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Castor oil for nails

These legends make up the properties of castor oil, and its spectrum of action is not limited to caring for naughty curls, overdried epidermis or nails; A herbal remedy is often used in medicine to normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. However, let us return to the area of ​​beauty and talk about what effect castor has on the nail plate and the thin skin around it - the cuticle.

Castor oil is as follows: it is extracted by cold pressing the castor bean shrubs growing in Africa, any other warm or colder country.

It is the method of obtaining the composition that allows you to save a useful complex of trace elements and fatty acids in the oil structure.

Cold pressed plant product is of high quality and recognizable consumer qualities: high density and viscosity of the substance.

There is nothing more beautiful than well-groomed female hands, and it is especially pleasant to observe natural nails with soft cuticles without additional coating, you must agree that such a phenomenon is quite rare. Modern women's responsibilities expose the surface of the nail plate to real stress, plus sometimes poor nutrition adds unhealthy shine to our nails, and lack of free time makes us forget about the problem of unhealthy nails.

Castor oil comes to the rescue - an affordable and low-cost analogue to expensive procedures and a complete care kit for the nails and hands of both women and men.

Beneficial features

Thick aromatic castor oil of natural origin - a product for the health of nails and thin skin - cuticles, which allows to achieve incredible heights in the conditions of daily home care:

  • "Castor" helps to grow healthy and long plates faster due to the presence of useful fatty acids in the complex.
  • Castor oil softens the cuticle - the skin around the nail, saturating it and nourishing it with a complex of lipid acids, which allows you to easily move it away from the nail and give your hands a well-groomed, finished look.
  • In addition to stimulating the growth of the stratum corneum, castor oil has a strengthening effect and makes the structure of keratinized skin even denser, stronger and gives a pleasant shine to the surface.
  • Brittle nails after regular use of castor extract become dense and strong, they stop treacherously breaking and spoiling the appearance of nails.
  • "Castor" has antiseptic properties and is suitable for use on the surface of toenails. In addition to disinfecting functions, it helps to combat the already formed fungus as an additional factor.

Mode of application

The use of castor oil is not limited only to hair (curls on the head, eyebrows and eyelashes), it copes with dry skin on the hands and restores the structure of the nail, moisturizes the cuticle and stimulates the growth of the nail plate.

It is advisable to use a plant product according to some simple recommendations that will help to slightly simplify the process of applying oil and achieve a greater effect from its regular use.

It is important that the horn plate is cleaned of varnish and other coatings, which would prevent the product from penetrating and penetrating into the surface and inner layers.

Apply preheated oil to the cleansed surface of the skin of the hands and nails with massage movements. Pay special attention to the area of ​​the cuticle and nail - rub oil for a minute to further stimulate the skin and nail. Heated oil has the best penetrating properties and has a beneficial effect on the epidermis.

Leave the oil to soak into the skin of the hands and the keratinized structure of the nails for a period of 10-15 minutes; the remnants of the product can be blotted dry with a towel or towel in order to complete the full day procedure.

For greater effect, leave the oil overnight in your hands - put on cotton gloves on the hands and nails treated with oil, leave an indelible mask until the morning.

Regular use of the oil will help maintain softness of the skin and strengthen nails. For too brittle plates and dry cuticles, it is recommended to use "castor" daily 1-2 times a day, for example, as regular oil to nourish the skin around the nail.

The video shows how you can strengthen the nails with castor oil:

To neutralize the negative effects of nail polish remover or gel polish remover from the surface of the nail, apply castor oil to the cleaned plates after removing this or that coating and leave it overnight. This will allow to strengthen and restore them even for such a short period.

The use of castor oil is possible as part of a mask for weekly or more frequent care: warm the plant composition to a pleasant warm temperature and add a couple of drops of iodine. Dip your fingers in the mixture and leave them for a period of 5 minutes. Then wipe the plate and fingers with a dry towel or napkin.

For legs

Caring for the legs and horn plate on them is considered more difficult, however, this is not a problem for castor oil. The structure of the plate on the legs repeats the one that is located on the hands, so caring for it consists of the same rules.

Using castor oil daily as a skin care cream will moisturize the epidermis of the legs and the thin skin around the plate - try applying oil on the surface of the nail daily for a week, and you will notice an amazing result.

For application, use a cotton swab soaked in the composition, while it is not necessary to limit yourself to only nail care: apply the castor product warmed up in a water bath or in the palms throughout the foot, paying attention to dry surfaces (for example, the heel). A small massage will allow you to relax and enhance the nutritional properties of the plant product.

Homemade Mask Recipes

In addition to the above-mentioned masks for home spa care, there are several more time-tested recipes for women.

The simplest homemade mask for growth and strengthening of nails is based on water: take half a liter of liquid and add a couple of teaspoons of castor extract there, stir the mixture thoroughly and immerse your hands there.

To achieve an additional effect, it is useful to add a drop of iodine, a teaspoon of sea iodized salt, and essential oil.

Castor oil can be used as cuticle oil after a water treatment for nails and cuticles. The indelible castor mask for the hands, horn plate and cuticle is aimed at strengthening the structure of the skin and nail.

Home SPA will be an excellent solution to dry skin in the hands; in addition, such a procedure is budgetary in value and pleasant for a lady who decided to treat herself a little.

The listed procedures and methods are used to care for toenails, which allows you to find well-groomed feet and healthy plates at home.


Castor oil is said to be a panacea for many problems associated with hair, skin and even the horn plate. Recall that it is a keratinized layer of skin cells, which are based on keratin, or protein.

Consumers talk about the main advantage of a castor product - its accessibility. It’s easy to buy high-quality oil at a pharmacy, and its cost is ridiculous compared to the spectrum of its actions.

You can use a herbal remedy to care for the surface of the plate at least every day; it is especially convenient to do this at night and “wrap” your hands in cotton glove bags to achieve an amazing and lasting result.

Women using shrub plant extract to care for the plate note how strong they become after a week of use, and nail growth is also accelerated.

Caring for the cuticle is also important, because it primarily speaks of the well-groomed female hands. Women with castor oil on their nails assure that the cuticle becomes more supple and easier to remove - just move it away from the plate, you don’t even have to cut it.

To complete the procedure of home care for nails and hands (including feet), you can do an independent massage after applying oil: this will speed up blood circulation and further stimulate plate growth. A small massage of the surface of the nail plate will help the tool absorb better and faster, additionally moisturize the fingertips and just give a pleasant feeling.

Watch the video: Castor oil for nails. Savi. (December 2019).


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