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Unrefined Coconut Hair Oil

Coconut oil is a unique product from Central Asia. It has received widespread cosmetic use for skin, hair, and nails care. What coconut oil to choose, see the video:

A review of coconut oil for hair brands Spivak and Parachute. Which oil to choose?


Unrefined coconut oil is obtained by cold pressing the pulp of a walnut fruit. The product has a pleasant aroma and beautiful color. After passing through the refining procedure, the substance loses a small amount of useful ingredients, the smell becomes subtle. When choosing the type of oil, it is better to give preference to unrefined due to the higher concentration of minerals and vitamins in it.

Coconut oil contains lauric acid (in unrefined substance up to 50% of the total mass), capric and caprylic, oleic, lanolinic acids, vitamins A, C, E and minerals. Due to these ingredients, the product has the following special properties for skin and hair:

  1. Regenerating - restores skin cells;
  2. Antimicrobial - protection and control of harmful microorganisms;
  3. Antioxidant - protection of cells from aggressive environmental influences;
  4. Antifungal;
  5. Moisturizing and nourishing.

How to choose coconut oil? Do you need natural unrefined coconut oil for food, hair, body?

Oil is a completely natural product. The solid mass of opaque white becomes liquid at a plus temperature above 25 degrees by heating or rubbing between the palms of the hands. It is worth noting that the substance is stored for a long time, which makes it even more popular due to its low consumption.

Coconut in cosmetology

  1. This magic emulsion is used to moisturize very dry skin and fill it with micronutrients. Also, the substance has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic properties, so it can even be used for sensitive skin.
  2. The product is actively used as a protective agent against the scorching sun, salt water, wind and other external adverse environmental factors.
  3. Oil can be used as a makeup remover, lip balm. Face and body scrubs with a coconut ingredient are widely used.
  4. The tool is also suitable for caring for cuticles, hands will look well-groomed, and nails healthy.

For hair

This product is also used for hair care. It can be used in its pure form. It is worth noting that it is much easier to wash out of curls in comparison with, for example, burdock.

With regular use, the hair will become more healthy, shiny, moisturized, strong.

Dry tips will be filled with much-needed nutrition and will no longer look lifeless.

Coconut oil protects the bulbs from loss of protein, respectively, prevents hair loss and prevents the development of dandruff. Curls become more elastic and resilient.

Learn more about hair care with coconut unrefined oil in the video:

Mode of application

The oil can be used in pure form, applied directly to the hair. To give them vitality, strengthen, restore, enhance growth, the product is applied directly to the scalp. The solid is heated in a water bath to a liquid state and rubbed into the skin with massage movements.

It is recommended to cover the shoulders with a cloth, oilcloth or any old T-shirt before the procedure, which you will not mind throwing away. The fabric protects clothing from drops of oil that could accidentally fall on your shoulders.

Head massage using coconut emulsion enhances blood circulation, nourishes the scalp and hair follicles. It should be noted that owners of oily hair should use coconut oil with caution in order to avoid supersaturation of the roots with nutrients, which will make the strands even more greasy and devoid of volume.

Oil helps wash away even resistant paint and henna, it is necessary to take this fact into account when applying the product.

Oil from the roots must be evenly distributed along the entire length of the strands with a comb or comb. To enhance the effect, put on a shower cap and wrap a towel around your head. It is recommended to leave the product for 2 hours, to achieve the best effect, the time should be increased. After washing hair with shampoo, preferably sulfate-free. This procedure should be repeated once every two weeks. The result is thick, shiny, healthy hair.

To nourish and moisturize dry ends, it is recommended to use the oil directly on the affected area. Treated tips should be left for several hours so that the product is absorbed. Then, wash your hair with shampoo. If you regularly nourish the ends of your hair with a coconut emulsion, you can achieve an amazing result - the hair will be smooth and shiny, and the ends will become healthy.

As thermal protection, you can use a few drops of coconut oil, previously warmed in the palms to a liquid state. It must be applied both to wet hair and to clean dry hair immediately before styling with a hairdryer, curling iron or ironing machine.

The use of this tool will not only protect your curls from overdrying, but also tame the naughty strands and make the hair more neat.

Another way to use a coconut hair product is to add a few drops of the substance to a regular shampoo or hair balm.


As noted above, coconut oil can be used in conjunction with other essential oils in hair masks.

Consider the most popular combinations.

You will learn how to make a hair mask with unrefined coconut oil in the video:

For density

In a mixture of coconut and almond oils (1 tablespoon each), add one egg yolk and 1 teaspoon of brandy. The resulting composition is applied to the entire surface of the strands and left for 2 hours. Then the mass must be washed off with ordinary shampoo. With a weekly use of such a mask, you can notice that the hair will become thicker, stronger and healthier.

For growth

To accelerate growth, the following mask is perfect: 2 tablespoons of coconut emulsion, 1 tablespoon of fat sour cream and half a banana softened with a spoon, mix and evenly apply on the entire surface of the hair. Leave on for 30-40 minutes, then rinse with water and shampoo.


To give shine, improve their appearance, restore the structure of the rod, you can use a kind of oil cocktail made from a mixture of coconut oil and others: olive, burdock, lavender, castor, apricot. The composition must be distributed on the hair and left for 2 hours. After rinse with warm water and shampoo.


The best advertising of any product is its consumer reviews.

Women and girls who have tried coconut oil at least once for their curls note its effectiveness in the fight for beautiful hair.

It should be noted that the product only works on initially healthy hair - say customers. The lifeless, split ends of the tool envelops the film, which prevents the receipt of already dehydrated strands of food. For such "dead" hair, oil will only create the effect of a neat hairstyle.

As a firming, nourishing, antiseptic, moisturizer for normal hair, coconut oil is an ideal option. Favorable reviews also noted its use as a thermal protective agent.

Watch the video: Should you use Refined or Unrefined Coconut Oil? (March 2020).


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