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How to use a body scrub


The word "scrub" in translation from English means "rub, scratch." The very first type of peeling was an ordinary washcloth. Initially, these products included a neutral base, but gradually they turned into a full-fledged cosmetic product with a lot of useful and caring components.

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Body scrub is the release of the skin from dead particles of the epidermis and impurities, as well as for preliminary cleaning before cosmetic procedures. Its use gives an instant refreshing effect, and regular cleansing with this cosmetic product polishes the skin, making it smooth, supple and radiant, as it improves blood circulation and the epidermis of the whole body, promotes intensive breathing and fights against natural aging of the skin, and has a tonic effect on the whole body.

Permanent body peeling procedures help fight cellulite and prevent hair regrowth, but fat deposits can not be removed immediately. The special texture contains hard abrasive particles that help cleanse pores and remove dark spots. They can be both natural: crushed apricot kernels, coffee, salt, plant seeds, cellulose, pumice, and synthetic. Usually, coarse-grained scrubs are used for the legs and body, and small particles are used for the face.


As a base, gels, emulsions and creamy formulations are used, as well as caring components are added:

  • honey, coffee and various algae, they tone the skin, help maintain its elasticity and strengthen and have a lot of minerals and vitamins;
  • healing clay, which cleanses the pores well, absorbs and adsorbs impurities and removes toxins;
  • essential oils that soften, nourish and moisturize the skin, in addition, they stimulate the skin to produce its own collagen, which is necessary in the fight against aging;
  • Herbal extracts, such as calendula, chamomile, green tea, succession, aloe, which have antiseptic anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

How to choose

These funds must be selected according to the components in the composition, as well as the skin condition:

  • Oily skin requires thorough cleansing with coarse-grained hard granules, so salt or coffee scrubs are suitable for it, which well tone the skin and clay in the composition, which, in addition to good cleansing, also narrows the pores.
  • For skin prone to irritation and allergic reactions, Herbal remedies such as calendula and chamomile, which relieve skin irritation and soothe it, are recommended.
  • Normal skin - the most unpretentious in care, it will suit almost any moisturizing and tonic scrubs, after which the body looks good, for example, sugar or salt scrubs with honey.
  • Dry and thin skin with closely spaced dilated vessels many types of scrubs are contraindicated, for such skin only homemade, very soft scrubs masks from natural sparing components are recommended.

Use correctly

The effect of use will be higher if cleansing procedures are applied correctly. It is better to do this before bedtime: in the evening, the process of cell division slows down, the skin relaxes without stress. In addition, it is necessary to do this after a hot shower, bath or bath procedures, when the skin is most steamed and the pores are enlarged. Then keratinized particles are easier to exfoliate.

After the cleansing procedure, peeling is applied to the moistened body with unhurried movements around the circumference for about 10 minutes along the massage lines, especially intensively - in the areas of cellulite deposition. To cleanse the legs and hands, you need to be careful, without touching the cuticles.

Using a scrub will give a better result if, after a light massage, leave the product on the body for a while, so that the beneficial components are absorbed, having a caring and renewing effect. Then it can be washed off with warm, and then cool water and apply a moisturizer.

Do it yourself

In order to take care of your body and get perfect satin skin, it is not necessary to purchase expensive products. A body care product is easy to make with your own hands, especially if you have a blender. It is important to prepare the mixture immediately before use and observe hygiene.


One of the most popular products in body care products is coffee, which, in addition to its tonic effect, perfectly fights orange peel in problem areas. The only condition is that the coffee must be natural, medium and fine grinding and in no case - insoluble. The coffee grounds remaining after brewing coffee, which will be an abrasive, are mixed with cream, sour cream or honey or fruit purees. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to add olive oil to the mixture.

If you mix coffee with crushed grape seeds and add a few drops of citrus essential oil, the scrub will have a lifting effect and at the same time spa aromatherapy. And if you also put black pepper in a mixture of coffee and sea buckthorn oil, then you will get a powerful warming effect not only for tone, but also as a prophylaxis for colds. If you do not have time to prepare the composition, in the end, you can just take the coffee grounds and apply it to the body along with any cream or gel. The only condition is that the thick must be wet.

On how to make such a scrub at home, see the next video.


Peeling with salt cleanses the body well and contains many minerals that have a tonic effect on the skin. For home cooking, sea or table salt of coarse grinding is suitable, which is best used for thorough cleansing of pores, and for gentle cleansing, use fine grinding. Salt is recommended to be mixed with sour cream, vegetable or essential oil. If you add turmeric and milk powder to the mixture and leave it to dry after rubbing, you will get a good exfoliating effect plus a caring mask for nutrition and tone.


This oriental spice is used in the fight against cellulite and to improve blood circulation. The simplest recipe is cinnamon with honey. Cinnamon is also added to various fruit purees, clay, and even raw rice along with vegetable oil. And if you add cinnamon to a mixture of warm milk, oatmeal and butter, massage and leave on your body - you get not just a caring scrub for sensitive skin, but also a softening mask.

For home scrubs, you can also use yogurt and milk as a base, and as fillers, abrasives: sugar, bran, chopped fruit bones and nuts.

We try not to harm

To make the body smooth and velvety, we use all precautions so as not to harm. Firstly, before using a new product, it is advisable to first test it for an allergic skin reaction. Deep peeling for pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as a dry method of application are contraindicated, scrubs should not be used daily.

In addition, it is unacceptable to use the product in case of damage, cracks, cuts, inflammation. Do not use a scrub directly after a solarium or sunbathing. And scrubs are intended exclusively for the cleansing procedure, and not to solve serious skin problems such as acne.

Frequency of use

Scrubs cleanse the body well, giving it elasticity, smoothness and healthy radiance only if applied correctly. Usually advised to use for normal skin once a week. This will clear the body of old cells and will not injure the epidermis too much when removing the protective layer.

If you look at the epidermal renewal deeper, it should be noted that the life cycle of the division of skin cells with their continuous renewal is four weeks. Old cells may remain on the surface and cause peeling, irritation and acne. Peeling can well cleanse pores and renew skin, but should not unnecessarily damage young epidermal cells. Therefore, if you use it too often, the cells will not have time to divide.

For oily skin, these products should be used no more than twice a week, but not every day. For dry skin type, one procedure is enough for two weeks. In winter, scrubbing should be done even less often, since in winter the skin is weathered. And for those who have problem skin, peeling products are used about two times a month.

Another recipe for a do-it-yourself scrub, see the next video.

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