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Exfoliating face scrub Natura Siberica

The Russian brand of cosmetics for face and body care appeared several years ago and literally immediately entered the hearts of domestic women. Facial treatment begins with skin cleansing, and the exfoliating Natura Siberica facial scrub is perfect for cleansing normal, oily and combination skin.


Natural face scrub Natura Siberica consists of natural components almost completely, since the Russian brand positions itself as organic. Japanese sophora, Arctic raspberries and bisabolol cleanse the pores and surface of the face, neck and décolleté, giving the skin a radiance. Small abrasive particles penetrate the pores and remove impurities, renewing and restoring the skin of the most delicate part of the body - the face. Raspberry bones act as abrasive particles, which cleanse the skin.

Natural components have additional properties of restoration and saturation of the cover with valuable nutrients, providing the skin with a "breath".

The presence of vitamin P in the scrub complex P reduces the risk of fragility of blood vessels, making the skin more dense and velvet. Natural face scrub Natura Siberica normalizes the balance of the skin, makes each of its cells work with full dedication so that the woman literally glows with pleasure and enjoyment of clean and healthy skin.

The main task of this scrub is to exfoliate the skin and rid it of a layer of keratinized cells.


Pre-wash your face with the usual means - foam or gel, rinse and only then apply a scrub for combination and oily skin Natura Siberica. The first stage of cleansing will help in removing excess street dust and oily sheen, which will allow abrasive particles of home exfoliation to penetrate the pores and clean them thoroughly. After applying the scrub for 1-2 minutes, gently massage your face, paying special attention to problem areas: T-zone.

To use exfoliating cosmetic product for the combined and oily type is 1-2 times a week, applying it to the entire face and problem areas on the body. Up to 4 times a week, you can use a soft scrub to cleanse the pores on the nose and chin, where comedones are often formed - unsightly black dots.

Other brand scrubs

Famous among the fair sex scrub whitening exfoliant Natura Siberica in high demand due to its effectiveness. The whitening component in combination with the abrasive elements of the arctic raspberry seed and a set of other components cleanse the skin of the face without scratching or irritating it. The complex of components takes part in the production of collagen and normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands.

Face scrub "frosty lemongrass" Natura Siberica tends to tone the skin and clean its surface from the dead layer of cells. Abrasive particles - ground bones of raspberries and strawberries, pine nutshells gently clean pores without causing small scratches. Geranium from Siberia as part of the product soothes and disinfects the skin.

Kamchatka Volcanic Gel Scrub - A real must-have among modern women. Large mechanical particles perfectly clean the surface, by the way, kaolin, particles of volcanic lava and bamboo salt act as an abrasive, and due to their different sizes, the elements cleanse the skin as efficiently as possible. Small particles of salt penetrate deeper, kaolin and lava act on the surface, in general they act in a complex.


Speaking about the scrubs of the Natura Siberica line, one cannot but note their advantages: visible effect and low cost. Looking at the composition of the exfoliating scrub, I want to continue to use it, because it contains neither parabens, nor silicones, nor other repellent names of chemical compounds. The main task of the scrub is pore cleansing, and Natura Siberica copes with it 100%. Home peeling has a pleasant aroma and a quite thick consistency, which is convenient to apply to steamed face skin. The use of scrub is not limited to the face, the cosmetic product is well suited for working with other problem areas of the body.

Consumers note that the price of brand products is low - this is what makes buying natural cosmetics of Russian origin. It turns out that such an inexpensive brand has a “working” scheme, that is, an exfoliating scrub for combination skin really removes dead skin cells and gets to contaminated pores.

Watch the video: Natura Siberica Haul (November 2019).

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