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Anti-cellulite oil at home


Currently, one of the most common female problems is the appearance of cellulite. Many women try in different ways to deal with this feature of the female body. Beauticians offer many ways to deal with the orange peel, but usually the proposed procedures are quite expensive. That is why many women try to cope with this problem on their own, at home. To do this, they use scrubs, masks, special massage techniques or other means.

One of the most effective ways to overcome cellulite is to prepare oils with anti-cellulite properties for massage and rubbing problem skin of the body. This procedure is very useful because rubbed oil mixtures speed up blood circulation and have a beneficial effect on the skin.

Wrapping, massage, bathing and other procedures in combination with the use of special oils can show significant results and help get rid of the so-called "orange peel". Now many manufacturers offer to purchase ready-made anti-cellulite products of their brand. However, one cannot be completely sure of their naturalness and effectiveness. That is why you can easily prepare such a tool yourself, at home. A self-made oil against cellulite will be no less effective than a ready-made product sold in the store, and perhaps it will even surpass the one purchased in its useful properties.

What to cook

The recipe for an anti-cellulite product at home is simple: to obtain it, you need to mix only two components, which will be vegetable oil, which acts as a base, and essential oil. The first group of oils is called basic, so they need to be taken in more volume than essential ones. Herbal ingredients contain many different fatty acids, amino acids, as well as the necessary vitamins A, B, E and other groups.

The oily substances of the second group are essential, they have a very rich aroma, since they are highly concentrated extracts from useful plants. It is because of the increased concentration and pronounced smell of these substances that they are included in a small amount in the composition of all cosmetics, including anti-cellulite. A few droplets added to the base are enough to achieve the desired effect.

So, cosmetologists include olive, flaxseed, jojoba, avocado, apricot kernel oil, grape seed and wheat germ as a base oil with an anti-cellulite effect. The oil esters that need to be added to the base vegetable are the essential oil of grapefruit, orange, lemon and other citrus esters. They have a smoothing effect, help to give the skin problem areas elasticity and firmness. In addition, they accelerate the natural production of collagen and the breakdown of fats. Citrus ether also helps stimulate the regenerative processes of skin cells.

There are other useful essential oils that have an anti-cellulite effect. These include: cinnamon, oil esters of juniper, rosemary, cloves, sage, bergamot, thyme and others. They perfectly affect blood circulation, and also accelerate metabolic processes in the body. In addition, they are able to perfectly tighten the skin.

Another variety of essential substances that help in the fight against cellulite are floral oily esters. These include geranium oil, sandalwood, lavender, patchouli and other flowering plants. These oils accelerate the division of healthy cells, which helps to replace old dead skin particles with new, better ones. Their anti-cellulite effect has long been proven, they are very effective and useful.

How to cook

To make a mixture with an anti-cellulite effect, it is necessary to combine about ten milliliters of base oil and 2-3 drops of oily ether. As a rule, this amount is enough for one procedure for problem areas of the female body. But depending on the individual parameters, as well as the volume of the problem area, you will need to calculate the required amount of this tool. All of them have the property of rubbing pretty well and moderately absorbed, so for the very first procedure, the specified amount of ingredients will be enough. The action of oils against cellulite is best manifested when they are heated, but it is strictly forbidden to boil them, it is unsafe, in addition, it can lead to the loss of nutrients.

Subsequently, you can make this solution at home in large quantities. The best option would be to mix thirty milliliters of base oil and 10-15 drops of essential, depending on its variety and specific properties. Usually one variety of each such substance is used, but experts indicate that it will be most effective to use a mixture of several varieties of vegetable and several types of essential oils.

When preparing anti-cellulite oil with your own hands, it will be important only to observe the above proportions, and its composition will depend directly on you, your preferences and financial capabilities. The resulting mixture of oils must be poured into a dark glass jar and stored in a cool, dry place, protected from direct sunlight, it is also permissible to store this substance at room temperature, but observing other storage conditions.

The video below is a recipe using a variety of cellulite oils.

How to use?

It is very useful to use these oils and their mixture in combination with other home cosmetic procedures. A good remedy against cellulite is to wrap with oil mixtures in combination with massage. Do these procedures as follows.

First you need to rub a solution of oils with anti-cellulite action into the skin of problem areas of the body, and then you need to wrap the treated areas of the skin with cling film. Then you need to put on warm pants made of thick material and cover yourself with a plaid or warm blanket. This procedure is very effective, it is called a hot wrap. It improves the effect of anti-cellulite oils, thanks to their use, the effectiveness is markedly increased.

The only negative point of carrying out the procedure for home hot wraps with oils is that experts do not recommend it to women who have problems with varicose veins and other vascular diseases.

Watch the video: 3 At-Home Cellulite Treatments (January 2020).


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