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The choice of oil for hair restoration

Hair has always been the pride of any woman, because this is the first thing that men pay attention to. From ancient times, girls used natural masks from oils to maintain the beauty and density of hair. Now manufacturers offer a wide range of hair care products.

Damage reasons

Often when changing the image, and just with age you have to resort to staining. Young girls are also wondering about maintaining the smoothness and aesthetic appearance of hair after lightening. Modern paint is almost entirely composed of chemistry, so hair loses its natural beauty.

In urban environments, shampoos often have to be used, due to which keratin is washed out of the hair, and the constant use of a hair dryer and irons even more dry the curls.

So what to do? Means with thermal protection help only minimize damage from ultraviolet rays and a hair dryer, but only natural components can revive damaged curls, and even more so, accelerate their growth. Masks from natural oils in combination with essential oils come to the rescue.

Oil properties

Vegetable oils have a number of qualities that have a beneficial effect on the condition of curls:

  • Restorative;
  • Protection against falling out;
  • Growth stimulation;
  • For density;
  • Nutrition;
  • Protection against damage and tangling.

Fatty cosmetic oils provide nutrition and filling the hair cavity, which prevents the ends from being cut. They are also used to give silkiness and extra shine. And for strands, the structure of which is very difficult to restore, there are foreign oils that help restore keratin.

For masks, several types of vegetable oils can be combined, and for a greater effect add essential oils. Thanks to this combination, it is possible not only to improve the condition of the hair, but also to get rid of fat, eliminate dandruff and even lighten the hair a little without resorting to dyeing.

Types and action

Each oil has its own properties. Therefore, it should initially be determined for what purpose the tool is acquired. Oils are vegetable and essential. Vegetable is more valuable in composition and sparing for strands, because they can be applied as an independent tool, or to enrich cosmetics. The ethereal ones are quite concentrated. That is why it is necessary to add a small amount of essential oil to the base. In the video, the doctor of the cosmetology clinic expresses his opinion about hair oils.


Thanks to the nutritional components in the composition, they can significantly transform the hair. In addition, oils perfectly moisturize and restore the scalp. And this is necessary for healthy hair growth.

The most popular is burdock. This type is the most affordable and affordable. Burdock oil strengthens hair follicles, promoting curls. In addition, it nourishes the scalp and with prolonged use eliminates dandruff and peeling.

Olive is no less popular. Moreover, it can be used inside. It contains vitamin E, so it instantly moisturizes the strands and restores the water-fat balance of the scalp. This is an effective remedy for burned and dried hair. Especially true for those who brighten strands.

It also eliminates dandruff and itching, and curls will return their former elasticity and smoothness. You can buy it at any grocery store. Experts believe that it is better to use unrefined oils to restore strands, since they are more natural in composition.

Coconut is far from a budget option. But in the restoration of curls in the literal sense, an expert. It creates a thin film on the surface of the hair that protects against adverse environmental influences and the use of a hair dryer. This helps protect the hair structure from leaching of keratin, respectively, they are less split and broken. Coconut nourishes the scalp, prevents hair loss and fights the appearance of dandruff. It is better to purchase a thick, undiluted oil for cosmetic procedures, since it is without additives and is more useful.

Castor is an indispensable tool for accelerating the growth and density of hair. Active users also note a noticeable thickening of the hair and a reduction in split ends.

Flaxseed contains vitamins A, E and B, due to which the hair root is saturated with useful elements. Additionally, it soothes and nourishes the skin, normalizes the water-fat balance. After using it, the hair becomes smooth and soft.

Almond helps increase hair growth and nutrition. Curls acquire a healthy natural shine and elasticity. And almonds are indispensable for split ends.

Argan is one of the most expensive and rare. All the beauties of the world sing the praises to him. It is deservedly considered the best for restoring strands. Argan nourishes and protects hair from ultraviolet rays, and it not only saturates curls with vitamins, but literally heals. In addition, oil can be applied to dry hair to protect against cross-section.

Shea, or shea, a terrific moisturizing oil. It is used everywhere for the manufacture of cosmetics from shampoos to creams. In its pure form has powerful nutritional properties. It contains vitamins A, E, D, F, proteins and other trace elements. It penetrates perfectly into the structure of the hair and restores it along its entire length.


Essential oils are concentrates containing many useful substances. The so-called esters tend to penetrate deeply into the epidermis, and due to increased activity, it is enough to add them in the amount of a few drops. Otherwise, a burn or an allergic reaction may occur.

For dry hair, esters of myrrh, sandalwood, mandarin, rosemary, lavender and ylang-ylang are suitable. They saturate curls with useful substances and prevent their further damage. In addition to hydration and nutrition, they provide accelerated blood circulation to the skin, which affects the noticeable growth of strands. And sandalwood, ylang-ylang and lavender will help get rid of dandruff.

The esters of lemon, tea tree, chamomile and pine will be able to get rid of excess fat. They cleanse the scalp and normalize the water-fat balance. Citrus fruits have general strengthening properties. Especially relevant is their use to prevent hair loss and strengthen hair follicles.

Cinnamon will help stop the loss of curls, and also accelerate their growth. In addition to the pleasant smell, the oil will give hydration and nourishment to the hair. Comprehensive properties for "any occasion" have esters of rosewood, cypress and cedar. These ethers literally work wonders with dried and burned strands. Hair becomes softer, thicker and the scalp is protected from dandruff.

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Application methods

Essential oils are easy to use for masks at home. Typically, the compositions are sold in pharmacies and have a package insert in the kit, which greatly facilitates the choice of the necessary funds. The instruction contains all the necessary information about the oil, ranging from properties to methods of application and dosage. Masks are made from one or several oils.

When using one type of vegetable oil, it is applied to the entire length of the strands, only on the ends or from roots to ends. It all depends on the type of hair and the desired effect. For best results, you can cover your head with a plastic cap and cover with something warm on top. The mask should be aged for at least an hour.

For multi-component masks, it is worthwhile to observe safety measures, since the recommended dosage of ethers per 10 mg of plant base should not exceed 10 drops. Otherwise, already damaged hair will be further burned. For a better effect, the finished oil mask needs to be heated in a water bath.

In the absence of free time, you can do it easier, but the effect will be much weaker. It is enough to add a couple of drops of essential oil to a shampoo or conditioner. This method will get rid of prolapse and dandruff.

You can use esters for aroma combing. On a wooden comb you need to drip 3-5 drops of liquid and carefully comb the strands. By analogy, a spray with ethers is made: add a few drops of essential oil to the spray bottle with water, spray from a short distance onto the hair and comb it. You can also enhance the effect of purchased hair sprays by adding essential oil to them.

Popular manufacturers

Now, ready-made blends of oils for hair restoration are sold everywhere: in mass markets, in catalogs, in pharmacies and others.

The best means according to customers:

  • Restorative from Oriflame Eleo. The product contains argan and rose oils, burdock root and vitamin F. It nourishes hair from roots to ends and smoothes naughty curls. Suitable for dry hair.
  • Restoring complex Constant Delight Olio Ricostruzione. The composition is intended for deep hair restoration. It contains keratin, which is able to fill in damaged areas. And almond oil in the composition smoothes and nourishes curls.
  • Pantene Intensive Recovery. The product contains vitamin E, due to which it nourishes and smoothes hair. The formula also contains substances that protect curls from the effects of a hairdryer and ironing.
  • Kensuko Spray Oil The indelible product is designed for damaged hair after dyeing and perming. Oil gives curls smoothness and softness. Does not require rinsing.
  • Recipes grandmother Agafia restorative. The oil itself is multifunctional, as it consists of several types of vegetable oils and additional ingredients. The tool is designed to restore the structure of the hair, strengthen and nourish curls.
  • Double Action oil contains components that nourish the hair and, as it were, cover it along its entire length. The composition is applied to clean, damp hair. It is also possible to add oil to hair dye to make the procedure more gentle for curls. The only negative is the high price.
  • Logona Coconut Oil is designed for dry hair and for tips. The tool can be used as a mask, or for wrapping.
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Of course, burdock and olive became the most popular among natural vegetable oils. Their rating is quite high. And as practice shows, praise is a true truth. Hair becomes smoother and grow back faster.

The leaders among the esters were ylang-ylang, rosemary and lavender. The anti-inflammatory properties of oils and the ability to accelerate blood circulation have a beneficial effect on the condition of the scalp and hair growth rate.

The main advantage of oils is their versatility and environmental friendliness. And the finished mixture can also be enriched with the necessary ingredients. Nevertheless, when choosing one or another remedy for recovery, you need to rely on the type of scalp and curls.

Watch the video: CASTOR OIL FOR HAIR GROWTH. DR DRAY (January 2020).


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