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Sugar face scrubs

Modern girls and women carefully monitor not only their appearance, but also the makeup used. The more natural and organic it is, the more positive reviews it earns. But not only the composition is important, but also the effectiveness of makeup products, so most often many prefer to do it at home.

Sugar facial scrub is a favorite among cleansers for keratinized skin due to the effectiveness and naturalness of the components. To make a scrub from sugar at home allows a huge number of different recipes and the availability of each ingredient that literally each of us has at home.

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Features and Benefits

Sugar scrub, cooked at home, in addition to the naturalness of the ingredients, has a number of advantages over store-based products.

One of its main advantages is versatility, since this tool is suitable for absolutely any type of skin, and with the proper selection of additional components, you can create the perfect sugar scrub specifically for your type. Sugar particles are also gentle on the epidermis, which gently and gently cleanses the face and neck of dead cells due to the fact that it gradually dissolves during massage.

In the presence of fructose in the composition, this tool makes the skin soft and smooth, and with regular use, the balance of the fat is normalized, the pores are cleaned and excess fat is removed. Such a scrub protects against dryness, forming a thin protective film, and with the addition of one of the essential oils, you can give it a lifting effect that will noticeably tighten the oval of the face and give it elasticity, and noticeably tighten the pores. With constant use, it will be the prevention of skin diseases such as acne and blackheads that form on the face due to contamination of pores with sebum.

If you use a sugar scrub for the body, it will significantly improve the skin texture after a few weeks of use. Promoting the flow of blood to certain parts of the body, as well as getting rid of the old layer, this tool will save you from cellulite and make stretch marks lighter and invisible.

Since the dead cells exfoliate, young skin remains, lighter and fresher. With a small lymphatic drainage massage, blood flow is carried out, which reduces the number of small wrinkles and helps rejuvenate the appearance. Due to this, the elasticity of the skin and its water balance also increase, and the process of withering and aging slows down.

Sugar scrub does not cause tingling or irritation, it is also completely harmless and can be used even by pregnant or lactating women. By the way, you should use a cleanser regularly, then it will be a good result that will delight your face. The scrub effect can be enhanced by adding essential oils suitable for your skin type.

Despite the naturalness and benefits of sugar scrub, there are all contraindications that you must definitely familiarize yourself with before use.

First of all, you can not use such a scrub if the skin is very problematic and has acne and acne, as well as burns and deep scratches, as they can greatly harm and cause infection. It is forbidden to use a sugar scrub for people with delicate skin and a superficial arrangement of capillaries. You should also pay attention to additional ingredients if you are allergic.

Please note that whole sugar grains are a little hard and can scratch your face, so you need to massage it very carefully.


Sugar belongings have a fairly wide recipe, which option to choose is up to you.


Sugar and honey together provide an excellent cleansing and firming effect. The web is full of rave reviews about this combination, but a few more should be added to this pair of components. But before using such a home scrub, it is imperative to make sure that you are not allergic to honey.

  • Shower gel. For a better and deeper cleansing result, you need to add a little of your gel or scum to sugar and honey. The soap base will give softness to the structure and will allow you to better cleanse the skin from internal impurities.
  • Oatmeal. First you need to boil a small portion of oatmeal in milk and cool, add a spoonful of honey and sugar, and then immediately apply the mass and massage for five minutes. After this, leave the mask for fifteen minutes and rinse with cool water.
  • Vegetable oil. In this recipe, you need to mix a tablespoon of oil with half a teaspoon of honey, and then add a spoonful of sugar and apply to the face gradually massaging it with your hands.
  • Yolk. Egg yolk should be added to a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of sugar, then apply to the face and massage thoroughly. Wash off with water after fifteen minutes with massaging movements.


Ground coffee beans are another great addition to sugar. The tonic property of both ingredients gives a pink tint and a more fresh look. In this case, the recipe for sugar scarabs with coffee should be selected according to your skin type.

  1. Dry skin. You need to mix sugar and coffee in equal proportions, and then add a tablespoon of yogurt or any base oil.
  2. Normal skin. In this case, nuts are the perfect complement to coffee and sugar. All ground ingredients can be moved in large quantities and stored in a jar. If necessary, pour a little into the bowl and add a spoonful of fermented milk product or one of the base oils.
  3. Oily skin. A teaspoon of mixed sugar and coffee is combined with the ingredient of your choice: egg white, any sour cream or grape seed oil.

In addition to the above components, various essential oils can be mixed. For example, tea tree oil and aloe are natural antiseptics and can soothe the skin well. Lemon and jasmine oil will act as a tightener.

Watch the video: DIY Lemon & Sugar Face Scrub (November 2019).

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