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Popular brands in Russia

The word "brand" often scares away middle-income people, because in the majority's view this is quite expensive clothing. However, it is not. Today, clothes from well-known manufacturers are, first of all, quality and wear resistance, and very often this quality is actually available to everyone.

Envy lab

Envy Lab, a brand popular throughout Russia, manufactures its products exclusively from natural fabrics. The collection of clothes from this manufacturer is replenished with new models every month. The pricing policy of the company focuses on consumer demand: the most popular models can be purchased at an affordable price, but there are models produced in limited quantities - these things are unique, they cannot be found from other manufacturers, so their price is quite high.

An important factor is that Envy Lab is a Russian brand, so clothing designers take into account all the features of the Slavic type of figure. In the catalog of this brand, you can find men's and women's clothing, sewn in popular colors and styles, knitted warm and summer products, as well as a collection of outerwear, which presents many models of men's and women's coats.


Despite its clearly American name, the Springfield brand is clothing from Spain. The history of this brand began back in 1950. At that time, the little-known company "Cortefiel Group" began to actively expand its production and grew from a small family business to a large production. Until 1988, the clothes of this company came out with the logo of the Cortefiel Group, but demand and fashion changed greatly during this time, so it was decided to create a new, youth brand Springfield.

The production and headquarters of the company are located in Madrid, and their chain of stores is widespread throughout the world, this makes the clothes of this brand affordable. The calling card of this brand can safely be called bright, floral embroidery, which complements and decorates almost all clothing. Light youth models create a great mood.

In addition to clothing, this brand produces many accessories: bright handbags, comfortable and beautiful shoes, jewelry that will perfectly complement the youth image.

The company prides itself on a well-selected ratio of price and quality of its products, its availability for all categories of people.


The Marnelly brand offers a wide selection of outerwear for women. The Russian manufacturer focuses not only on women who fit the generally accepted standards of beauty, but also on women with curvaceous forms. Marnelly's clothing collection includes models of size 60 and above. Elegant demi-season coats and jackets, spring light windbreakers and jackets are distinguished by their original design. For the manufacture of its products, the company uses excellent fabrics and high-quality accessories. Natural fillers, such as swan fluff and feather, do not stray and do not roll during washing and socks thanks to the latest technology for flashing down pads.

Fima Marnelly is familiar with the weather conditions of our country, therefore, takes into account the climate in the manufacture of its products. The main objective of the company considers the release of not only beautiful clothes, but also clothes, which will be reliable protection from wind, snow and rain.

In the Marnelly outerwear collection you can find classic, calm models of jackets and coats for self-confident women, as well as more playful and vibrant models for active youth.

Elvin jones

In the wardrobe of every fashionista, dresses occupy a special place. Evening, cocktail, light, flying, strict, office - girls just need a dress for every occasion in their life. The Elvin Jones brand made it possible for fashionistas to make it as easy as possible to choose models that fit any situation, any taste and are ideal for any type of figure.

The collections of this brand are regularly updated with current models and colors. Juicy, rich prints are still relevant, therefore, the new collection contains dresses with floral and geometric ornaments that perfectly complement the current design. Rich finishes and accessories will give an image of confidence and grandeur, and a metal forged, gilded logo decorating each dress will emphasize the dignity of its owner.

The Elvin Jones trademark uses noble fabrics to manufacture its products, so each dress will be very pleasantly flowing over the body, tight and caressing it. Soft seams will not bring uncomfortable sensations, and high-quality accessories will emphasize and decorate the figure.


The Ukrainian manufacturer Minova offers the widest assortment of women's clothing and shoes: from street clothes to cozy home clothes. Minova divides its products into two main lines: sizes 42-48 and sizes 48-64. When creating their products, the designers of this brand take into account the peculiarities of different types of figures, so it is quite easy to find clothes suitable for both thin women and women with curvaceous shapes in their collections.

As the political view of the country is directed to Europe, so does the Minov trademark focus on the state of European fashion. All clothes of this brand look very fresh and relevant. Sports and youth models are decorated with inscriptions and emblems. Dresses and classic overalls are complemented by lace and rich fittings. On jackets and vests, chic faux and natural fur flaunts.

Owners of a magnificent, mouth-watering figure Minova designers offer quite bold options: short dresses and skirts, overalls and much more. However, despite the rather unusual forms, in the production of these models all the features of this type of figure are taken into account, so the clothes of this brand look great, convenient and practical.


In 1994, in New York, a skateboard became very popular. The youth of the city poured into the streets and began to actively master the art of board management. In this regard, there was a need for comfortable street clothes, so the first Supreme store appeared. The store was very popular not only among skaters, but also among street artists, advocates of the Graffiti style, hip-hop dancers, and punks. Demand for Supreme clothing quickly spread among US youth, and then, thanks to the popularization of turnip and hip-hop, swept the whole world.

Today, the Supreme brand is a world-famous brand that produces sportswear and streetwear.

The new collection presents a wide variety of jackets, vests, hoodies, t-shirts, shirts, windcheaters. Street-style clothing welcomes vibrant color combinations, prints, stripes, stickers. From the variety of shapes and colors of the new Supreme collection, the head is spinning and breathtaking. This is clothing for courageous people with non-standard thinking and an active lifestyle, it seems to make it clear: "With this person will never be bored."


The world-famous Next brand produces clothing for the whole family. In a huge assortment of goods, it is very easy to choose clothes for both a newborn and adults. Next is an ideal solution for family shopping, because with it it is absolutely not necessary to visit several clothing stores. The seasonal needs of consumers are also taken into account: in summer collections there are beach accessories, in autumn collections there are coats, jackets, scarves and hats, and in winter ones there are clothes for the cold season.

In the Next catalog you can easily choose home clothes from pleasant natural fabrics: bathrobes, pajamas, men's, women's and children's home suits.

A wide selection of school uniforms and accessories are presented for students, complementing and diversifying it.

Next is a trademark that has also taken care of miniature women, who are usually very difficult to choose clothes. A special collection of clothes and accessories has been created for such girls.

In addition to clothing, Next also offers a collection of shoes. Light and high-quality shoes for any occasion and age are available for fans of this brand. An ideal pair of shoes can be selected for both an adult and a child.

Next will make life easier and more colorful, saving people from exhausting long shopping trips.


Jackets of the Rems brand are, first of all, affordable outerwear. Representatives of this company believe that in the changing world of fashion it is not necessary to wear one thing for several years in a row, therefore their collections of outerwear are regularly updated with new, bright models. The exception is the classic style, which from year to year is only improved and supplemented with new exquisite details.

The selection of jackets from the Rems brand is huge: current models and colors, the latest styles and fabrics - all this is inherent in their products. In addition to adult outerwear, the company produces children's clothes, as well as clothes for people with large sizes. With Rems outerwear it is very easy to always stay in trend, to be relevant and bright.


The main task of all manufacturers of children's clothing is to extend the joy of childhood for a longer period. The Disney brand does this very successfully. All clothes from this brand are very bright and cheerful. Disney products are made exclusively from high-quality, natural materials, which allows delicate baby skin to be saturated with air, prevents diaper rash. Smooth and soft seams do not allow rubbing, and natural paints used in the manufacture of fabrics will not cause allergic reactions.

All models of children's clothing are richly decorated with prints depicting your favorite cartoon characters. Designers of this brand are constantly supplementing the collection with new, original product designs, as well as conducting master classes for young parents on the selection and combination of children's clothing. Prices for products of this brand correspond to their quality, so not all consumers will find them affordable.

With Disney clothes, every girl can feel like a beautiful princess, and boys can try on themselves the role of a handsome prince or a brave knight.


The manufacturer of men's clothing, shoes and accessories Staff is high-quality clothing from Ukraine. The main production is located in the city of Rivne, in the western part of Ukraine. The main feature of this brand can be safely considered collections of exceptionally comfortable and practical clothes, featuring a bright, youthful design. The pricing policy of the company is focused on the Ukrainian consumer, so the prices for Staff clothes are quite acceptable, in addition, this brand regularly sells its products.

The trademark guarantees the high quality of its products and its wear resistance. Each young man interested in fashion will be able to choose shorts, trousers, anoraks, parkas and sweatshirts made in the most incredible designs, as well as complement his looks with comfortable and original sneakers, backpacks or bags. With this brand, young people will always look bright and original.


The Reima brand produces high-quality outerwear for children from birth to 14 years. This brand has several clothing lines:

  • The clothing line for newborns is represented by a huge variety of warm things: overalls, sweaters and trousers, envelopes and all kinds of transformers. This collection also contains hats, mittens, booties and socks. All clothing for newborns from the Reima brand is made from the latest materials and is able to warm the baby even in the most severe frost.
  • The line of clothes for babies is designed for active walks that help to know the world around. In clothes of this line, it is not scary to explore new territories, conquer peaks and measure the depth of puddles. Only in this line there are waterproof clothes, rubber boots and thermal underwear for babies.
  • The clothing line for children and adolescents Reima red is perfect for relaxing walks; it is very comfortable thanks to modern tailoring technologies and innovative membrane fabric.
  • The Reima silver line is clothing for rainy autumn or spring, it is waterproof, warm and very comfortable. Clothing from this line is perfect for outdoor activities.
  • The Reima black line is clothing for skiing or snowboarding. The products presented in this line are equipped with especially high-quality fittings and have all the features necessary for winter sports.


The Bellucci brand is not clothing for the catwalk. Designers and manufacturers strive to ensure that their clothing is worn for many years and pleases with its quality, therefore, high-quality, natural materials brought from Italy and Germany are used for its manufacture. The Bellucci trademark is proud that they do not save on fabrics in the manufacture of their products, so the seams and tucks are soft, smooth and comfortable, they do not press and do not rub the skin.

Bellucci clothes are sewn exclusively for women and girls who want to be elegant, light and sophisticated. The clothing collection is rich in classic models made from fabrics, both classic shades and unexpected, bright, saturated with prints and embroideries. In such clothes, each girl will look elegant and bold.

In addition, the manufacturer seeks to destroy the stereotypical idea of ​​female beauty, so their collections contain clothes of non-standard sizes, as well as products made by individual standards.


The city of Ivanovo is famous in Russia as a city of brides, it is not surprising that it is here that the most high-quality and beautiful knitwear is sewn, which Russians love very much. The Consul trademark was opened in Ivanovo in 1999. Her main pride can be safely called the most beautiful line of men's shirts. Designers of the brand claim that their shirts are the highest quality and most sought after throughout Russia. In addition to shirts, they produce a wide range of clothes for the whole family.

This brand also has a very special clothing - uniform. High-quality uniform is the face of a person who wears it on duty.

The most modern equipment, quality materials from trusted suppliers and a well-coordinated team of the Consul brand are a guarantee of the quality of their goods.


Being perfect is very easy. Clothing from the fashion brand IDI ALEN will transform any ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. The designers of this brand work tirelessly in order to produce no less than five new models for fashionistas every week. The entire collection of clothes from this brand is available in two versions: for tall girls (from 170 and above), as well as for miniature Cinderella (from 160). IDI ALEN designers are ready to make any dream come true, they will create a unique dress according to the sketch or sketch and deliver it from Kostroma to any city in Russia.

Stylish looks

Little Man and Young Lady by Disney

For a spring walk with a boy, Disney offers the image of a stylish and confident young man. Blue jeans and a dark blue jacket with two rather large buttons will turn mom's baby into a real gentleman. Comfortable sneakers or graceful shoes will perfectly complement this image. In this outfit, the baby will definitely not go unnoticed.

Girls' mothers always want their daughters to look like a fairy princess, fairy or doll. For a walk in the park, Disney offers an elegant dress in dark denim.A pink belt and pantyhose are combined with a pink thread in the decoration of the dress. White sandals and an openwork hat decorated with a white tulle bow complement the image.

The beautiful swan from Next

Quality clothing works wonders. So Next, with the help of a graceful black floral blouse, combined with blue jeans, turned the angular teen into a beautiful swan. Of great importance in the creation of this image was played by a faux fur vest. With the help of this vest, stylists successfully hid the teenage stoop and visually added volume in the hips. This decision helped smooth out some disproportionate girl models.

Sport style

Clothing for sports can also be beautiful. The stylists of the Next brand offer combining an original emerald green shirt with a smell on the back with gray leggings. Gray and black transitions on sneakers with sparkling white soles are ideally combined with inserts embedded in leggings.

One of the main components of comfortable sportswear is the right underwear. So in this image a black sports bra is guessed under a T-shirt. This piquant touch gives an image of playfulness and enthusiasm.

Supreme Bold Image

Among young people, street clothes are still in great demand. So, the young talent in the world of turnips Stalley appeared at the presentation of his new song in the image of Supreme. A sweatshirt and shorts made of dark fabric with a bright, defiant print are logically complemented by sneakers. Excessively long white socks make a certain imbalance in the image, however, they complement the image well and slightly equalized the bright top and the less bright bottom. This image can be safely called bright and perky, it perfectly matches the character of the performer.

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