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Toning spray hair dye L'Oreal "Magic retouch"

Each woman dreams of a perfect and even hair color. Women feel especially uncomfortable when their roots grow, but there is absolutely no time to go to the salon. L'Oreal has found a solution and has helped millions of women around the world.

L'Oreal Magic Retouch hair spray is a special dye that will “resume” the color of your roots in a matter of seconds and even paint over gray hair!

This spray paint appeared relatively recently, but many women have already managed to try it on themselves and leave extremely positive reviews.

In fact, many of us know that this spray is not such a novelty, since on the shelves of cosmetic stores we can always find various tinted shampoos and other similar products. But, according to the manufacturer, L'Oreal spray is unique in its kind, as it does not absorb excess fat from the hair and does not have any fixing properties.

Hue palette

This is not to say that the palette of shades of this spray paint is huge, but the basic and necessary colors are still present in it. A total of 5 colors are presented, which includes black, dark chestnut, chestnut, light brown and light blond.

How to apply

Spray Magic Retouch must be sprayed on clean and dry curls, holding the bottle upright. The required spraying distance is ten or fifteen centimeters.

If you are going to make a styling and hairstyle, it is recommended to do it before using this spray, since the spray has a slight stickiness, and then it will be uncomfortable for you to style your hair.

To minimize the consumption of funds, spray Magic Retouch only on the "problem areas" of hair and regrown roots. Also do not forget to wear a protective bandage on the forehead or use a regular paper sheet, the spray can stain the skin a little, especially in the forehead, so you need to be a little more careful.

After applying the spray, you will get an instant result, which will last until the first wash. This spray paint is washed off the first time, so it will not cause you much trouble.

When needed

Instantly tinting spray will help you to get the perfect result, shaded hair roots and even color thanks to the special rich pigments in the composition without difficulty at home, on a trip or in any emergency. Magic Retouch is suitable for any type of hair.

It is very easy to apply and lasts until you wash your hair. Thanks to its light formula, it does not weigh down and does not make your curls bold. Absolutely not felt on the hair.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many women have already tested this life-saving remedy for hair and have made communication the decision that he has quite a few advantages. Which include light application at home and precise shading of gray hair. A very quick action of the spray, you get the desired result immediately after spraying, it is especially convenient when you are in a hurry. Minimally stains the face and forehead, because it does not flow, but it is still recommended to cover the skin.

It is absolutely safe to use, since it acts exclusively “externally” on the hair without penetrating into them, such as, for example, ordinary hair dye.

By cons of this tool a fairly small palette of shades can be attributed. Many girls are forced to abandon the use of this tool because they can not find the right tone for their hair. This spray may well spread through the hair if you get in the rain. Very often after him there are traces on the bedding.

But still, the benefits of this tool are much greater and Magic Retouch spray can very well become a very convenient lifesaver for many girls.

Customer reviews

From the reviews of many women around the world, only positive conclusions can be drawn. Many beauties of all ages have chosen this tool as a must have. According to most ladies, this spray will instantly stain the roots and will blend perfectly with the color of your hair. Always helps out when you need to run to work and generally do not have time to go to the salon.

Convenience in use, instant action and perfect gray hair coloring are noted by many customers. With proper use and protection of the forehead, the product does not stain the skin.

Summing up, we can conclude that each person is individual and he has his own opinion about a particular tool. Ease of use and efficiency. But here you can also say that the spray from Loreal is really a lifesaver, especially in emergency situations.

See how to simply use the tool and what results you can get in the next video.

Other sprays L'Oreal

In addition to the tinting spray for painting the roots, L'Oreal has a lot of different sprays for strengthening, restoring and growing hair, as well as various sun protection sprays. The range will please many.

Different series offer a wide variety of products for the care of your hair. For example, in the Intense Repair series from L'Oreal Professionnel, you can find an excellent moisturizing hair spray that has thermal protection. Designed to care for dry and lifeless hair.

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