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Sugar scrub

Beneficial features

Sugar scrub is a completely new and unique cleansing cosmetic product. Its advantage is that it is a natural hypoallergenic product suitable for every skin type.

Crystal sugar based abrasive cosmetics are ideal for removing stretch marks and cellulite. The finest granules of granulated sugar have unique properties: during the application of the scrub, they slowly dissolve, penetrate into the smallest pores and deeply clean them. The greatest benefit of such cosmetics is the excellent saturation of the skin with air and water, which penetrate into the pores along with grains of sugar.

The main competitor of sugar scrub is salt cosmetics. Like sugar, salt has the form of a crystal, but the sugar base is much better and safer than salt, because salt dries the skin.

In addition to a beneficial effect on the skin, sugar scrub can also benefit the family budget, since such a tool is very easy to make on your own, at home and from simple components available in every home. Properly formulated home cosmetics has excellent reviews from consumers of all age groups and can compete with store cosmetics.


A scrub sold in a store is a cosmetic product that includes not only natural elements such as sugar or oils, but also preservatives to extend its shelf life, as well as dyes and flavors to make the product more attractive.

When choosing a sugar-based face and body scrub, there are several important points to consider:

  1. The contents of almost any cosmetics can cause an allergic reaction in the form of redness, peeling or rash. It is very important to familiarize yourself with the composition of the product you like, check for potential allergens.
  2. Peeling with a scrub is, first of all, a mechanical effect on the skin. In the case of sugar crystals, this effect is similar to applying neat, shallow scratches. That is why such a remedy is dangerous for people whose blood vessels are located in the upper layers of the epidermis. Possible bleeding.
  3. Too sensitive skin can also suffer significant damage from acute saccharines. People with such skin should choose a product with a gentle abrasive component.
  4. Sugar peeling is not recommended for young girls and boys with problem skin, acne, and acne during an exacerbation of skin diseases. At this time, the skin is too sensitive to mechanical stress, it can be damaged and infected.
  5. In the presence of injuries, scratches, burns, it is better not to use cosmetics at all. Healing injuries requires special care and rest, otherwise complications such as scarring and the appearance of keloid scars are possible.

Recommendations for use

It is very important to choose, buy and apply exfoliating products correctly. The first thing you definitely need to pay attention to is the zone for which you need to use a specific scrub. For various parts of the body, abrasives of varying roughness are used. So, for example, for the face they use very soft, safe substances for delicate skin. Sugar for such cosmetics is specially crushed and ground to avoid injury. Such a tool is absolutely not suitable for the skin of the body. For hips and feet, on the contrary, the coarsest varieties of granulated sugar are chosen. In these parts of the body, the most severe effect is necessary to obtain the maximum exfoliating or anti-cellulite (massage) effect.

Properly applying the scrub begins with the proper preparation for the cleansing procedure. The greatest effect of such a product will be if you use it on well-steamed skin, so the best moment for peeling comes immediately after a shower, steam room or bath.

In the process of reading the skin with such a cosmetic product, the upper layer of the epidermis is removed, so do not wash your face with a scrub before going to the beach or the street. The skin should have time to “rest” and “renew”. This also applies to the immediate application of decorative cosmetics. It simply penetrates the pores, clogs them. This can lead to infection and the appearance of acne.

Excessive use of exfoliating cosmetics is also unacceptable, you need to use it no more than twice a week.

The best time of day to clean your skin with abrasive products is evening. Over night, the skin will have time to recover enough and will be more resistant to exposure to the sun, cosmetics or wind.

For sugar scrub, the correct technique for applying it is very important. Since sugar crystals have sharp angles, you need to start with smooth, gentle massage movements. After some time, the sugar particles begin to dissolve - at this time the massage can become more intense. Then you can use special washcloths and peeling brushes.

After the procedure, you need to moisturize the skin with a light, non-greasy cream.


You can make a good sugar scrub with your own hands. The main advantage of handmade cosmetics is that you can independently choose the components in such a way that the cosmetics possesses exactly those useful properties that are necessary for you.

For delicate skin

The delicate skin of the face is daily exposed to the greatest influence from the outside: cold or heat, a dry wind that wears dust or the scorching sun, decorative cosmetics that clogs pores and dehydrates the skin - all this leads to premature aging. In order to maintain youthfulness and beauty of the skin, you need to choose a gentle, gentle exfoliating agent that will not only cleanse, but also moisturize, tone and tighten it.

Sugar for this zone should be fine so as not to injure the skin. Therefore, you should opt for ordinary white sugar. The remaining components of the scrub should meet age-related needs and be suitable for the type of skin. The basis of such a cosmetic product for teenage oily skin can be grapes. Grape scrub perfectly tones the skin, nourishes it well with vitamins and gives a blush. However, it is worth remembering that grapes contain a large amount of acids, so it can cause discomfort when used on unhealthy skin.

An oil-based product is perfect for dry skin types. Olive or sea buckthorn oil perfectly moisturizes the skin and saturates it with amino acids. The best natural facelift is bee honey. Honey for scrub needs to choose fresh and flowing.

Making a scrub at home is quite simple. The selected base must be brought to a boil and cooled - this will prevent the appearance of pathogenic bacteria in it and extend the shelf life of the future product. Pour sugar in a chilled base and mix lightly. If desired, you can add an ampoule of vitamin B or E - they will make the skin more elastic and resistant to weather phenomena. In winter, vitamin D can also be used, since there is little sun in winter.

For problem areas

Almost every girl sooner or later faces one of these problems: long-standing corns, cellulite, coarsening of the skin on the feet, stretch marks on the abdomen, chest or hips after childbirth. To deal with some of these problems, you can not do without sports, some can be removed with good cosmetics, but in all cases, a sugar scrub can be a great helper.

To fight cellulite effectively, you will need a good gym and trainer, however, high-quality cosmetic care can significantly speed up this process. So, for example, an exfoliating agent based on lemon juice will help in the fight against subcutaneous fat and will tone the skin. Lemon juice is very acidic, so it is worth one-third to dilute it with boiled water to avoid burns.

In the fight against stretch marks, coffee and cocoa will help. These components stimulate the skin for speedy regeneration and renewal.

The old corn and rough skin will help soften the scrub based on burdock oil.

Handmade scrub can be a great gift for a friend or mother. Such a tool can be not only useful, but also very beautiful. To do this, you can buy a ready-made soap base, add sugar, essential oils, vitamins, dyes, flavorings and other components to your taste. Soap base is a very plastic material. From it you can make beautiful products of unusual shapes or cut it into cubes.

The sizes of pieces of such a scrub can be made very different, but it is most convenient to choose a size so that one piece is enough for one use. All necessary components can be found on the shelves of shops for needlework, in the department with products for soap making.

Keep a home scrub only in the refrigerator. Do not immediately produce a large amount of this product, as it can deteriorate.

Manufacturers Overview

Makeup is very important for Russian girls. It is very difficult to say which brand is in greater or lesser demand. The criteria for selecting cosmetics are also very different. Consider several manufacturers of scrubs from different price categories.

Indian Ayurvedic cosmetics Amber - a novelty for the Russians. Its main goal is to give people health and longevity, therefore all scrubs from Ambergris contain the most useful components: tonic oils and spices, nutritious extracts, rich extracts. This cosmetics has gained particular popularity due to its unique, spicy aromas, as Lakshmi scrub contains cinnamon, turmeric and ginger. The average price of a scrub is about 1 thousand rubles per jar - an affordable price for longevity.

One of the most affordable cosmetics manufacturers, Velinia offers unique face and body scrubs. So, a scrub with the aroma of apple and cinnamon will give tired skin health, icy freshness will delight the scrub with the aroma of almond and mint.

A huge selection of sugar scrubs offers L'cosmetics. The composition of cosmetics includes both familiar components and original ones: dark chocolate, hot pepper, mango, lavender, coffee. Scrubs of this company will fill your life with spicy aromas of the East and sweet aromas of chocolate and Raffaello.

For connoisseurs of home cosmetics, the Activ Sweet Scrub base for scrubs is perfect, which can be supplemented with rose petals, sandalwood oil and other favorite ingredients. Ball scrubs made by craftsmen hands are also popular.

Dior cosmetics are of high quality and original solutions. So, for example, only this brand has a sugar dissolving lip scrub. This unique product stimulates blood flow and awakens the natural color of the lips. Such a revolutionary product can become a competitor to the usual shine and lipstick.

In addition, scrubs from Pignoze, Sanvory, Aravia, Novosvit and Mama Soap are in demand. All these manufacturers strive to make women healthy and beautiful. It remains only to make a choice in favor of one of them.

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