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Nail Strengthening Oil

Vegetable and essential oils today are actively used to care for the body, hair and even nails. The oily liquid obtained as a result of pressing seeds, seeds or fruits contains an increased concentration of nutrients and minerals. That is why it works so well.

Nail oils are the best way to care for them and to give your hands a well-groomed look. After all, it is precisely by how well-groomed fingers and palms look that you can often determine how much a person is watching himself.

Briefly about the main thing

Good oils perform several functions at once. They nourish the nail plate, make it smooth, shiny and, most importantly, stronger. In addition, together with strengthening the nail plate, they have a positive effect on the skin of the hands, making them softer to the touch.

Regular housework, contact with various chemicals for cleaning surfaces, as well as regular staining or even nail extension make them more brittle and weak.

Also, the condition of nails is negatively affected by the lack of useful trace elements in the body. If you are on a strict diet, or just do not eat enough fat, then over time the nails become thinner. You can fix this problem by feeding the nail plate at the same time both from the outside and from the inside. If the second is simple - just enrich your diet with wholesome food, then with external care everything is more complicated.

  • You can feed the nail plate using short-term massages, baths or masks. Particular attention in such procedures is given to the edge of the plate, the place where the skin of the finger begins. After all, it is on this verge that the epidermis absorbs all the beneficial substances best.
  • Oily formulations are also able to give gloss to the nail plate. If your nails become lifeless due to the fact that you often paint or build them up, then they need to be moistened and nourished with the help of all the same plant or essential formulations.
  • They are also able to provide your nails with strength, strength and ability to withstand the appearance of fungus. Most oils by nature have antiseptic properties and are able to protect the nail plate from all kinds of diseases.
  • If we talk about the aesthetic side of the issue, then they also align the color of the nail plate and even its surface. They eliminate unhealthy spots and yellowing, if any. A healthy surface of the nail should be smooth, without tubercles and color differences, and natural oils make it healthy.


But not all oils can be used for nail care. Often, girls are disappointed in the properties of all oils in general, and leave negative feedback about them, simply by choosing the wrong remedy. In order to prevent this from happening, choose a product that helps to solve exactly your problem.

So, if you want to strengthen the nail plate, you can try to look after it with oils of rosemary, sandalwood or tea tree, almond, eucalyptus, avocado, lemon or chamomile. As you can see, the choice is quite large, so you can pick up something of your own.

Bergamot, ylang-ylang or thyme oils will help solve the problem of brittle nails, which are exfoliated and covered with microcracks. And to get rid of the yellowness, which is familiar to many smokers, gives the opportunity to ether lemon, famous for its whitening properties.

How to choose

In addition to the fact that the oil should be selected depending on your needs, there are other selection rules. They should be followed to buy a really good tool.

Essential and vegetable oils are best bought at a pharmacy. There, the product will most likely be of the highest quality and certified. When buying, pay attention to the capacity in which the product is sold and to the composition. In addition to the oily base, there should not be a long list of additional ingredients. In particular, chemical preservatives and dyes.

As for the bubble, it should be made of dense dark glass. Oil should be stored away from direct sunlight. A sealed glass bottle contributes to this.

Be sure to check not only the composition, but also the expiration date. It is customary to store and use this product for about a year. And an expired product will not do you any good. It is not necessary but desirable that the package contains instructions with a list of its beneficial properties and contraindications. So it will be easier for you to understand the features of its use.

How to achieve a result at home

Using oils for caring for your own hands, you will achieve the effect no less than from salon procedures. There are several ways to look after the nail plate at home. If you wish, you can alternate rubbing the mixture into the nail plate, masks and baths, as well as add it to the hand cream that you use on a daily basis.

Long masks

With such procedures, the product is applied to the nails and left on them for a long time, very often even for the whole night. In order not to stain themselves and their bedding, their hands dipped in oil are hidden in thin cotton gloves. This procedure allows the oil to soak the nail plate and skin as close as possible and helps to accelerate the growth of nails.

Olive oil is best suited for this procedure. For greater effectiveness, you need to add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Alternatively, you can use lemon ether. In order for the result to be noticeable, the procedure must be repeated at least twice a week for a whole month.

If you want to make the nail plate healthier, not only externally, then you can also use coconut oil.


Effectively work and baths for nails. Make a mixture of pure olive oil, castor oil, five drops of tea tree oil and avocado. Heat this oily mixture in a water bath, then, when it is warm enough, lower your fingers into it. In the bath, palms should be held for ten minutes, then rinsed in warm water and generously greased with nourishing hand cream.

You can also take a simple sunflower oil for the bath, which almost everyone uses when cooking. Supplement it with a few drops of lavender, chamomile or eucalyptus ether.


Nail plate masks work well. If they are not very oily, then they can be left on the nails without rinsing. As a mask, you can use almond oil. It must be rubbed into the nail plate in its pure form, or, mixed with a few drops of oil, wheat germ or jojoba. The mask will be enriched with useful elements and simple vitamin E, which can be bought at almost any pharmacy. This mask really strengthens the nails.

And now the video is a recipe for a mask for strengthening nails.


If you decide to treat your nails with vegetable oils, then it is worth considering that even this natural remedy has contraindications. First of all, this is personal intolerance to one or more elements. Pre-test the oil on a small area of ​​the skin to make sure that it does not harm you.

Also try to follow the instructions for use, so as not to harm yourself, using the oil in the wrong way.

Vegetable or essential cosmetic oil can really clean your hands in a short time. Choose funds that really suit you, use them regularly, and accurately notice the result.

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