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Castor Oil Hair Mask

Every girl dreams of thick and luxurious hair, but this dream seems unattainable. Modern fashion dictates its own rules to us, in which there is constant coloring, straightening, chemistry and drying with a hairdryer. All these manipulations in the struggle for beauty lead to the opposite result - the hair becomes weak and brittle.

Castor oil, considered to be a life-saving tool that can truly restore its original appearance, is notable for its low cost and ease of use.

What is castor oil

Castor is one of the natural products that are made from castor oil. Castor oil plant is a plant with large palmate leaves. Inflorescences are racemose and are located in the sinuses. Similar garden palms grow on all continents and are actively used for the medical and technical field. For the first time, the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt began to use castor for medicinal purposes. At the moment, the tool is also very popular.

In home cosmetology, this drug is actively used. You can easily recognize him by the following features:

  • specific smell;
  • not particularly pleasant and peculiar taste;
  • yellowish tint;
  • thick and viscous consistency.

Castor oil is unique because it combines fatty monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated acids. This composition is hypoallergenic, which makes it possible to use the product daily, guaranteeing the hair the necessary care.


Castor oil consists of several acids: oleic, linoleic and ricinoleic. Also, the composition of the drug contains other components, 90% of which are glycerides. To enhance the healing qualities, castor oil is combined with other ingredients of natural origin. These include tincture of calendula, lemon juice, quail yolks and alcohol.

Castor oil is used as:

  • antibacterial agents. This substance is present in Vishnevsky ointment, which is used to treat skin, wounds and burns; anti-inflammatory drug. Castor helps to eliminate joint pain with arthritis;
  • laxative. The drug speeds up the intestines; cold remedies;
  • cosmetic product. It helps strengthen hair and eyelashes, activates their growth.

In addition, castor oil has other functions:

  • elimination of dryness and peeling of the skin, preventing the appearance of dandruff;
  • the remedy can restore affected hair follicles. Castor is considered a well-known drug that maintains an attractive appearance of strands after the procedure of staining and lightening;
  • improving the condition of hair and their damaged ends; restoration of blood circulation of the scalp, restoration of shine and density of hair; growth acceleration, which is especially important for dry and weakened hair type.

You can learn even more about the beneficial properties of castor oil from the next video.

Rules and methods of application

When a mask is applied, experts recommend massaging the head. Massage is done using fingernails and fingertips.

The simplest option for operating castor oil is considered to be a conventional application as a balm. Before use, the product should be heated in a water bath. A similar mask can be applied to the entire length of the hair or rubbed only in the roots. The method depends on the needs of your hairline. To enhance the therapeutic effect, it is advised to cover the hair with polyethylene and wrap a towel over it.

The substance should be kept on hair for at least 30 minutes. Duration is calculated based on the recipe used. For example, if the mask contains pepper and other corrosive substances, it is not recommended to keep the mask for a long time. Castor is considered a potent drug, so monitor the skin reaction. If you notice itching or burning, rinse off the drug immediately.

Castor is not recommended every day, because it is difficult to wash off. Each time you need to use shampoo, which reduces the effectiveness of the medicine. For this reason, hair treatment should be done no more than once a week.

Do not use castor for hair inside during pregnancy. This tool since ancient times was considered a stimulant of labor. However, if you treat the skin, there will be no harm. Before applying the substance, spread one strand of castor oil and wait a few hours. If your body is not allergic, you can safely apply a mask to your hair.

How to rinse

Castor oil has many advantages. However, along with this, it also has drawbacks, which include difficulties with flushing. Some people cannot tolerate the specific smell of the product, which should also be attributed to a lack of substance.

Rinse off the drug with the help of cosmetic preparations to kill the unpleasant odor. To remove the entire product from the hair, the washing procedure will need to be repeated several times. It should be controlled so that the water does not have increased rigidity. It is better to stock up in advance with soft water.

To wash your hair after a castor mask, you will need a shampoo. When you wash off the remnants of the product, it is recommended to rinse your hair with infusions of herbs or acidified water. The latter method has easy instructions, which is to add in 5 liters of warm water several tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice.

Mask recipes

Many women make castor oil hair masks on their own. Their popularity is due to the availability of the product, ease of use and effective result. There are many options for masks that are aimed at different types of hair and the result.

For oily hair

The mask, in which vodka or cognac is added, gained great fame. To create, you need castor itself, lemon juice and alcohol. Mix the ingredients in a ratio of 1: 3: 5. The mixture is distributed over the roots and left for 30 minutes.

You can easily make a mask at home from freshly chopped parsley and cognac. Take 3 tablespoons of parsley, a teaspoon of alcohol and castor oil itself, in the same amount. Rub the product into the hair roots. Experts advise to massage the head at the time of rubbing. Leave on hair for 30 minutes.

Based on kefir. You will need half a glass of kefir and a tablespoon of castor oil. It should be applied to the skin and locks of hair. Leave also for one hour.

For dry and painted

Girls who often change their image with dyeing can get tow instead of hair. Do not trust the manufacturers who write about the absence of harm, because any chemistry has a detrimental effect on the hair. Castor oil masks will help restore hair to its former strength and restore their former attractiveness.

Mask with a yolk. The composition contains castor, in the amount of one teaspoon, honey in the same size and yolk (buy quail eggs in the amount of two pieces). Apply the resulting mask to the hair roots, as well as to the strands and tips. Wash off after one hour.

Mixture with glycerin. The composition contains a couple of tablespoons of castor oil, one tablespoon of glycerin and one yolk. The mask is rubbed into the roots and distributed in strands. You can leave the product overnight or rinse off after one hour.

Mask with Vitamin E. It contains castor oil - a tablespoon, a teaspoon of vitamin and yolk. The product is intended for scalp and strands. Rinse off after one hour.

Mask with yeast. Castor and yeast are present in the composition - 2 tbsp. l., May honey - 1 tsp., yolk. Buy live or powdered yeast. The product should be applied to curls and kept for one hour.

Perfectly nourishes the hair gelatin mixture. A teaspoon of gelatin should be mixed with warm water. You will also need to add castor oil, in the amount of two tablespoons. The gelatin mass should be infused for about 40 minutes, then mix with the rest of the components. Keep the product for a couple of hours.

For tips

The tips should be treated only with castor oil. The oily hair does not matter. You can use various nourishing masks that are applied along the entire length. Several homemade recipes are popular:

With herbs. You will need three tablespoons of dry chamomile, nettle and hypericum. Castors will need half a glass. Pour grass into a dark glass container and fill with oil. The product should be infused for 7 days in a cool place. After this, you need to strain the solution and apply to the tips one hour before washing.

You can use olive, burdock, linseed and castor oil in equal proportions. Add a few drops of jasmine ester here. You can replace jasmine with lavender or bergamot. With this tool, you should process the tips and leave for one hour.

For fast growth

To activate hair growth, women also use castor oil. There are several recipes that every housewife can make at home.

Castor oil mask with burdock oil. Based on the length and density of the hair, you will need the same amount of components. As fragrance, use fragrant ether. Rubbing the mask into the roots, distribute it along its entire length. Rinse after an hour;

From peppers. You will need two tablespoons of castor oil and pepper tincture. Rub the solution into the roots and massage the skin. It is recommended to keep the mask for one hour if you do not feel a strong burning sensation.

Mustard mask. It takes castor, dry mustard and fat yogurt. Enough will be a tablespoon of each component. Oil is found in kefir, along with pre-diluted mustard. The mixture is rubbed into the roots of the hair. Keep the mask for one hour, unless there is a strong burning sensation.

Onion Based. The composition contains castor oil, onion juice. Two tablespoons of each ingredient are sufficient. The mask is rubbed into the roots and left for one hour. If you don’t like the smell that comes from the mixture, add the essential oil.

A mixture of a tablespoon of castor oil, honey, calendula will help activate hair growth. It is recommended to leave this mixture for half an hour.


Mask with aloe. You will need: castor oil, onion juice and honey. Take one tablespoon of each ingredient. Aloe gruel should be taken in the amount of a couple of spoons. Rub the mask into the roots and leave overnight.

Helps strengthen hair castor with honey. The mask contains castor oil, in the amount of two tablespoons, one tablespoon of honey and lemon juice. One yolk should also be added. The solution should be applied to the roots and along the entire length of the strands. Keep on hair for one hour.

Mask with brandy. Castor with yolk should also be present in this effective agent. One tablespoon of brandy and oil is enough. It is recommended to rub the product into the scalp, and then apply the entire length of the strands. The mixture is required to nourish the hair for one hour.

Olive Oil Blend. Castor is mixed in equal amounts with olive oil. If you are confused by the smell of the mixture, use essential oils. Many girls use bergamot or rosemary. A few drops are enough to kill an unpleasant aroma. Rub the mask into your skin and hold for about one hour.

Balm from one tablespoon of dimexide, one and a half tablespoons of burdock and castor oil is also relevant. This mixture should be left for 30-40 minutes.

And now a video recipe for a hair mask using castor oil.


There are many reviews of castor oil. Girls actively use this tool, because it has an affordable price and easy use.

Girls, who often resort to hair straightening, will soon receive hard curls, devoid of shine. After applying castor oil, a week later, an attractive shine appeared on the hair, the curls became easy to comb.

Those who dreamed of long hair were also able to fulfill their dream thanks to castor oil. This drug is characterized by an affordable price, compared with building and effectively copes with the task. For six months, masks from this tool contribute to an increase in length of 10 centimeters.

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Castor oil is popular, it is recommended to friends and acquaintances. Users note that they were able to get rid of the problems of hair loss and brittleness only after they started using this miraculous remedy. The castor oil used in its pure form helps to restore damaged hair after dyeing procedures.

Also, the tool showed itself well in the role of a fortifier for oily hair. Especially praise the mixture of pepper and alcohol. The result of using such a mask shows itself in a couple of weeks. Girls note that the hair acquires a rich color, and the curls themselves shine with health.

Castorka copes with dandruff. After a month of use, you will notice a decrease in itching and dandruff itself.

These reviews confirm the excellent properties of this drug, which has gained popularity around the world. A wide variety of masks will help you choose the best option for your hair, and you can return them to their former attractiveness and health.

Watch the video: CASTOR OIL FOR HAIR GROWTH. DR DRAY (January 2020).


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