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Ant Hair Removal Oil

Girls around the world have been struggling with unwanted vegetation on their bodies for more than a century. One of the ancient secrets of beauty is the use of ant egg oil. Its beneficial properties were discovered by ancient Asian beauties. And the ability of this miraculous means to slow down hair growth and remove them from the body for a long time has not been forgotten to this day.


Ant egg oil is now used both in pure form and as an additive to various cosmetics. And in fact, and in another case, it works efficiently and performs its functions.

But not everyone knows how to get this product. Ant oil is mainly found in Africa and various Asian countries. The fact is that it can be obtained only from eggs of ants of a special breed. In them is located furfural, which has the desired effect.

You can learn about the beneficial properties of formic oil in the video below.

It takes a long time to make this oil. That is why the price of such a quality product is quite high. A good product has a slight sour smell and a thick oily consistency. The color of such a product is brown with a reddish tint.

For ant oil to work well, you need to not just wipe it with your skin. It is used immediately after depilation. It is advisable that it be carried out using wax or special sugar paste. Immediately apply ant oil to cleaned and steamed skin. In this case, the acid will penetrate immediately deep under the skin and slow down the growth of new hairs.

Hair grown after using this product will be much thinner and lighter than usual. In addition, it will prevent the appearance of ingrown hair, which spoils the condition of the skin.

Ant oil is a high-quality natural product, after which the epidermis remains as smooth and soft to the touch. Due to the lack of chemical additives, almost no one is allergic to this drug. If you notice any allergic manifestations on your skin, then the matter is most likely in additional components that are added to cheap oils.


Despite the fact that this anti-hair growth agent receives mostly positive reviews, it also has contraindications. Formic oil is not allowed to be used by certain types of people.

  • First of all, these are pregnant women and mothers, nursing a newborn. During this period, you need to take care not only about your health, but also about the health of your baby. The fact is that oil is absorbed into the skin and penetrates the mother’s milk. And no one will say for sure how the child’s body will react to it.
  • Also, you can not use oil for those who have some kind of skin disease. If the upper layers of your epidermis are damaged, then it can provoke the spread or exacerbation of the disease. The same applies to people who have allergies. Allergy sufferers are advised to test the effect of this product on a small area of ​​the skin before using it on the entire body.
  • For teenagers, this remedy is not contraindicated. But children under seven years old are undesirable, and simply do not need to use it.

But, if all of the above items are irrelevant for you, and you are sure that the oil will not harm your skin, then you can safely proceed to the choice of a suitable product.

Popular brands

The most popular supplier countries for this product are Egypt, Iran, Syria and Turkey. Each type of product has its advantages and disadvantages. The price of the product also varies, as well as the volume of the capacity in which it is sold.

The composition based on ant oil always includes additional elements. After all, if it is used in its pure form, noticeable burns may remain on the skin. Various perfumes, various types of alcohol, water, as well as herbal extracts and glycerin can supplement the mixture. The last element allows not only to make the oil more convenient for use by its consistency, but also significantly moisturize the skin. But so that the product does not lead to clogging of pores, glycerol in the composition should be no more than three percent.

The remaining chemical elements are already an excess. Very often, they indicate that the cosmetic oil that they are trying to sell to you is fake. So, the effect of such a product is unlikely to be noticeable after use.

In order to find quality oil to slow hair growth, it is best to contact popular manufacturers. There are several famous brands that are tested by more than one generation of buyers. Let's look at their advantages and disadvantages.


One of the cheapest products based on oil from ant eggs is produced by the Iranian brand "Roja". But the low price corresponds to the quality of the product. It usually turns out to be ineffective and acts only on fine and naturally blond hair.


This brand is made in Syria. The cost of the tool is almost the same as the previous one. But it works more efficiently. A more expensive remedy for the same brand is made in Turkey. There are much more positive reviews from consumers.

Among all these popular brands, it is recommended to choose Turkish-made oil. This product is sold in large bottles, so you can purchase quite a lot of product at a time.

In comparison, other oils lose. If we talk about the Syrian product, for example, then it does not have the right sour smell. And this, most likely, is evidence that there is no furfural in the oil. But it is he who is responsible for the effectiveness of the action. As for Iranian oils, they are not effective enough, so they are definitely not worth the money spent.

Is it possible to cook at home

Many girls are not ready to spend big money on a quality tool for depilation. Therefore, trying to recreate it at home.

To do this, they go to the forest in search of an anthill inhabited by large and long-legged ants.. You can collect oil there by inserting a wooden stick in the anthill. The resulting product resembles slightly expired butter in its appearance. Such a tool should be put in a pot, and melt at home and, strain through cheesecloth, leave in the refrigerator overnight.

It is impossible to guarantee the effectiveness of this tool. In order not to harm your health with such experiments, it’s better to buy a quality product created in accordance with all the rules. A branded product, the quality of which is confirmed by certificates, will allow you to gently remove excess hair without damaging the epidermis.

So, if you decide to experience the secrets of ancient Asian beauties, it is better to do this in accordance with all the rules and with the help of quality products.

Watch the video: Tala Ant Egg Oil - Permanent Hair Removal - Review (February 2020).


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