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Argan Hair Oil

All women strive to ensure that their hair is beautiful, attractive and well-groomed. However, many procedures are required to achieve the goal. On sale there are all kinds of masks, sprays and lotions that can be used almost every day. Among many means, you need to highlight argan oil for hair, which guarantees the effect of WOW after application.

What it is

Argan oil is made from the seeds of the Argan tree. On the basis of such fruits, a special type of oil can be made, which is used in various fields. For example, in the southwestern part of Morocco, argan oil is held in high esteem among lovers of gourmet dishes. In the cosmetic field, he is valued for his healing qualities.

This oil is one of the rarest, because the distribution of the Argan plant is limited and protected by UNESCO. The Government of Morocco is forbidden to export the fruits of the tree, but the ban does not apply to the processed species.


Argan oil differs from the rest in that it contains a large number of essential vitamins. These are E, A, F, which are called "vitamins of youth." More drugs are famous for the content of tocopherol and polyphenol, which are natural antioxidants that relieve inflammation. Rare substances are present in this oil - sterols, which remove inflammatory processes, along with desensitizing properties.

The properties

Argan oil is actively used in medicine. It is used for heart and vascular diseases, diseases of the vestibular apparatus, to eliminate pain in joints and muscles, as well as for infectious diseases. This remedy helps with chickenpox, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.

Endowed with useful qualities, this oil can cure skin diseases. Oil extracts help to quickly restore tissue from scars, burns, scars, wounds.

Argan oil is also used in complex skin care activities. It can affect the epidermis and the dermis itself. Moisturizing the skin, nourishment, protection from the adverse effects of the external environment, removing wrinkles, stopping aging - these properties are assigned to this substance. Argan also helps to moisturize the cuticle, strengthen the nail plates, improve the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes.

This list of useful qualities of argan oil does not end there. It is worth noting its effect on hair:

  • there are no more remedies that can moisturize hair like argan oil. It provides nutrition and care along the entire length of the strands, saturating them with the most useful vitamins;
  • the ability to repair any type of damage, which is very popular, as girls often use straighteners and curling irons that violate the hair structure;
  • helps to care for hair, giving it smoothness and guarantees that women's hairstyle will have the necessary shape in any weather;
  • Argan oil helps in the fight against dandruff, because it constantly moisturizes the scalp;
  • this oil gives hair strength to combat the adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation;
  • the benefit is to maximize the strengthening of the hair follicles so that hair loss is minimized;
  • Argan oil restores color, restores its former splendor and density, emphasizing the natural beauty of hair;
  • such a drug can be used for hair growth, as well as for the restoration of damaged tips.


There are three varieties of argan oil, which differ from each other, depending on the application, the level of purification and the manufacturing option.

  • made by cold pressing from a fried seed type;
  • a cosmetic variety made from unroasted fruits;
  • cold pressed products made from unroasted seeds.

The roasted variety of seeds is used only in the food industry, and unroasted cold pressed seeds are used in the medical industry because they contain a high level of nutrients for the human body. However, this species may also benefit from culinary success.


This oil can be used with any type of hair. However, if you have a greasy type of hair, experts do not advise to use argan in its pure form. For such curls, it is recommended to add lemon juice, cognac or alcohol-based tinctures to the mixture.

If you have dry and porous hair, it is recommended to rub a couple of drops of the product in the palm of your hand and apply along the entire length after using the shampoo. This balm is well absorbed and gives strands health and radiance.

If you want your hair to recover after perms and dyeing procedures, use argan oil heated in a water bath. Then you need to cover your head with polyethylene and wrap it with a towel. Leave the mask for a couple of hours, and then rinse with warm water. Such a procedure helps to restore hair to life, gives elasticity and softness.

Options for using oil:

  • to activate hair growth, you need to rub a small amount of oil into the roots after one day and at night. Do not forget to wash your hair with shampoo in the morning;
  • To make your hair look neat and easy to comb, it’s useful to apply a few drops of the product to your hair. This option is suitable for those who do not want to wait and walk with a mask on their heads;
  • to ensure the protection of tips, you should use indelible serum. She is rubbed between her palms, after which she needs to lubricate the tips;
  • if you see that your balm is over, argan oil will help you. It will provide hair easy combing, give them smoothness. To do this, take a small fraction of the drug and distribute it over the entire length of the curls after applying the shampoo. Rinse off after a couple of minutes. If you have a dry hair type, take a few drops of the drug and apply it a little further from the roots. Rinse off the product is not necessary.

As described previously, this tool is actively used in cosmetology, bears a benefit to the face. You can use this drug in a spray for convenience. Argan oil is added to cosmetics, because at the moment there is no such substance better.

Which way to use, choose only for you. You can use the product as a conditioner, balm or mask. It all depends on your personal preferences and available time.

Mask recipes

Since it is very expensive to make hair masks based on one argan oil, women prefer to add additional components to the mixture. Such methods are no worse and make it possible through experiments to find the best option for yourself. There are several types of masks, among which you can choose the one you need.

Against hair loss

To make such a mask, you need argan and burdock oil. It is necessary to mix the two components in the same proportion and heat them to a temperature of 50 degrees. After this procedure, the mixture should be applied to the roots and scalp. Make a massage, and apply the rest of the product on all curls.

After such manipulations, put on a plastic cap and leave the mask for a couple of hours. To completely wash off the drug and remove the oily film, you must immediately use a shampoo, moisturizing and foaming hair. After that, you can rinse with warm water. If you did not manage to immediately wash off the mask, the procedure must be repeated.

Use this mixture at least once every seven days. This option will not only help reduce hair loss, but also guarantees nutrition with the necessary elements.

For hair with severe damage

For such a remedy, you will need one spoon of argan oil, as well as mashed avocado fruit, egg yolk and a spoonful of aloe juice. Apply the product to the full length or to the roots, if necessary.

Leave the mask for a couple of hours, covering your head with a towel. Rinse off with warm water. The result will stay on the hair for 10 days, while maintaining elasticity, softness and moisture.

For thin and weakened

The product is made from argan oil, madakamia, coconut, almond and castor oil. The mixture needs to be heated with a water bath and soak it in the roots, after which it can be distributed along the entire length of the curls.

The tips should be given utmost attention. After this procedure, you need to twist the strands into a bundle and cover with a hat. Leave the product for a couple of hours.

Such a drug is able to endow the hair with all the necessary useful elements, fill the pores and give elasticity. The frequency of use is once a week.


If you are concerned about dandruff, argan oil can also help you solve this problem. To do this, you need to mix one spoon of argan with the following components: coconut oil, with 50 grams of yogurt and five drops of tea tree oil. All components are mixed, heated in a water bath.

You will get rid of peeling and itching after the first use, the amount of dandruff will also decrease. To completely get rid of your problem, you will need to repeat the procedure five times.

Do not forget that any procedure should be performed in an excellent mood. It is no secret to anyone that the effect of the drug becomes much higher if you use it in a positive mood.

Popular manufacturers

Currently, many manufacturers offer drugs based on argan oil. It should be noted the most popular brands that women use around the world.

A popular Moroccan remedy called Planet Organic. Organic and natural epithets are often added to these products, due to which customers often buy them. The manufacturer from Morocco takes the manufacture of cosmetic preparations very seriously, so there is no reason to doubt their quality.

Another company that deserves attention is called "Spivak". The range includes handmade soap, clay-based masks, various body scrubs and massage tiles. The company began its activity with the production of soap made from components of natural origin without the use of animal fats. Today, customers can buy not only cosmetic products for various purposes, but also all kinds of oils.

For lovers of an affordable and effective argan oil product, there is a Korean company "Welcos". A manufacturer from Korea has existed since 1986. He began his activities as a subsidiary of the concern "Hyundai Cosmetics". At the moment, this brand can be bought anywhere in the world.

There are a lot of positive reviews about Velkos argan oil. Girls like efficiency, reasonable price and quick result of the product.

The world-famous manufacturer of cosmetic products "Avon" also manufactures products based on argan oil. This brand can compete with well-known companies due to the affordable price category and its fame.

Do not lose sight of the Estel brand. The company offers many oils that first appeared on the shelves 15 years ago. Buyers are offered unique products that are distinguished by an effective result, low price and affordability. Products from this line can be bought at any store.

The main function that is assigned to the products of this brand is moisturizing. Due to this, curls get a rich shine, silkiness and elasticity. Various vitamins added to the oils enhance the beneficial effect.

Hair oil "EcoLab" for weakened hair type with split ends, has been recognized among the fair half. The company produces funds, which has eclipsed many foreign manufacturers. Affordable price, effectiveness and the use of natural components, makes it possible to take the brand a leading position in the ranking.

Argan oil from Tunisia is considered a unique tool that helps prolong beauty. Everyone knows that Tunisia is famous for its natural products. Every girl who came to this country always buys local cosmetics there. Popular oil "Soleil d Orient Vegetable oil Organic Argan", characterized by high efficiency.

Customer reviews

Many women, before starting to use argan oil, begin to study the reviews of other customers. There are many reviews of this miraculous remedy, because many female representatives really use it.

Many girls dilute ready-made masks with argan oil. This method helps to give curls shine, softness, makes them smooth, obedient. Oil perfectly strengthens hair and activates their growth.

Other girls share their emotions, reporting that they have been using the product for a long time. Consumers like good absorption of the mask without leaving greasy marks. A popular mixture of coconut oil.

Argan oil is perfectly washed off. Hair immediately gets a healthy shine. Those who use the product for less than a month note the softness and smoothness of the hair. Masks restore the tips with just five drops. Those girls who are worried about the increased dryness of curls add oil to the shampoo;

The video provides an overview of argan oil, it is also Moroccan, which can turn any hair into beautiful and well-groomed. It softens, restores and accelerates hair growth.

Watch the video: Argan Oil WARNING: 5 things to consider before buying a bottle (November 2019).

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