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Scrub at home

In order for the skin to always remain smooth, smooth and not peeling, it is necessary to regularly scrub it. This can be done even at home, but for this you need to know the specifics of the preparation and use of scrub.

What is it and what is it for

First, let's figure out what a scrub is. This is a cosmetic product that helps remove dead cells. In addition, it makes the skin more elastic, which is very good for those whose skin is already starting to age.

But it is necessary to use it not only to ladies in age. Scrubs have their own advantages for young skin. Regular cleansing allows her to stay clean and smooth. And in adolescence, the scrub also cleans the pores of dirt, allowing you to reduce the number of small pimples and rashes.

Also, a scrub is used before applying deep-action creams or masks. If you use a scrub before wrapping or using anti-cellulite cream, it will work much better.

The effect of the use of scrubs has been known to mankind for many centuries. They were used in ancient Rome. Girls mixed peeled sand with chopped bulbs or deer horns. Such a simple composition allowed them to make the skin smoother and prolonged youth.

Similar compounds were used in ancient Egypt. It is known that the famous Queen Cleopatra regularly used all kinds of scrubs based on olive oil.

Today, despite the abundance of finished cosmetics, home scrubs are still popular due to their effectiveness.


All types of scrubs can be divided into several groups. First of all, scrubs should be selected depending on what type of skin you have.

For sensitive skin

So that after using the scrub, the number of rashes on sensitive skin does not increase, it is worth using scrubs consisting of a gel consistency with small cleansing particles.

For dry skin

Dry skin requires additional nutrition. Therefore, if you have such skin, it is best to use scrubs on a soft cream base. They have a mild exfoliating effect without damaging the skin.

For normal skin

The most common skin type is normal. It should be looked after using a natural scrub with the addition of colored clay. The best option is a scrub based on foam or gel for washing. Clay scrubs are also good for oily and combination skin.

Skin cleansers are also conditionally divided at the place of application. When searching for a suitable scrub, it is worth remembering such features of choosing a remedy as its ability to open pores or deeply clean them.


Most often, such scrubs are used to clean flaky or contaminated skin. Cleansers should be gentle and composed of small particles. They can be based on finely ground coffee, semolina, or rice flour. Particular attention should be paid to cleaning areas with enlarged pores or the nose.

Areas under the hair are recommended to be cleaned only if it peels off and creates the effect of dandruff. The same applies to the use of eyebrow scrubs.

Scrubs are often used by owners of problem skin, prone to manifestations of various imperfections. This is not surprising, because a correctly selected scrub will allow you to get rid of acne, blackheads, and with age and minimize the risk of age spots.


For deep cleansing of the body, scrubs consisting of larger particles can be used. Here you will find useful formulations based on sugar, sea salt or seeds of different berries. Features of choosing scrubs are very simple: the rougher your skin, the more particles can be in its composition. Fat burning scrubs are also suitable for the body, which make the body more elastic and toned.

But for delicate places, for example, for the intimate area, it is advisable to use gentle means. The bikini area should not be processed immediately after depilation, but at least the next day, so that there is no strong irritation.

Legs and arms

To cleanse the elbows, scrubs with large particles in the composition are used, but for the palms - more gentle. Before you make a manicure, you can also soften the skin with the correct composition, which will simplify the process of getting rid of the cuticle.

Suitable formulations should also be used to cleanse the feet: for the heels, thighs and buttocks. The same principle applies here - for coarse feet, choose something with larger particles in the composition, and for hips and buttocks - a cream-based mass.

Composition and additional ingredients

The scrub base is usually some kind of cleansing elements: oatmeal, sea salt, sugar, a mixture of ground grape seed or activated charcoal. You can soften the composition or make it more gentle using a cream, gel or foam for washing.

Fruit scrubs also work well. Additives like avocado, lime and orange, and grapes are suitable here. The essential oils in the composition will help to relax and make the skin softer.

Application rules

Making a scrub is recommended no more than twice a week. If you use it more often, then your skin will thin out over time.

Such effective means should be used to cleanse and tighten. The best option is to use a scrub an hour before hair removal, after a sauna or after shugaring. If you carry out body wraps, then using a scrub before this procedure, you can achieve a greater effect.


Home scrubs can not be used by everyone. Small particles in the composition can cause wounds or microcracks to appear on the skin.

Radical skin cleansers should not be used for sensitive skin. Especially if it has any kind of inflammation. Using a scrub, you only spread the infection to other areas.

Home Recipes

But, if you do not have any of the above contraindications, then you can safely prepare a scrub and use it at home.

Facial scrubs

Cleansing compounds are ideal for dry skin. based on ground coffee beans or even used grounds. The most popular option is a mixture of coffee grounds with ground rice flour. They should be diluted with a tablespoon of milk or sour cream. Such a composition can also be used as a mask - leave it on your face for five minutes, and the effect will be more noticeable.

Also worth paying attention to on the fruit mix. It is enough to mix banana puree with crushed banana and add a spoonful of honey and sugar.

A light honey scrub, supplemented with olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice, will help whiten dry skin. This scrub will help to gently cleanse the skin and give it a natural whiteness.

A similar composition in the ancient Indian Lakshmi mix. This is a spicy scrub that allows you to rejuvenate the skin of the whole body and make it soft. The recipe is extremely simple: mix half a glass of sugar with the same amount of sea salt. Dilute it all with olive oil and honey. The mixture is supplemented with cloves, coriander cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric and essential oils of cardamom.

If you have normal skin, you can try to clean it kefir scrub. Making it yourself is very simple: mix kefir with grated oatmeal and one yolk. This is the best scrub mask to keep on your face for about half an hour.

For normal skin, delicate is also suitable. scrub made from cottage cheese, sour cream and buckwheat grinded in a coffee grinder. Such a mixture will help make your skin truly velvety and soft.

If you have oily skin, then it’s right for you oatmeal based scrub. To create it, you will need two tablespoons of oatmeal and milk. Oatmeal must be poured with milk and let this mixture brew. Such a mixture can reduce acne and rosacea.

You can also nourish the skin using composition based on grated cucumber. This vegetable is watery, therefore, it allows to nourish the skin well, without making it more oily. Add a teaspoon of sugar and the same amount of salt to the vegetable mixture. This handmade scrub should be left on the skin for several minutes to fully experience the effect.

For body

Folk body scrubs help soften the skin, and in some cases even reduce body volumes. The most common compounds are coffee, saline and fruit.

The salt base is supplemented with honey, sour cream or cream. Coffee goes well with shower gel, hot honey or coconut oil.

If we talk about fruit mixtures, then orange peels or grape seeds are suitable for cleansing. They are mixed with olive oil.

Effectively work compositions with the addition of essential oils. Adding them to the composition, you get an excellent nutrient.

For hands

If you want to make your hands softer to the touch, appropriate folk recipes will help you. First of all, this is the same coffee scrub. For hands, a mixture of coffee grounds with liquid soap is suitable. Here you can add a few drops of essential oil and hot honey.

A sea salt scrub also works well. It can be mixed with your favorite essential oils, or add a tablespoon of sour cream there.

For legs

To soften the rough skin of the feet and heels, you can use a honey scrub. For the legs, compounds supplemented with sea salt, vegetable oil or oatmeal are suitable.

At home, you can also use simple materials - semolina or chopped oatmeal. A mixture based on semolina or oatmeal can be supplemented with the foot cream that you use. This will make the surface of the feet very soft and pleasant to the touch.

Cooking secrets

Cooking a scrub at home is very simple. By mixing simple natural ingredients according to our recipes, you will achieve a good effect without spending a lot of money on spa treatments. Such a cleanser can be used not only for yourself - having laid the finished mixture in a beautiful jar, you can use it as a gift for a friend or mother.

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