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Women's knitwear


Knitting is the production of fabrics and fabrics from yarn. As a craft, it has been known since the era of Ancient Egypt. The first products appeared in Europe in the XII century. Then the flowering of needlework began, and at first it was a male occupation. The first appeared knitted stockings for women, and massively knitted clothes began to be produced from the moment the first looms appeared in the 16th century.

Women's clothing, crocheted, due to its exclusivity, was more successful than that made on the machine. Europe was subdued by lace, which the craftswomen learned to knit, replacing them with expensive Brussels, accessible only to the nobility.

From this moment, the victorious procession of knitting art began. High fashion has adopted this way of creating beautiful and stylish things, starting from the 60s of the last century, when thousands of knitting patterns appeared, and the shapes and types of yarn reached a rare variety.

Material Features

Among the threads of natural origin are:

  • Traditional wool and alpaca. From thick yarn obtained from the wool of sheep, knit products for the cold season. Among the various species, there are both coarser and softer and more elastic. Australian merino wool is especially valued. Sheep eat almost all year round lush green grass, gaining a beautiful coat of wool. The quality of all yarn depends directly on the number of fibers in a thread. Pile for coarser alpaca is obtained from the coat of llamas.
  • Mohair and cashmere. This word refers to yarn obtained from the long and soft wool of alpine goats. Mohair is characterized by mixtures with various types of natural fibers, the maximum percentage of this yarn in relation to others is 83%, otherwise the product will be too soft and simply fall apart. Cashmere fibers are even more expensive since they are obtained by combing the hair of Tibetan goats. The villi can be stretched even under their own weight, so the percentage of such fiber in clothes does not exceed 30%.
  • Angora. Rabbit hair is the basis for production. Delicate fluffs can make up to 70% of the composition, very tender and pleasant to the touch things are obtained from yarn.
  • Cotton and linen. Cotton threads are obtained from fibers on the stems of cotton bushes. Stronger mercerized cotton is used for the production of colored products, it has a beautiful sheen. Knitted linen clothes are heavier and tend to wrinkle, but they are very hygroscopic, it’s convenient and comfortable in spring and summer.
  • Silk. The threads are "made" by a Chinese silkworm caterpillar. The legendary yarn is added to viscose, the thinnest threads are contained in the composition in an amount of not more than 10%.
  • Mink. So called yarn obtained from goat fluff, silk and white mink fluff. Fibers are unusually delicate, yarn is suitable for knitting elegant pullovers with delicate elements.

Artificial fibers are called fibers that are close to natural. They include acetate and viscose. Viscose is softer and more tender than acetate. Both types of yarn are pleasant and silky to the touch, absorb moisture well, hardly electrify.

Synthetic threads are polyamide, acrylic, pan and other fibers with metal. They are obtained on the basis of kapron and nylon, natural gas distillation products. Over time, the polyamide tends to coarsen, turn yellow under the influence of the sun. More resistant to the effects of polyacryl, which allows you to well maintain the unchanged shape of knitted products. Lurex and threads from metal foil and plastic film give elegance to knitted clothes, give a shine effect, making it unusual.

Determine the quality of knitwear

Knitwear is translated from French as "knitwear." The design feature is knitting loops one after another, row after row. Convenience and comfort when wearing knitwear has long been appreciated by many fashionistas. A warm cardigan and sweater, a cozy and soft jacket or sweatshirt can be a great choice for any woman. The most popular were knitted dresses, boleros and jackets, various lengths comfortable vests for the cold season.

Knitted clothing pleases with elasticity and stretchability, it is pleasant to the touch and easily takes the shape of the body. This material is able to pass air well, it "breathes", so many models are knitted from it from outerwear to elegant underwear. Especially often combine knitwear with elastane to increase elongation. Cotton, silk and wool fibers and yarn are used. Warm woolen things, made of large viscous, “with braids,” remain on the catwalks as demanded and fashionable for several seasons in a row.

When buying, you must pay attention, first of all, to the quality of knitwear. Despite the useful properties of acrylic and other synthetic threads that prevent knitwear from losing shape, it is advisable not to wear products in which the percentage of artificial fibers is above 20%. In a quality thing, natural wool and cotton threads should prevail.

Another important point when choosing - the quality of the seams. Inspect the condition of the seams, turning the thing inside out. Double stitching is used, and in the best knitwear products, the seams are additionally reinforced with textile tape. On the front side, there should not be any puffs or eyelets.

Needless to say, that the fitting immediately produces a low-quality product. How the decor is sewn and fixed on the knit, whether the snakes work, whether the buttons fit correctly in the buttonhole when fastening - all these subtleties are important. Examine yourself in the mirror carefully - whether the knitting is stretched too much in some places. Elastic knitwear quickly returns to its original position when stretched. The type of knitted fabric you need will "sit" on the figure, the stomach and other protruding parts of the body will not be too tightly fitted.

Fashion styles 2019

Knitwear for women is a modern and exclusive clothing that allows fashionistas to look mysterious. Interesting and unusual clothes allow ladies of all ages to shine at a party and a gala event. Beautiful knitted clothes are suitable for the office, meeting the requirements of business fashion.

It is important for adult women to look elegant, and for girls, stylists have prepared a real gift in the form of handmade crocheted air dresses. This season, leading designers paid serious attention to knitwear and demonstrated brilliant collections full of new products. Fashion from the catwalks was reflected in haute couture products, the author's idea was worthily embodied in real models of knitted clothes. What do designers offer in this fall-winter season:

  1. Short dresses and tunics, from ultra-short to long.
  2. Jackets and vests of non-standard styles.
  3. Knitted coat.
  4. Sweaters and cardigans of various lengths, crowding out traditional jackets.

Such trends are in fashion: large knitting, applique and patterns, geometry and ethnic motifs, Christmas sweaters with deers. Floral prints have become widespread for spring models. Innovators paid a lot of attention to the effect of layering created by knitted clothes. The oversize style also has not lost its relevance, a little baggy things emphasize the fragility of the female figure. Knitted items are decorated with beads, stones, leather and feathers, inserts from other materials.


By purchasing a product, I want to increase the period of its suitability, to maintain the original appearance for a long time. Care for knitted items requires attention, because they can quickly lose their attractive shape and become too stretched if you do not follow the rules of washing and drying.

Wash knitted clothes, if there is such a need and you cannot hand over the product for cleaning, you need to manually. In no case is it recommended to wring it out in the machine, even if the label says that machine wash is allowed (at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C). Spin is allowed only minimal and also manually through a towel, after which the knitted woolen product is laid out on a flat surface for drying. Proper care will avoid deformation and stretching things. Dry, knitted clothes and knitwear do not require ironing, which will further increase the period of use.

Keep knitted items in the closet clean and dry. It is advisable to fold them, and then wrap them in natural fabric or paper, then close them in a plastic bag. These rules are relevant for wool, which the main enemy is hunting for - the ubiquitous moth. Put in a cabinet for preventive purposes sachets with the smell of lavender, geraniums, dry orange peels.


  • Firm Brusnika offers knitted products from Italian yarn, made on Japanese equipment. Russian designers develop casual clothes that always look fresh and modern. The products of this company that are rich in color and style are characterized by sophistication of patterns and drawings, careful elaboration of details. Among the new products from Brusnika are feminine coats with rounded floors in neutral tones, beige and gray wool midi dresses with a short sleeve, tight dresses and suits, short stylish jackets.
  • Natalka It produces women's clothing from knitwear and cotton yarn, many models of jumpers, suits and blouses carry women's names - Snezhana, Rita, Nastya, Maryana. Inexpensive price and high quality workmanship made things from this Ukrainian company popular. Clothing is knitted in all sizes, from 38 to 58. Orders for products are accepted both from individual buyers and from wholesale. Dresses and sweaters are made in one-color - white, red, turquoise, and in an interesting multi-color range.
  • Pastilla - This is a catalog of unusual and amazing knitwear from recognized worldwide crochet and knitting masters. In order to learn how to knit according to the patterns proposed here, you need to carefully study the instructions, and soon a beautiful and stylish knitted dress of stunning style can decorate your figure. This site offers ready-made things and teaches the secrets of creating unique patterns.
  • Palmira Online Store sells knitted clothes from the manufacturer in bulk from five units, offering an amazing choice. Among the new products are knitted sets consisting of sweaters and leggings. Material - wool with acrylic. Striped coats, stylish knitted dresses and sweaters - this is not a complete list of products. Palmira company from Ukraine is famous primarily for a wide selection of inexpensive dresses and suits for girls, sweaters of the most fashionable styles.
  • Fashion brand Laura Biagiotti Known for feminine items from expensive and soft yarn. The designer offers girls of astonishing beauty dresses crocheted, coats and flowered cardigans. The Queen of Cashmere, as fans call the fashion designer, remains true to herself and to a style recognized throughout the world. This season, Laura Biagiotti pleased fashionistas with coral red dresses and trouser duets in the avant-garde style, from contrasting striped yarn. They coexist in the collection with the world of lace and transparent knitting of romantic items.


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