer or jacket, pay attention to its length. Open hips visually lengthen the legs and the figure as a whole. A closed hip line will make your legs shorter.
  • Shoes without straps. When choosing shoes, give preference to models without straps. The contrasting leather strap visually cuts the leg, thereby shortening it. If you can not do without a strap, then let it be closer in color to flesh-colored shades.
  • High heel. Using high heels is the easiest way to increase your height. Try to choose a comfortable shoe so that your walk is easy and relaxed. A high thin heel in combination with long trousers that cover it halfway looks very impressive.

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