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Garnier Hair Oil

Health and beauty of hair are an integral part of the image of beautiful ladies. But, in order to achieve the desired result, women spend a huge amount of time in search of the so-called miraculous means that give the curls vitality and shine. Glossy magazines are full of articles about various restorative procedures in beauty salons. Information about the only salvation in expensive clinics is also transmitted on television. However, all these tempting offers are unlikely to arouse interest in the average woman.


If we consider the most popular hair care products, then the leading position is occupied by a French brand called "Garnier". The line "Fructis" was created specifically in order to quickly give the curls a healthy strength and shine, as well as restore lost beauty. Garnier Hair Oil Healthy Tips restores integrity and vitality to the structure in an extremely short time. With regular use, the desired result will not be long in coming.

In the composition of the "Elixir" you can see such natural ingredients as argan oil and camellia oil. These substances protect the hair from ultraviolet radiation and at the same time fill the strands with a chic shine. In addition to natural elements, in this tool there are silicones that are designed to complement the protection, due to its property of covering each hair with a thin film from the roots to the ends, giving additional volume. In addition, the absence of oily sheen after using "Elixir" is also a merit of silicones.

Alcohol, which is part of the product, creates a cleansing effect, removing excess sebum.

Efficiency and Benefit

An indisputable fact is the benefits of natural components for the human body. French cosmetologists tried to enrich the composition with the necessary vitamins and minerals, which significantly increased the effectiveness of the product. In relation to other similar analogs, "Elixir" is a universal remedy. It is suitable for owners of dry hair, subject to greasy, colored and normal.

The form of oil release is a spray, which is very convenient, since the product does not spread and is evenly distributed over the entire length. It is oily to the touch, but the texture is quite light and does not make strands heavier. In terms of consumption, it is quite economical, even with regular use.

The manufacturer guarantees consumers:

  • moisturizing hair, which occurs due to the presence of natural oils in the composition;
  • hair nutrition with regular use;
  • protection from the negative effects of styling products and ultraviolet radiation;
  • deep restoration of curls by getting into the places of hair damage microparticles funds;
  • the volume that provides the hair with silicone, enveloping each hair with a thin invisible film;
  • magnificent aroma, complementing the overall picture with its lightness;
  • healthy appearance, achieved by falling useful components into the structure.

The pleasant texture of the Elixir of Transfiguration oil, created with the help of natural camellia and argan oils, does not burden the roots and easily penetrates into each hair. The minimum amount of silicones has an extremely positive effect, enveloping the entire length of a thin film and protecting against unpleasant effects of external factors. Silicones do not cause allergies, therefore women with sensitive scalp can use this oil. The presence of alcohol helps get rid of excess sebum, keeping your hair fresh for a long time.

Camellia oil was first used in Japan. Local women used it as an anti-wrinkle remedy. Its composition is unique in that it allows the tool to be almost completely absorbed into the hair structure. The composition of the oil includes such beneficial substances as:

  • vitamins A, B, E;
  • fatty acid;
  • minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus;
  • polyphenol;
  • bioflavonoid.

The oil saturates the scalp with oxygen due to the squalene substance related to the human body, which helps to improve blood microcirculation and full-fledged hair growth.

Camellia helps to cope with several problems at once:

  • split ends;
  • fragility;
  • dandruff;
  • dullness.

Butter "Elixir of Transfiguration" is one of the novelties of the famous brand, however, it has already managed to gain recognition among buyers. With its ability to repair damaged structure, nourish and saturate curls, moisturize dry locks, remove excess fat, add volume to thin hair, protect from negative environmental effects, oil, truly, occupies high positions in universality and versatility.

The line of "Botanic Therapy" is also included in the ranks of popular new products. The main idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis series is the absence of harmful parabens and the use of active natural components. The composition of this series includes castor oil, which contributes to the strengthening and growth of hair, as well as almond, nourishing, regenerating, giving shine and elasticity. In this line, cream oil is presented, which is characterized by a light cream texture. This product restores hair from roots to ends and strengthens hairs prone to falling out, filling them with nutrients and protecting them from thermal effects.

Application rules

Oil "Transfiguration Elixir" is a fairly economical tool, as its small bottle is enough for a fairly long time. Oil is applied to oily hair as follows: the entire length is processed, except for the roots. For dry hair, it is necessary to start the procedure with the roots. With constant use, efficiency is guaranteed.

There are four ways to apply oil:

  • If there is a clear problem with dry ends, only treat specific areas. To increase efficiency, it is recommended to apply the product in the palm of your hand, rub it a little, and then transfer it to the dry ends of the hair.
  • You can enable hair protection by applying the product immediately before styling.
  • Before washing the hair, the oil is applied over the entire length of the hair, and after 30 minutes it is thoroughly washed off with shampoo.
  • You can also apply oil to clean hair, avoiding the root zone.
  • To get the desired result, it is worth following the instructions for use.

This product can be purchased in many online cosmetics stores, such as: Il De Beaute, Rive Gauche, Letual, Spectrum, Magnet Cosmetic, Rainbow Smile, Scarlet, as well as some Hypermarkets and pharmacies. Often on the shelves you can find probes. This is very convenient, since you can check the body's response to oil. To do this, apply a little funds on the wrist and wait for 5-10 minutes. If redness or irritation is not found, then you can safely buy the goods.

A little cheaper this tool can be bought in professional online stores. But the price should not affect the quality of the product. It is worth focusing on such important nuances as delivery, payment method and return of low-quality goods.


According to the reviews of many girls and women, we can make an unambiguous conclusion about the quality and availability of Garnier products. Most women are not indifferent to the fate of their own hair, therefore, in addition to the beautiful labels, ladies also study the composition. The presence of useful substances in the form of minerals, vitamins, natural antioxidants allows you to use oil, while receiving a lot of pleasure and the desired effect.

After reviewing most of the reviews, you can see an undeniably positive trend in products, the most popular among which is the oil "Transfiguration Elixir". Girls note an improvement in the internal and external state of the hair structure, as well as the appearance of increased self-confidence and the beauty of their hair.

How to use Garnier hair oil, see the next video.

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