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Women's Snowboard Clothing

Snowboarding is a popular sport. Many women, wanting to get a thrill, decided to appreciate all its advantages, conquering the snowy peaks. At the same time, each of the women tries to look fashionable and beautiful. But the choice of clothes for snowboarding is a rather complicated process. Indeed, a number of requirements are presented to this type of equipment, to which it must comply.

Layering principle

To properly dress when snowboarding, you must adhere to the principle of layering. First of all, clothes for snowboarding and skiing should be comfortable and functional. Modern women's equipment is very beautiful and is made from durable materials using advanced technologies. Multi-layered skating sportswear protects the body under all weather conditions and physical exertion. After all, the best model of the product is the one that is created taking into account all the requirements and standards of GOST.

On what to ride with maximum comfort, it is worth paying special attention. Snowboard clothing for women is characterized by an original design, the presence of a large number of pockets, Velcro, adjustments and other elements. It is characterized by a free cut and protective inserts in places subject to rapid wear. When choosing, you need to take into account the quality of the upper fabric and insulation. At the same time, each layer of clothing is equally important, because each of them performs its individual function.

Thermal underwear

Thermal underwear is the first layer of snowboard equipment. Properly selected underwear reliably protects the body from hypothermia during active movement. This type of clothing should absorb moisture well, evaporating its excess through its fabric structure. An ideal option is a quality synthetic thermal underwear based on polyester. It may also include elastane, which allows the products to fit snugly to the surface of the body.

Linen made from natural materials is not used by snowboarders, since this type does not have the ability to evaporate moisture, which can lead to hypothermia. The first layer includes a T-shirt, socks and pants. In the process of their selection, it is necessary to observe sizes that are suitable for certain parameters of the body.


This layer is designed to retain heat, as well as remove its excess. The fleece sweatshirt is a great solution. It retains heat well and evaporates moisture.

Products made of wool and cotton are not suitable for this purpose, since such a heater is not able to create the desired effect. Clothing should not be tight or too loose, everything must be selected exactly to size.


The third layer is usually called a membrane, since the usefulness of the previous layers directly depends on its quality. It has a very important function of preventing the penetration of moisture from the environment and ensuring the evaporation of its excess from the inside. These clothes have branded parameters that characterize a particular type of membrane. The higher the indicator, the better the material is and the more reliable its protective properties.


Snowboard pants are presented in a wide assortment and are designed to be worn on top with thermal pants. There are models for active sports or for everyday use. In any case, they should warm well and avoid hypothermia. An important indicator is the high waterproofness of this clothing, as it will be used in wet and snowy weather.

Snowboard trousers should be of medium width with the presence of loops for the belt and several spacious pockets. The lower part is necessarily equipped with special cuffs that prevent snow from getting inside. Sometimes the knees and the back of the legs are strengthened with the help of additional insulation. Obligatory ventilation on the pants will make riding even more comfortable. Fleece and cotton, but not kapron, are considered a good lining.

Pants in the form of overalls when engaged in such an extreme sport will be the best option. Many women opt for the so-called self-dumping patterns. They are interesting in that they are removed without having to remove the shoes, which is very convenient during operation. A special zipper located along the entire length of the trousers is responsible for this.


The material from which the jacket is sewn must necessarily be characterized by impeccable breathability, so as not to accumulate moisture under clothing. Properly sized products will not create discomfort during snowboarding. Particular attention is paid to those models that are equipped with special adjustments in the field of sleeves, hood and lower part. The best option would be a women's jacket with a protective skirt. A large number of voluminous pockets on these clothes will allow you to carry essential goods with you.

Shoes & Accessories

As shoes, snowboard boots with high protective properties are used. They keep your feet warm, do not get wet and have a breathing effect. Women's shoes have some differences from men's models. In the process of its production, anatomical features are taken into account, due to which the boots for women who are snowboarding are truly unique and very comfortable.

A mandatory element is a hat that protects against wind and cold. Therefore, it should fit snugly to the head, but not limit the horizons. The most suitable will be products made from natural materials.

To protect the eyes are glasses or a mask. The second option is more practical and convenient, as the snowboard mask holds well, does not impede breathing and provides a full overview.

Hand gloves are special gloves. They are very comfortable and ergonomic, which provides the most comfortable conditions for relaxation.


Women's clothing for snowboarding should be selected clearly in accordance with the parameters of the body. It is necessary that thermal underwear fit tightly to the body, but at the same time do not create discomfort when playing sports. For the right choice, measurements are taken of the circumference of the chest, waist, hips, and also growth is taken into account. The fleece sweatshirt is matched to body size, the trousers are several sizes larger, and the jacket is loose fit.


Depending on their origin, fabrics for women's snowboard clothing are divided into several types:

  • membrane structure - pore, pore-free, combined;
  • according to the construction of materials - two-layer, three-layer and a two-and-a-half layer.

Pore ​​membranes do not allow water to pass through, due to the small pore size in the tissue. In this case, the product breathes well and removes fumes. Non-porous membranes are characterized by durability and functionality. They do not need special care and are widely used in different temperature ranges. Combined membranes harmoniously combined all the advantages of the two previous varieties, which affects the cost of clothing with this material.

The two-layer fabric is complemented by a lining and is actively used to create women's outerwear for snowboarding. It is bright and durable enough, which provides maximum body protection from adverse factors. Three-layer - outwardly resembles a material equipped with a fine mesh on the wrong side. It gives the body excellent protection against adverse factors. The latter option is a regular fabric of two layers with an additional protective coating in the form of pimples, which does not need additional lining and has a relatively light weight.

Kit Features

Each component of a women's snowboard suit has its own characteristics. Such multifunctional clothes are made in order to create the most comfortable conditions for the fair sex in the process of snowboarding.

Important features of the jacket are:

  • removable hood and lining;
  • ventilation in the field of sleeves;
  • the presence of an inner pocket and protection with a zipper;
  • zippers or Velcro on cuffs;
  • snow skirt;
  • tightening on the belt and collar;
  • special pockets for gloves, masks, players.

Features of trousers include:

  • ventilation with lightning;
  • cuffs in the lower part;
  • belt tightening adjustment;
  • additional protective elements on the knees;
  • loose fit.

It is worth paying due attention to each of the listed features, since all of them are equally important for a full and comfortable exercise.


Modern women most often prefer high-quality snowboard clothes from well-known manufacturers. Many companies specializing in the manufacture of stylish sports equipment prefer to use advanced technologies and consumer tastes. Such a professional approach in the work process provides a wide demand for their products and the popularity of the brand. The ranking of the most sought after and fashionable manufacturers is a list of the following brands:

  • DC - the company produces sportswear and shoes designed for extreme sports. She is actively releasing not only the women's equipment line, but also the men's and children's.
  • Burton - products from this manufacturer amaze with its practicality, functionality and high quality. The company produces clothes, shoes and accessories for outdoor activities.
  • Roxy is an Australian manufacturer that presents collections of women's clothing, shoes and accessories for extreme sports.
  • 686 is a legendary brand of modern and trendy snowboarding clothing, which is characterized by incomparable aesthetic beauty, versatility, professional tailoring and easy to wear.
  • Picture Organic is a relatively young brand that uses environmental materials in the manufacturing process and adheres to strict technological standards.
  • Romp is a Korean brand that is actively creating excellent snowboarding clothes at the best prices in a wide range of models and colors.
  • LMA is a brand that produces snowboard equipment in the form of clothes and additional elements.
  • STL is a Korean company for the manufacture of women's and men's clothing for snowboarding with decent quality indicators and modern design.
  • Virus is a brand whose products competently combine high quality, convenience and functionality, thanks to a carefully thought-out design.
  • Nitro is a leader in the production of snowboard clothing, whose products are fully consistent with international quality standards.
  • Yobs is a popular brand whose clothing ideally combines high quality and affordable cost.
  • Nugget is a Czech brand whose costumes amaze with its eccentricity, brightness, original design and the presence of various technological chips.
  • Quiksilver is a brand that holds high positions in the universality and demand of products, which are characterized by high quality and multifunctionality.
  • Bonfire is an American company manufacturing high-quality clothes, shoes and accessories designed for snowboarding.
  • O'Neill is an American brand of sports equipment for extreme sports, the products of which give the impression of a balance between excellent practicality, high quality and modern style.


Like any other product, membrane items lend themselves well to washing. Only in contrast to conventional washing, it is necessary to use only those powders that do not contain bleaches or other aggressive components. For membrane clothes, machine spinning and dry cleaning cannot be used. Such products are best washed by hand. Be sure to pay attention to the brand label, on which the manufacturer clearly indicates how it is necessary to care for a particular product in order to preserve its pristine qualities for many years.


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