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Biphasic hair spray

Two-phase sprays in the market of cosmetic products appeared relatively recently, but even in this short period they managed to win the hearts of customers due to their undeniable qualities.

A feature of these lotions is the specificity of the formula and ease of use. Conditioners of this category are the "middle ground" between hair care oils and sprays, which are based on water. Thanks to this two-phase formula, when used, it does not cause hair loss, prevents the sensation of an oily film and has a beneficial effect on both the appearance and condition of the hair.


The main qualities of a two-phase air conditioner are protection, power, toning and restoration. The undoubted advantage of the product is the ability to maintain color for a long time after staining. As a result of the application, the hairstyle is refreshed, the hair becomes silky, soft and shiny.

Also, a two-phase spray is an effective tool that acts as a real heat-protective "armor" when drying with a hairdryer, styling and curling with a curling iron, straightening with an iron.

The silicone contained in the air conditioner envelops the texture, giving it invulnerability to adverse external factors. Unlike shampoos, conditioners and masks, biphasic is an indelible protective agent and contains active ingredients. Almost all sprays of this group incorporate vitamin complexes and extracts of medicinal herbs.

Who will suit

The spray is the ideal solution for those women who do not have enough time for thorough hair care and styling. It is easy to use. It is enough to “puff” after shaking the contents of the bottle, and a cloud of sprayed conditioner will evenly settle on the hair; there is no need to apply it to each strand separately. You can apply at any time of the day. The lines designed for women are designed for all types of hair, including damaged hair.

These lotions are recommended for owners of both thin, brittle hair and a bunch of naughty curls. After application, the hair becomes obedient, easy to comb and model. Content by appearance is a light substance and has a pleasant smell. Air conditioners are produced in small volumes in bottles convenient for carrying in a purse. For those who are going on the road, this conditioner will become an indispensable assistant, because it protects the hairstyle from external factors of adverse properties, including weather.

Customer reviews abound with such epithets as “miracle product”, “amazing”, “magical”. These ratings concern the most popular two-phase sprays from leading manufacturers of cosmetic products.

Salon Care "Valuable Oils" by Faberlic

One of the most commonly purchased two-phase air conditioners. As the manufacturer promises, the silicone in the composition of this product envelops the hair with a “weightless veil”, thanks to argan oil and avocado, the curls are filled with strength and brilliance. The surface of the hair is smoothed, the effect of electrification is eliminated. Spray can be used daily. A significant plus is a convenient spray gun, which atomizes the liquid well with the right doses. The air conditioner is economical, it lasts for a month. Minus - a relatively high price.

Luxury Repair Estel Coutur

The balanced nutrition formula of this conditioner is represented by silk proteins, keratin, argan oil and raspberry vinegar. The unique composition provides the best preservation of color staining. The use of a spray, in addition to the visual effect, gives a healing result. Natural ingredients in the spray protect against thermal effects and ultraviolet radiation. The manufacturer promises that the formula gives a brilliant result that will last as long as possible. In the Estel line, two-phase sprays are presented separately for light, colored hair and to restore the structure of each hair.

Kapous professional

Lotions of the Russian brand are favorably distinguished by a large content of natural ingredients, innovative designs and professional quality. The moisturizing serum in the composition contains wheat proteins, which makes the spray a highly effective nutritional care product in case of damage to the texture. The lotion has a high protective property, the lactic amino acids in the composition start the regeneration process, reducing free radicals. The legendary blue Kapous Dual Renascence continues to be the leader in sales in Russia for several years.

Of the new products, Kleral System Orchid Oil, which has high emollient properties, can be distinguished. Another conditioner - Echosline Seliar Bi-Phase Conditioner - has such a definite plus as versatility, it suits all types of hair. Erayba Nutriactive N18 is hypoallergenic and contains exceptionally safe ingredients.

How to choose and where to buy

When choosing a two-phase conditioner, you should focus on your hair type and the degree of damage. Pay attention to silicone sprays if you want to tone and moisturize your hair. Using cationic and polymer components in the lotion, you will protect your hair from the occurrence of the effect of electrification and facilitate combing. Thermo-protective lotions should be selected for temperature differences and the frequent use of electrical appliances for modeling hairstyles.

Their regular use will give you confidence that you are providing professional hair care. It is not necessary now to rush to the hairdresser to restore color and regain strength and shine. It is enough to choose a conditioner that does not wash off, it is easy to use, but it gives a dazzling result, giving you the right to declare yourself as a girl who is well-groomed from nails to the ends of her hair.

You can buy biphasic lotions on specialized sites and in beauty salons. You will be offered a wide range and different options at an affordable price, which varies from 150 to 3000 rubles.

At the end of our article, a video comparing two hair sprays. Enjoy watching!

Watch the video: Delicate Biphasic Spray - Hair Company (April 2020).


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