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Shea butter for hair

Shea butter, or shea butter, is famous for its nourishing and moisturizing properties, it is often used to care for dry skin of the face and body, it is part of masks, creams and other cosmetic products. The use of a lipid element for hair and scalp care has become a necessity for a modern woman who seeks a thick, chic hair through natural ingredients.

Shea butter is especially known for its nutritional properties and will become a necessity for caring for damaged dull hair, split ends, dry scalp and itching that accompanies a woman throughout her life. Shea butter extract can be used separately as a lipid base and as part of ready-made cosmetic products, the effect of its action will be similar and will certainly not take long.

Features and Benefits

Shea butter is produced by cold pressing the seeds of the fruits of the tree of the same name, which ensures the preservation of its useful components: lipid acids, vitamins A, E, F, D, minerals, proteins and others. It is amazing how useful the finished product is and how rich it is from the inside with useful components. It is not for nothing that Shi trees grow in Africa and do not take root in countries with a cool climate.

  • An important feature of Shea butter is its availability, in other words, a ready-made herbal remedy can be bought at any pharmacy or cosmetic store.
  • Shea butter extract in the form of a cosmetic product is applied along the entire length of the hair or selectively - on the roots or split ends, along the entire length, is kept on the hair for half an hour and washed off with a mild shampoo. Its use during the whole night is not excluded.
  • Shea butter is universal in its application and is not limited to use only on hair. It perfectly copes with the problem of dry skin (including the head).
  • Unrefined shea butter is easy to obtain in liquid or solid form, and such a cosmetic product will become a more effective assistant in the fight for healthy hair, since it retained a large number of nutrients.
  • The aroma of fresh natural composition captivates; it has a woody shade and the smell of a nut.
  • The lipid composition has a long service life and behaves undemandingly in the conditions of a dark shelf in the cabinet.


  • The main function of shea butter is the softening and nutrition of the structure of the hair or scalp, therefore, it is indicated for owners of dry epidermis and severely damaged hair structures.
  • The texture of the finished cosmetic component is quite strong, with a pleasant woody and nutty aroma., however, when it gets on the warm skin of the hands, the oil literally “melts before our eyes,” which makes its application simple and convenient at home.
  • Shea butter strengthens hair follicles and stimulates the maturation of new even in its pure form, additional "warming" supplements only enhance the result of home SPA for hair.
  • The lipid composition is used at home and can eliminate brittleness and weakness of hair, stop their loss by applying massage movements to the roots and scalp. Shea butter treats weakened hair from the inside and gives it an external healthy appearance, a noticeable shine.
  • The benefits of its use are colossal, which is confirmed by the research and experience of women around the world. Shea butter cope with dandruff and itching of the skin, eliminates almost all known problems, the cause of which are external factors - thermal styling, frequent washing of the head, tight hairstyles, adverse environment.
  • Shea extract to cope with dandruff and unwanted peeling of the scalp with course treatment. In addition, a herbal remedy helps in the fight against excessive dryness of hair and scalp.

Mode of application

Shea butter is sold in pharmacies and cosmetic stores mainly in the form of a solid plate mass, the use of which is possible in pure form or as an additive in the main care product - shampoo, conditioner, cream, mask, and other oils for homemade formulations. At the same time, it is appropriate to use a plant extract for the treatment of any parts of the body and hair, but viscous and nutritious oil requires rinsing from the hair.

Shea butter is easily heated in the hands - it begins to melt and acquire a liquid state.

To mix it with another plant element, it is recommended to use a water bath, it is better to exclude the microwave due to its detrimental effect on the components of the mass.

Warming up the plastic composition in a water bath, you can safely apply it to your hair or mix with similar lipid extracts to get a home mask.

To nourish the epidermis of the head, apply warm Shea butter to the epidermis and hair roots; To get a better and faster result, you can leave the composition overnight, rinse it off with regular shampoo in the morning using an air conditioner. Healthy smooth hair is only occasionally "pampered" with Shea butter, for example, once every 7-10 days, apply it along its entire length or on the ends, roots.

Shea butter will become appropriate for use on straight and curly hair, regardless of its length or density, it is important to use it rationally and for some time. For weak, dry hair, oil can be used often: from 2 to 5 times a week (it is possible and more often, it is important to monitor the behavior of the hair and not achieve the opposite effect of "oily", "heavy" hair).

Home recipes

The most affordable and effective way to care for your hair is home treatments called SPA.

  • A simple way to use the shea extract is to use the product in its pure form, preheat the oil in a water bath or with the palms of your hands and apply it to the hair along its entire length or to the ends and roots.
  • Shea butter is excellent in combination with other fatty components, such as olive oil: mix the two ingredients in equal proportions (per eye), heat them, mix until smooth and apply to the hair. The most effective effect will be achieved by putting on a plastic hat and a thick towel.
  • Another simple recipe: pre-melted Shea butter mix with two egg yolks, a teaspoon of liquid (melted) honey and red pepper oil. Such a mask will be an excellent stimulator of hair growth and is used exclusively in the basal zone. The yolk in the composition is rich in useful fatty elements and minerals, red pepper stimulates blood circulation, however, it dries the surface of the epidermis and is contraindicated in case of itching and dandruff.
  • Shea butter can be mixed with other herbal ingredients like burdock, castor, coconut and other lipid compounds, including saturated essentials. The proportions are easy to calculate on your own: add as much oil as needed for one procedure, and use only freshly prepared formulations.
  • Mix the same amount of Shea butter with avocado lipid extract, if you wish, you can add an extra drop of the essential component (tea tree oil, orange, propolis, ylang-ylang and others).

Unrefined, that is, unrefined, shea butter is often included in moisturizing products: shampoos, masks, conditioners, balms and other cosmetic products. Ready-made permanent products based on shea butter for tips are usually used daily or after each wash of hair on wet or dry hair, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations.

Rating of the best

Shea butter brand Botanica - one of the most affordable: to buy it easily, the price is relatively low - from 300 rubles, depending on the seller. The use of oil is not limited to hair; The product is suitable for the care of lips, nails, hands, any surface of the skin, as it is designed to eliminate dryness and nourish.

Botany fatty oil is suitable for any skin - the manufacturer reports this directly on the product label. A solid creamy cream product enclosed in a round jar; product weight is limited to 50 ml. It is sold in cosmetic stores, pharmacies. At room temperature, the oil does not melt, when it comes in contact with warm skin of the hands it melts, therefore, to quickly apply it, simply rub it between the palms of the hands and apply on the hair and skin.

Pure product goes well with vegetable oils and is used in conjunction with the rest, for example, budget burdock, exotic coconut, pharmacy castor and even a simple herbal composition from the kitchen.

Avon cosmetic product - A hair balm spray with Shea extract will be a good choice for that lady who does not have free time in preparing and aging a home mask, but wants to have healthy and moisture-saturated hair, useful lipid acids. The finished product of the famous Avon brand is stored in a convenient tube with a spray; it is applied to dry and wet hair after each wash or for easy combing at any time. In addition to attractive prices, the cosmetic product has a pleasant aroma and affordability - the spray is easy to obtain from company representatives.

Shea Spivak Oil refined and unrefined. Unrefined product has slightly more useful properties, since it is unrefined (including useful elements). A valuable tool is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the fruits of the Shea tree, which grows in the African Republic and is famous for its properties. The cosmetic product is suitable for any skin and any part of the body: from the roots and ends of the hair to the heels and toes: this is openly reported by a well-known manufacturer.

The unrefined lipid composition of Spivak has a dense consistency and is stored in a round jar. The manufacturer is Germany, but the composition is already being packaged in Russia. When opening the jar, a pleasant oil aroma with a smack of walnut is felt. Spivak refined shea butter is distinguished by the fact that it contains a high concentration of triterpenic acids, or unsaponifiable fractions, in other words, it is better absorbed into the skin and reaches its deep layers.

The effect of using any of Spivak's oils with Shea extract is the same, touching the hair, face and body skin, nails, lips. The cost of a cosmetic product is not high: within 150-200 rubles.


Shea butter is a valuable component in hair care, which is confirmed by numerous reviews on the Web.

Traditionally, shea butter is used by women to nourish and saturate the hair structures, and often the composition is used on the roots of the hair for a long time - all night.

Consumers note that Shea butter is more expensive than plant analogues, for example, burdock or castor, but in terms of effectiveness they exceed both compositions. The pleasant aroma of a cosmetic product also captivates - the attractive smell of a nut and unobtrusive oil aroma make the treatment procedure even more pleasant.

Women with severely damaged hair are recommended to use Shea butter before each shampoo, leaving the composition on their hair for 30 minutes or longer, depending on the availability of free time. In conditions of strong employment, the fair sex leave the composition on the hair all night, which guarantees its full work. The only thing that such a home spa can cause discomfort and interfere with normal sleep.

Bloggers note that sometimes shea butter is difficult to wash off from the hair, and especially if it is the basis of another oil mask, therefore it is recommended to wash off the composition 3-4 times to achieve the effect of clean hair.

In general, the reviews about the cosmetic product for hair with Shea extract are positive and enthusiastic, each of the bloggers advises to use this tool at least 1 time per week and feel the result on their hair.

Natural and healthy vegetable shea butter, which is often called African sebaceous oil, has been known in the world of cosmetology for a long time. How to apply it - in the next video.


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