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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Riche Scrub

Riche Scrub is the WOW effect you have been looking for for your skin for so long. The invigorating aroma of coffee, absolute hydration, elimination of all kinds of stretch marks in problem areas - only a small fraction of what a super remedy from a Russian manufacturer is capable of. Specialty stores showcase rich collections with hints of chocolate and coconut, but Coffee scrub from Riche brand deserves special attention. It is a source of not only an ideal body and skin condition, but also energy that charges for the whole day.

Features and Features

Reviews of satisfied owners of the miracle scrub Riche vying positively evaluate all the advantages of such a tool. It is 100% organic. Its main task is the complete elimination of the dead upper layer of the epidermis. It is he who prevents the skin from breathing and functioning normally.

A cosmetic product is suitable for you if there is a need to clean clogged pores. Coffee scrub treatments come in handy if you have oily skin or are prone to oily skin. The caffeine that is part of it can effectively dilate blood vessels and disperse blood. Thus, metabolic processes will be accelerated, which means that fat will break down faster.

You will not find the best remedy in the fight against cellulite? The Russian brand Riche is ready to present the present invention in the field of beauty industry. With it, it will become easier than ever to solve any problems associated with excess fat, stretch marks, for example, after pregnancy.

A feature of the caffeine cosmetic product is the ability to perfectly mask pigment spots, small scars or traces after burns. Regeneration processes also take place with the scrub, and all the damaged areas seem to be “blown away by the wind”. The skin becomes soft, soft, elastic, which is noticed not only by you, but also by your companion. The whole composition of vitamins contained in the scrub “works” 100%, saturating the dermis with the necessary supply of trace elements, minerals, etc.


As noted by those who have already used all the features of Coffee scrub, they note how wonderful it is:

  • fights cellulite and stretch marks, as well as their symptoms;

  • remarkably removes toxins, excess fluid from the body;

  • evens out the skin structure, returns its natural color and shine;

  • gives "new" tactile sensations to smooth, smooth, delicate skin;

  • exfoliates keratinized areas, cleanses and renews the dermis;

  • eliminates various kinds of pollution, signs of sweat, excess sebum.

Together with such a preparation you will give yourself the best spa-treatment without leaving your home. You will be envied by many girls who spend fabulous money on massage, relaxation procedures, expensive imported creams. A healthy skin tone can be returned in a matter of days, and the pleasure of a coffee "session" will be obtained from 2 to 3 times a day.

Is your goal to increase skin firmness? Make her fabrics elastic and her well-being excellent.

Mode of application

A fairly simple way to use scrub allows you to perform such manipulations at home. All you need to do is apply a scrub to your steamed back. Take a bath or hot shower to expand your pores. This will make Coffee a lot better. Rub the coffee mixture in a circular motion. For problem areas, more attention needs to be paid, for example, additionally wrap the area of ​​the abdomen, waist, hips, arms, etc. with cling film.

If you hold the body under a non-thick layer of scrub for 10-15 minutes, the intense action of its components occurs. After a while, it is worth rinsing the substance off with warm water and dabbing the skin with a towel.


The composition of Coffee scrubs includes truly royal ingredients that can make your skin soft, velvety. To pay tribute is the highest quality Robusta coffee beans without chemicals and harmful additives. It is with their help that effective exfoliation of keratinized cells occurs. The most expensive jojoba base oil moisturizes and nourishes the dermis, relieves inflammation of various etymologies. It also stimulates the regeneration of epithelial cells, heals cracks, cuts.

But Himalayan pink salt perfectly restores the body and rejuvenates the skin. This component is effective during the treatment of acne, various types of inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Salt can "pull" toxins from the epidermis, it is great to exfoliate it. Together with coffee grounds, the Himalayan “crystals” fight cellulite and stretch marks.

Riche scrub contains macadamia oil and avocado. Since ancient times, they have become the best "companions" of beauty and youth. Their main task is to obtain elastic skin aligned with its relief. In addition, the composition of the scrub is the best protection for your body from adverse effects, premature aging and withering of the dermis.

The natural ingredients of Coffee scrubs with one flavor are already able to drive you crazy. This is not just another marketing move by marketers, it is really an effective tool in the fight against cellulite and problem skin. You no longer need to spend money on expensive spa centers, because you can rejuvenate at home!

The scrub smell is unlike any other. You will not leave the feeling that you are holding a cup of premium elite coffee. With the purchase of one package weighing 250 g, you can already calm down about your skin condition that is disturbing you. One week is enough to see the first results of their procedures. The skin on the eyes will begin to change, it will become velvet, soft, less oily.

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