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Sugar & Honey Lip Scrubs

Sugar and honey scrub is a real salvation for all women at any age. Often in the winter and autumn, our sponges need regular cleaning, as they can dry out and become very windy due to weather conditions and sudden changes in temperature. With the help of a ready-made, purchased scrub or cooked at home, you can easily remove dead cells from your lips, and also, importantly, moisturize them well and give them a healthy look and natural shine.

Many cosmetologists claim that regular use of a scrub will help make your lips more moist, delicate and even more voluminous. It is recommended to carry out such a procedure of lip scrubbing several times a week to achieve the best result.

How to use

Before starting lip scrubbing, several very important details should be considered. If there are microcracks on the lips or they are very coarse and very weathered, it is best to steam them before applying the scrub. To do this, you can use a special napkin soaked in warm water, which must be applied to the lips for several minutes. This procedure will help to avoid irritation on the lips, because the skin will be ready for future scrubbing. After using the scrub, it is recommended to moisten the sponge with balsam.

Distribute the scrub on the lips should be light, massaging movements. Rubbing it very strongly is not recommended. Withstand it for no more than ten minutes, but if you feel a burning sensation and discomfort, then the procedure must be stopped.

After passing the set time, the scrub from the lips is washed off with slightly warm water.


Do not apply the scrub on the lips if you are sick with herpes and it is now in active form. Using a scrub will only aggravate the situation. In addition, if you are allergic to sugar or honey, it is best to refuse a scrub with such components and choose something by analogy. If you have bleeding microcracks on your lips, then applying a scrub is also not recommended. To start, the sponge should be healed. To do this, you can use different vegetable oils or healing ointments.

From sugar

Sugar lip scrub is one of the most common and beneficial for women around the world. After all, it is available in the kitchen of any housewife. Small sugar crystals are ideal for scrubbing tired and chapped lips. There are quite a few different scrub recipes using sugar and the addition of other beneficial and herbal ingredients, such as herbs, oils, or citrus juices.

With the addition of mint

Such a scrub will help remove dead skin cells from the lips, make them voluminous and tender. To obtain this consistency, honey and sugar should be used in equal proportions and a drop of peppermint oil should be added.

You can also make sugar scrub with mint and coffee. Oil must be added to the mixed ingredients, which will soften and tone the delicate skin, while sugar and coffee deeply cleanse.

With grapefruit

To get this mixture, you need to mix a spoonful of sugar with grapefruit juice. About 20 to 25 ml of juice. You can also add olive oil to this mixture. About 10 ml. It is recommended to apply with massaging movements. Such a scrub perfectly moisturizes and nourishes.


Mix a spoonful of sugar with a pinch of cinnamon and 10 ml of olive oil. This mixture should be applied to the lips with massaging movements and held for up to ten minutes.

With coconut oil

One tablespoon of sugar must be mixed with one tablespoon of coconut oil, mixed to a homogeneous consistency. Apply in a gentle circular motion, then rinse with a sponge or plain warm water.

With salt

It is recommended to mix 10 g of salt and sugar. Salt should be taken finely ground so as not to injure the lips. Next, Vaseline should be added to this mixture and mixed. Apply this mixture and leave for up to 10 minutes. Wash off the residue with water. After scrub, moisturize your lips with balm.

With honey

Honey is a very nutritious component in any scrub. It contains sucrose, which well exfoliates dead skin, and also deeply moisturizes.

With lemon

To prepare such a scrub, it is necessary to use sugar (10 g) and honey (10 ml), preferably in a liquid consistency. About 5 ml of lemon juice should be added to the resulting mixture. This scrub should be kept on the lips for at least 5 minutes, after which they will become soft, and the skin around is lighter thanks to lemon juice.

With orange

To get a scrub with an orange, you need to mix 10 g of honey and 5 - 10 ml of orange juice. Also in the resulting mass, you can add grape oil. It is necessary to leave such a scrub on the lips for up to 10 minutes, apply with light movements, do not rub heavily.

With oatmeal

Oatmeal is very much appreciated for its beneficial natural properties. Oat bran should be mixed in equal proportions with honey and apply the resulting porridge mass. Such a scrub will not only make a good peeling, but also give your lips a fresh and well-groomed look.

With petroleum jelly

A very effective remedy is a scrub with petroleum jelly. To prepare it, you need to melt honey and petroleum jelly, preferably in a water bath, but you can also in the microwave. And add a little soda to the resulting mixture. The mixture will foam, it is at this moment that you need to apply it on the lips. Leave up to ten minutes.

The subtleties of cooking

If you do peeling at home, then it is worth considering several important points when making homemade sugar or honey scrub.

  1. First, only fresh ingredients should be used. Especially juice from oranges and lemons. You can not buy juice in packs.
  2. Secondly, it is believed that many scrubs can be stored for up to several weeks in the refrigerator, but it is best to cook less and use the product at a time.

Where to get

All scrub ingredients are available at the pharmacy. Or buy a ready-made version in a cosmetic store. Currently, one of the most popular lip scrubs in the luxury lineup is the Dior scrub. He has a lot of positive reviews from beauties around the world. It combines not only a scrub, but also a nourishing balm. Such a nutritious stick will be one of the most useful little things in your cosmetic bag for any season. Also, balm - scrub can be found in the brands Clinique, Givenchy and MAC, which not only gently exfoliate the skin of the lips, but also make it smooth and moisturized.

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