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Salt scrub

The fastest way to cleanse your face from pollution is to use a scrub that contains salt. Due to its properties, it will not only easily restore blood circulation, give a healthy complexion, but also “draw out” all toxins from the skin. The result from the first application: swelling subsides, the skin turns pink and takes on a fresh look.

Skin Benefits

The body may not have enough vitamins - then there is peeling, age spots or small wounds. In this case, the skin must not only be moisturized, but also cleaned. Scrubs for this are created.

Salt can be used for dandruff - such recipes are common in the Far East. Hair masks relieve fungus, relieve irritation and normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands.

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You can take care of the whole body using salt creams (they are easily made independently). This contributes to the overall tone of the body. Also, salt is used for the effect of rapid weight loss through the wrapping method. For elastic buttocks and a tightened tummy - this is ideal.

Indications and contraindications

Given the fact that scrub is the most popular means of skin cleansing, you should handle it carefully: abrasive particles should not be too large, otherwise the risk of damage to the epithelium is great.

You can apply a face scrub with salt:

  1. if there is severe peeling. The skin becomes softer;
  2. to restore internal functions. Mineral compounds from salt (magnesium, iron, iodine) penetrate and nourish the deep layers of the epidermis, improve regenerative properties. Cells are updated faster, and the surface of the skin takes on a healthy, radiant look;
  3. with a dull complexion. Thanks to its antiseptic properties, salt not only cleanses the skin, but also prevents inflammation and removes oily sheen. When cleansing the stratum corneum, the pores begin to breathe, which contributes to easy hydration;
  4. to eliminate small wrinkles - particles in the scrub can smooth out skin irregularities and restore the natural complexion to the face.

Scrub can not be used if:

  1. the skin is very sensitive. Such a composition is a gross cleansing agent. It is necessary to check its effect by lightly massaging the scrub on the skin of the hand;
  2. the surface of the face is dry and requires nutrition. You should not take risks if the body is dehydrated - you will harm the scrub even more - salt draws water. To cleanse the face with such a composition, the skin must first be moistened with special masks;
  3. there is intolerance or allergy to the components;
  4. minor damage or inflammation. With small wounds, the salt product cannot be used - inflammation can go further - this is bad. Care for your appearance should be soft.

Which one to choose

  1. There are various scrubs with natural substances. It is recommended to use sea salt - it has many useful minerals and vitamins that affect the skin instantly. This is its main property - the effect is visible after the first application: the pores open, and age spots and scars on the skin are less noticeable.
  2. The most useful and gentle is the salt of the dead sea. You may notice that such a composition has a slightly moist texture - this is the main sign of a quality product.
  3. Allowed to use edible salt. Remarkably, it has fewer nutrients, but it’s easy to fix: white particles must be mixed with natural ingredients and oils.
  4. Flavored salt is sold in pharmacies and provides a ready-made base for scrub. As a rule, it is saturated with oil extracts and moisturizers.


There are several saline scrub recipes. How to make a new cleansing composition at home with your own hands, learn below.


The use of cleansing particles with honey is suitable for normal and combination skin. The composition gently exfoliates dead skin cells, instantly nourishing and restoring the upper layer. Would need:

  1. three pinches of sea salt;
  2. a spoon of honey melted in a water bath;
  3. three to four drops of olive oil.

Mix oil with honey and add salt. After that, carefully move the ingredients and wait until the salt is saturated with a honey-oil solution. Next, you should apply the resulting composition to the cleansed area of ​​the face. Rub the product with soft, circular movements for several minutes and leave it on the skin. In conclusion, it is necessary to wash off the scrub with warm water.

For oily skin

To prevent the appearance of inflammation on the skin, it is necessary to use clay scrub. You get a creamy paste that is easy to apply on the face.

What is required:

  1. two teaspoons of blue or white clay;
  2. a spoon of dead sea salt;
  3. three tablespoons of yogurt or kefir;
  4. cosmetic oil.

To make a cream scrub, you need to mix yogurt with clay, and then add any cosmetic oil (for example, lavender extract in combination with blue clay soothes irritated skin). Move the resulting mass with salt, pour a little water and apply on the face. You should not wait long - the salt may dissolve. Within a few minutes, gruel should be gently rubbed along the lines of the cheeks, nose and forehead. For maximum effect, leave the scrub on your face like a mask, then rinse it off, alternating cold and warm water. Such a composition will narrow the pores, make the skin soft and smooth.

For an even complexion

For a bleaching scrub you will need:

  1. a few tablespoons of sugar;
  2. the same amount of salt;
  3. Coconut oil;
  4. Toothpaste;
  5. mint;
  6. sour cream.

Preparing a scrub is easy: you need to melt coconut oil (20-40 grams is enough), mix it with salt and sugar, add mint leaves, sour cream and a spoon of toothpaste. Stir it all several times and refrigerate. Once the mixture has set, it can be used for several weeks. A scrub based on mint and toothpaste not only whitens, but also refreshes the skin, and salt and coconut oil nourish and soften the surface of the face. You can use it on the whole body.

Popular brands: reviews

When looking for an analogue in the cosmetics market, you need to pay attention to customer reviews.

There are several brands that are popular among women: the Body Spa line scrub with caffeine and salt extract, and the Nature House brand with coconut.

For the most part, customer reviews are positive. At the coffee-based Body Spa scrub, consumers note a pleasant price, a mild effect and the possibility of long-term use. Girls emphasize that for easy scrubbing, the product is best suited. However, not everyone is satisfied with the lack of coffee in the composition - only its extract is indicated.

The company of the Crimean manufacturer "House of Nature" has an unusual series of scrub based on coconut oil and salt. As most girls note, the scrub is pleasant to the body, instantly nourishes and perfectly cleanses the skin of the face and body. In addition, the naturalness of the components and the economical price are emphasized.

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