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How to remove cast eyelashes with castor oil

One of the most popular cosmetic services is eyelash extensions. Many ladies are increasingly turning to the masters involved in this procedure. Its advantages can be called not only a good and lasting effect, but also painlessness. Basically, the build-up process does not take much time.

Advantages and disadvantages

Every modern girl dreams of thick and long eyelashes, but not always the desires coincide with reality. Basically, this effect can be achieved through the use of ordinary mascara. But even this does not always give the desired result. It is in such cases that girls and women turn to masters for eyelash extensions.

In this video, you can familiarize yourself with the procedure for classic eyelash extensions.

The main advantages of this procedure include:

  • long lasting effect;
  • the procedure is not very expensive;
  • eyelashes do not need to be constantly painted with mascara;
  • the use of eyelashes allows you to adjust the cut of the eyes.

But, like any procedure, this type has its certain disadvantages.

  • The first drawback is the need for correction. This process needs to be performed regularly, as over time, hair extensions can lose their attractive appearance.
  • Another huge minus of this procedure is that under the influence of various substances, the condition of their own eyelashes deteriorates. Adhesive compounds are not always of high quality, and customers should not forget about this. Girls are advised to perform various recovery procedures.

After building up, it is better for customers to refuse to visit the sauna. This is due to the fact that under the influence of hot air the adhesive composition loses its properties.

  • Another unpleasant moment of this service is the risk of allergic reactions. Basically, this problem is faced by people who suffer from individual intolerance to the materials used.

We rent at home

If you have eyelashes but feel uncomfortable or you just didn’t like the procedure, it’s best to remove false eyelashes. You can do this yourself at home. One of the most effective and safe methods is to use castor oil.

First you need to prepare everything you need to conduct. To remove, you need a small amount of oil, cotton buds and soft disks to remove makeup.

It is best to carry out the procedure before bedtime. This is due to the slow exposure to oil.

For starters, cotton pads are applied to the eyelids. Do this to protect the mucous membrane of the eye. Using discs helps to prevent eye drops.

Next, the stick should be slightly moistened in oil. She is carried out at the place of attachment of false eyelashes with skin. This must be done carefully and slowly. The procedure must be repeated several times. The grown eyelashes should be well saturated with castor oil.

You need to remove glued products in the morning. The advantage of this method lies not only in safety, but also in the fact that the oil composition favorably affects the skin and your natural eyelashes. The structure is quickly restored after cosmetic procedures.

Other methods

You can remove overhead products in other ways..

All of them are safe, and the process itself does not take much time.

Often, various oily creams are used to remove. It is best to use formulations intended for children. All actions must be performed with extreme care so that the cream does not get into the eyes.

For removal, all the same cotton pads are used, they are placed under the eyelids. The eyes must be closed, and then apply the cream on the base of the overhead products. It is necessary to wait 10-20 minutes, after which gently massage the skin. After this, the products will easily move away without causing pain.

If a quality composition was used when building, you need to wait a little longer.

In some cases, a substance such as Albucid is used to remove false eyelashes. It is worth noting that the composition contains rather aggressive components, so you need to use it very carefully and do it in extreme cases.

Basically, the tool is used to eliminate diseases of the eye mucosa and in the presence of a cold. But often it is used even by masters when removing eyelashes, since the substance perfectly softens the glue.

Albucid must be applied slowly and carefully, in several layers. After 30 minutes, you need to check the properties of the glue. If the eyelashes began to move away easily, it is necessary to remove their remnants with tweezers.

Repeat the building procedure after 2-3 days.


To determine the appropriate method for removing eyelashes will help reviews from girls and women who have encountered similar processes. Many ladies recommend using natural and safe options - oils. Often, in addition to castor, an olive composition is used. The advantage of this option is that your eyelashes do not lose their attractive appearance.

The second place in the list of the best tools is taken by removers. Gel-like formulations perfectly remove even the highest quality adhesive formulations. Drops of substance do not flow into the eyes, after application there is no unpleasant odor. Many women noted one more plus - reasonable cost.

Watch the video: 7 DAY OF CASTOR OIL GREW MY EYELASHES -CRAZY RESULTS- (January 2020).


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