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Ski clothes Descente

The history of Descente began with the opening in 1935 of the first small store in the Japanese city of Osaka. Takeo Ishimoto, the owner of the store, offered his customers sportswear and related equipment made with their own hands. Takeo's main idea was to create the world's best ski jacket.

Translated from French, the word "descente" means "descent", "slope" or "slope". A well-chosen name and fruitful cooperation with the Olympic Committee helped the small store to become one of the most recognizable brands among manufacturers of ski clothing.


From 1949 to the present day, the main objective of the company is to satisfy all the requirements for clothing for sports. Costume modeling is carried out taking into account the opinions of professional athletes. High-quality ski clothing should be comfortable and outwardly attractive. That is why the athletes of the teams of Spain, Switzerland and Canada appear in Descente's clothing.

The main advantage of Descente is the high functionality of the clothes. Despite the fact that the main consumers are sports professionals, in the range of products of the company there are clothes made for non-professional lovers. However, such costumes are made taking into account the requirements of consumers.

High-quality ski clothing is distinguished by:

  1. Perfectly glued seams.
  2. The presence of additional ventilation.
  3. A hood that can be easily reduced with a hood to the desired volume, and removed if necessary.
  4. Presence of clamps on cuffs of sleeves.

Even at the design stage of pants, jackets and overalls, anatomical features are taken into account, which allows you to take into account the setting of the legs when playing sports. Ski suits are equipped with additional protective equipment, such as elbow pads, knee pads and shoulder pads.

When creating ski suits use only high-tech materials. Much attention is paid to the feeling of comfort, which is why the manufacture of clothing takes into account the characteristic movements that athletes make when skiing. On the shoulders, elbows and knees of the suits are reinforced protective inserts. To maintain freedom of movement in the armpits, on the sides, neck, under the knees of women's and men's trousers and on the inside of the hips there are elastic inserts.

Descente Japanese ski clothing is very comfortable.

For this, the creators endowed the skiing suit with a large number of different pockets. There are large patch pockets and smaller inside pockets.

How to choose

Approaching the choice of ski clothing is with great responsibility. After all, this wardrobe item should protect its owner from the cold, while absolutely not hamper the movement.

When choosing a ski jacket, you should pay attention to the presence of the following details:

  1. The fabric from which the product is sewn must be a membrane.
  2. The ski jacket must have a skirt that protects it from snow.
  3. The seams of the product should not be stitched, but glued. This prevents unnecessary moisture from entering.
  4. The hood of the jacket should adapt to the size of the head.
  5. The ski jacket should have reinforced inserts in the shoulder area.
  6. The axillary region should allow air to pass through well.
  7. It is advisable to choose models with a double valve, for protection from wind and moisture.
  8. When choosing, it is worth paying attention to the presence of adjustment on the cuffs.
  9. When choosing a ski jacket, it is necessary to give preference to models with reflective inserts.
  10. To make the jacket as close as possible to the figure, it is better to choose adjustable models.

Pants for skiing must have:

  1. Membrane fabric.
  2. Leg warmers that will protect from the inside snow.
  3. Braces that provide maximum comfort.
  4. The bottom of the trousers should be made of durable fabric to prevent possible cuts by skis.
  5. Reflectors.
  6. Hooks on the bottom of the trousers for tight fixing them on the boots.

Watch the video: 2018 Descente Men's Regal Ski Jacket Review by Peter Glenn (January 2020).


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