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Hair growth comb

In order to preserve luxurious hair, it is important to properly care for and care for your hair. One of the key conditions is the choice of a good comb that promotes the growth of strong and healthy curls.


A hair growth comb does exist and even has several varieties. Of course, we are not talking about an instant increase in length. Proper combing with a good tool affects the nutrition of the strands, massage of the hair follicles and scalp, the alignment of scales and, as a result, faster growth.


Wooden brushes and combs are one of the most popular and sought after products. And their secret lies in environmental friendliness, preventing static stress, activating growth and preventing split ends. Coniferous trees, oak, birch and many others can serve as materials for the manufacture. To stimulate hair growth, combs are suitable:

  • from birch;
  • from ash;
  • from sandalwood, which, among other things, will help to normalize sleep, strengthen hair and soothe the scalp;
  • from a peach tree making hair stronger and filling it with a subtle delicate aroma.

Qualitative models of wood, designed to stimulate hair growth, do not have nicks and sharp edges. Their service life and useful life is not more than 3 months, after which the comb must be replaced.

From silver

Silver combs can be purchased at a variety of jewelry stores. However, such a product is not just a souvenir, but a really useful thing.

So, silver improves the condition of the scalp, at the ionic level it renews the hair structure, which as a result provides a snug fit of the scales to the core of the hair. Such a multifaceted effect affects hair growth.

Experts advise not to neglect the use of this model, but to comb it several times a day for 3-5 minutes. Especially effective procedure before bedtime.

With natural bristles

Brushes with natural bristles will be a good alternative to combs. This can be a boar, pork and comb, as well as a whalebone and horse hair. Each of the materials provides a careful attitude to the hair and scalp, however, in combined versions often combine natural and artificial pile, which significantly reduces the quality and reduces the visible result.

The secret of the brushes lies in the massage of the scalp, which provides microcirculation of blood in the hair follicles. The latter, in turn, is activated and awake. The result is the rapid growth of lush and thick hair.


In pursuit of long and beautiful curls, you can pay attention to electric combs. By stimulating the scalp and temperature exposure, this species improves blood microcirculation. In addition, in some models, a reservoir with vitamins and nutrients for curls may be present, which further enhances the effect. They can be powered by mains or battery. The last option, it is worth saying, is more convenient outside the home.

According to experts, there is an effect from them, and hair growth is observed at a significant pace. However, the same result can be achieved with a conventional natural brush, which is also subject to high-quality head massage.

How to choose

In reality, there is no perfect and universal comb suitable for any hair. The type of hair, its thickness, density directly affect the choice of the right and useful tool.

So, for owners of cute curls and romantic waves, combs with wide teeth are suitable. The materials here can be wood, silver or natural horn. Naughty hair when using such devices will easily become neat, and the absence of static voltage will allow you to feel smoothness and softness.

Long hair is easy to comb with classic combs with medium width between teeth. After the procedure, the combed curls will respond with gratitude for a head massage using a brush with natural bristles or wooden teeth.


In addition to the type of model, it is important to pay attention to its quality, because the growth rate of beautiful strands directly depends on this. So, wooden devices should not have chips and sharp edges that can injure a lot of hair, confuse and hook them.

How to use

Surprisingly, even such a simple and familiar procedure from childhood as combing has its own subtleties, still unknown to many. So, experts categorically forbid combing curls immediately after washing, not allowing them to dry. Wet hair is more prone to injury, because it becomes more fragile.

You should also think about a method. For example, on short hair, procedures begin from top to bottom, and on long hair - from bottom to top. The thing is the greatest tangling of long hair at the ends, which, when neglected by masks, oils, balms and conditioners, are deficient in moisture and nutrition. The phased action will allow you to unravel the curls without injuring the middle and basal zone.

By watching the following video you will learn how to wash, dry and comb your hair.

And also experts and experienced beauties advise daily to arrange a massage of the scalp and hair, combing, head down.

This can be done while lying on the bed and hanging your head or sitting on a chair and bending to your knees. Massage with a brush at the same time begins with the occipital part, gradually moving on. Five minutes of time and about 50 movements will help activate skin processes and quickly grow long and luxurious curls worthy of admiration for friends.

On how to improve hair growth using head massage, see the video:


Girls who decide to achieve excellence in caring for their own hair are happy to share their impressions of buying various combs and their effects on hair. So, among the favorites are present classic wooden combs. Curls after regular procedures become smooth and obedient. True, it is often necessary to care for and change wooden helpers, which is a significant drawback for some women.

Another favorite tool is bristles with natural bristles. According to users, the massage with their help is especially pleasant, and the shine of the strands is noticeable after several uses. However, like wooden competitors, models with bristles requires careful care and quality cleaning.

Positive and controversial reviews can be found about electric combs. First of all, this is due to their high price in comparison with classical models, and therefore, the desire to see more significant results. So, users notice a positive growth trend of hair after massage. However, such models do not fully perform the declared styling functions, giving only a short-term effect of obedient and “friable” curls.

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