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Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Women around the world are trying to use the beneficial properties of essential oils to improve their health and appearance. Properly selected substances can improve the condition of the hair and even accelerate the process of their growth. Surprisingly, such budget supplements can affect hair even better than expensive cosmetics.

What it is

Essential oils are squeezed from healthy herbs and flowers. They have a positive effect on the body and have been used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes for a very long time. These oily liquids are colorless with a concentrated and saturated odor.

They do not dissolve in water due to their oily consistency, but dissolve in alcohol. It is used by cosmetologists who add them to various products for a pleasant aroma.

As you know, from one plant you can get several varieties of ether. An example is an orange tree. Petigrain is obtained from its leaves by squeezing, from flowers - neroli, and the orange oil itself is extracted by processing the peel of a ripened sweet fruit.

The oil obtained by pressing is placed in a glass bottle, which is immediately tightly corked. This is done so that it does not lose its beneficial properties and rich aroma. In no case should you put ether in plastic bottles, because plastic immediately reacts with its components.

As a rule, no more than ten milliliters of oil is poured into one bottle. The fact is that it is concentrated, and even such a tiny amount will last you a long time. In addition, after opening the bottle, the oil should not stand for too long. Do not store the product in open form for more than three years.

And if we are talking about citrus oil, then it should be used a year after you uncorked the bottle. All this time the product should be in a cool room, not exposed to direct sunlight.

What are the benefits

Despite the fact that essential oils have been used for hair care for many centuries, not everyone understands what their benefits are and why they work. The fact is that the ether, which is extracted from natural plants, contains a huge amount of vitamins and useful elements. And this benefits the hair, regardless of their type.

Properly selected oils help strengthen hair roots and solve split ends. They act on the hair follicles, improving the blood circulation process. Due to this, the curls grow faster, and the sebaceous glands begin to work normally. Thus, the hair becomes less oily, like the scalp itself.

In order for the result to be really noticeable, essential oils must be used on the hair regularly. Only then will essential oils for hair growth work as you expect.

Types of oils and their features

Several types of oils help speed up hair growth. You can use them individually or by combining with each other. In the right combination, the essentials are even more effective.

Let's look at the list of the most popular aromatic oils that really stimulate hair growth and strengthen them.


With regular use, rosemary nourishes the hair, saturating the scalp with essential vitamins and minerals. It stimulates blood circulation, due to which, the hair naturally begins to grow faster. In addition, this tool prevents them from falling out, which means that your hair will become thicker after only a few applications.

Ylang ylang

This oil is universal, and works equally well on hair and on the body. Therefore, it is added to many cosmetics. To produce this product, tropical plant flowers are used. It grows only on warm coasts, and because of this it is quite expensive.

Tea tree

It also receives good reviews for growth. Soft essential oil works really effectively, saturating every hair. Thus, the curls become strong, but at the same time silky and cast a natural shine. After applying the tea tree extract on your hair, you will notice that it has become easier for you to comb it and do the styling.


Lavender also helps stimulate hair growth. This oil, known primarily for its pleasant smell and soothing properties, strengthens the hair and prevents them from falling out. Therefore, it is recommended to use it for men prone to early baldness.


Citrus oils not only smell pleasant, but also have a good effect on the general condition of the hair. Lemon, tangerine and grapefruit oils occupy a leading position in the top of products that accelerate growth. An additional advantage is their regenerative effect, which contributes to the fact that the hair not only grows longer, but also stop breaking off. So, you will burn to achieve the desired length as soon as possible.

With bergamot

Bergamot oil is also included in the list of oils useful for hair growth. Its additional property is that it cleanses the scalp from excess fat. When the pores are cleansed, the hair naturally begins to grow faster. So if you want to achieve not as fast as possible, but lasting effect, then this product is perfect for you.


This tool will be a real panacea for lifeless hair that hardly grows. It is popular among many girls, but also costs a lot, respectively. This is the most expensive type of flavoring from the entire list.


For greasy strands you will need geranium oil. Together with the acceleration of hair growth, it will have a positive effect on the scalp, normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands. When using this tool, you will also forget about problems such as seborrhea or dandruff, if previously they were relevant to you.


Pleasantly cooling the skin, peppermint oil has a positive effect on the skin and curls. Peppermint has an accelerating effect on blood circulation. Thanks to this, hair grows faster. Powered in this way, the locks look more attractive and lively.


The last of the most popular is jojoba oil. It affects even the most thinned and damaged strands. After using it, your hair will become longer and healthier.

Features of choice

Choosing the right oil is worth several parameters. First of all, these are individual indications. If you are allergic to any product, then this oil is not worth buying. For the rest, try different esters, checking which one is best for you.

It is also very important to use exclusively high-quality oils. After all, no matter how useful the product would be, if you stumble upon a fake, then you will forever be disappointed in it. To prevent this, buy aromatic additives in trusted stores, and even better from manufacturers with a good reputation. And remember that quality oil is unlikely to cost too cheap. Therefore, if the price of the selected product is much lower than that of competitors, then in front of you is most likely a fake.

How to use

Oils to accelerate hair growth and make them thick can be used in several ways. At the same time, one cannot say that one of them is more effective, while the other works worse. Here, everything is quite individual and it’s better to try different methods on yourself to make sure that it suits you. You can also combine or alternate several methods, or simply change additives, checking which effect works best.


One of the most enjoyable ways to care for your hair is massage. It allows not only to accelerate hair growth. A pleasant head massage will relax and soothe you.

For this procedure, you will need to mix selected essential oils with olive in a small container. An olive base is needed for additional nutrition of the scalp and individual hairs. If you do not have it, then you can buy a cheaper flaxseed, which is sold in any pharmacy at a low price.

Massage with such an oily liquid is quite simple. To do this, you just need to slightly warm up the product in a water bath. It should only be slightly warm, but not hot at all. Otherwise, skin burns may remain.

The mass is rubbed into the scalp with slow massage movements. The procedure is worth a few minutes. After that, hold the product on your head for another half hour. After that, the massage mixture can be washed off. For this purpose, any shampoo that you use in everyday life is suitable.

Aroma combing

Another procedure that helps to accelerate hair growth is combing hair with the help of essential oils. For this purpose you will need only suitable products and a comb or comb with wooden cloves. The length of the teeth depends on the length of the hair. If you have long hair, then the comb should be appropriate, and vice versa.

The wooden base of the brush works best in combination with essential oils without reducing their effectiveness. Apply the product on the cloves and distribute it with a comb along the entire length. To comb the hair is worth ten minutes. It is not necessary to do this daily, two to three procedures per week are sufficient.

After you have combed your hair thoroughly, you need to rinse the comb under hot water. This will allow you to clean its surface and calmly use your comb for everyday combing.

Another point to keep in mind is that the oil for this procedure is selected depending on what time of day you spend it. Different aromatic additives affect us in their own way, and this is certainly worth considering when choosing them.

If you carry out aroma combing in the morning, then it is better to dwell on products that invigorate the body and have a tonic effect on your hair. These include mint and various citrus fruits (lemon, mandarin, grapefruit). But in the late afternoon I would like to relax on the contrary your body and set it up for a full, restful sleep. To do this, choose a daisy or lavender.

As an addition to makeup products

Essential oils can also enrich your favorite hair care products. If you do not like the chemical smell of your cosmetics, or want to achieve faster hair growth, then try adding a few drops of ether to the mask or shampoo you bought in a pharmacy or cosmetic store. Peppermint, cinnamon or tea tree oil will stimulate hair growth.

But do not overdo it and do not add too much oil to the shampoo or rinse. From this, the strengthening effect will not be large. It is enough to supplement the care product with one or two drops, and it will already work better.


One of the most popular ways to help accelerate hair growth is to use masks with ether additives. If you combine natural elements in your mask, they will complement each other and enhance the effect of each individual component.

Sophisticated masks, in which all the ingredients are correctly combined with each other, have the most positive effect on the curls, making them shiny and elastic. So that you do not spoil anything with experiments, we offer a list of several masks that will quickly accelerate the growth of your curls.

With burdock base

The positive effect of using burdock oil on hair has been known for a long time. Combine it with essential additives, and the result will pleasantly surprise you. For 50 mg of pure burdock, you will need no more than two drops of the selected essential oil. Mix them well together and rub into the roots, while massaging the scalp. Using this mask, wrap your hair in a warm towel and hold the composition on your head for half an hour.

Sour cream

Dairy products are useful not only for consuming them on a daily basis, but also for preparing various masks based on them. To prepare a sour cream mask, you will need only two tablespoons of sour cream, supplemented with two drops of lavender oil. This tool is applied to curls in a cold form and keeps all the same half an hour.


Another milk-based mask is kefir. To prepare it, you will need to mix fifty grams of low-fat kefir with three tablespoons of honey and a few drops of cinnamon oil. All elements are mixed together. The resulting mixture needs to soak the hair for twenty minutes. Enhances the effect of the composition of a warm towel, warming hair.


A good result can be achieved by mixing cedar or fir oil with vegetable oil. The base is quite oily, so after you hold it on curls for an hour, the mixture must be thoroughly washed off. If after the first washing of the curls with shampoo a greasy residue remained on them, repeat the procedure again. And then, for reliability, rinse the hair with a decoction of herbs.


An unusual way to accelerate hair growth is to use for this purpose a mask consisting of black rye bread soaked in warm water, flavored with rosemary oil. This hair remedy is worth keeping on your head for an entire hour. All this time, the hair should be warm.


Another food-based mask is oatmeal. To prepare it, pour oatmeal with boiling water and let the porridge soak in hot water and swell. In the finished oatmeal, add jojoba extract and apply the mixture on the head. The base must be rubbed into the roots. But you should not forget about the tips.

Finally, it is worth mentioning one rule that applies to the process of preparing all masks. If at a certain stage one of its components needs to be heated, then this should be done before adding ether to the mixture. Also, you can not add it to hot mixtures - let them cool first, and only then mix. The fact is that when the oil is heated, they lose all the positive properties and the meaning of their application is lost.

In search of ways to accelerate hair growth and make it thicker, girls very often ignore the simplest and most obvious of them. And in vain, because with the help of essential oils, which are cheaper than professional cosmetics, you can achieve significant results. In this case, you will be sure that you are using a natural product that does not harm your hair. So, if the selected ether does not work, then at least its pleasant aroma will remain with you.

Try different oils, combine them with each other, add to masks and cosmetics, and you will definitely find your own option, the best oil that will help you fulfill your dream and acquire long and well-groomed curls in a very short time.

In this video, we will tell you about the use of essential oils for hair growth, and also share with you recipes for home masks that will not only help grow long hair, but also make them beautiful, healthy and shiny.

Watch the video: 3 Best Essential Oils for HAIR GROWTH. Good Vibes Essential Oils. Sushmita's Diaries (January 2020).


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