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Eyelash comb

Beautiful, thick, and most importantly, well-groomed eyelashes - this is the pride of any woman. Of course, not every woman has luxurious natural cilia, so often it takes a lot of effort and effort to give them the necessary appearance. Separately, it is necessary to ensure that the eyelashes are laid evenly and do not stick together after applying the mascara.

For these purposes, there are various cosmetic brushes and combs. Today, many popular brands offer their own options for this small but indispensable tool for a woman’s handbag. How to choose such a mini comb for yourself and how to handle it, will be described below.

Why is it needed?

Eyelashes are a very sensitive and fragile, but at the same time important part of our eyes. For a long time, their spectacular appearance has played a key role in the image of any woman. And if earlier in fashion there were large eyelashes, similar to spider legs, now they are more honored by more refined, even, emphasizing their naturalness.

Of course, to achieve such a result is not always obtained. To do this, you have to go through many procedures, starting from banal mascara, and ending with a full build. In any case, a quality eyelash comb is essential.

To date, numerous manufacturers of cosmetic mascara are developing their production technologies. But, one way or another, and from the use of their products, in addition to the promised color and volume, unpleasant adhesion of eyelashes can be observed. Moreover, the standard brush, which many women are used to using, does not cope well with this problem.

Professional eyelash combs are also used in salons during procedures. For example, with eyelash extensions. In order to check the quality of the work performed, the master literally combes the hairs, and thus reveals poorly attached areas, if any.

In addition, artificial eyelashes, in principle, require more thorough and delicate care. Experienced cosmetologists recommend combing them daily to prevent clumping and the possibility of loss. And if you are the owner of chic extension eyelashes, then you can not do without a quality comb.

What are and how to use them

Of course, a comb for eyelashes in itself is not such an expensive tool. However, it should be chosen wisely, if only because the appearance of your cilia may depend on its quality and effectiveness.

You will learn how to comb eyelashes in the video:

Currently, the choice is really wide. When buying, you should focus not on the external design, but on the quality and effectiveness of such a small, but significant tool.

The teeth of the comb can be made of various materials, depending on what such an accessory can be used for different purposes.

Bristle is the simplest and at the same time quite convenient material. These combs are well suited for eyelashes that have a natural lush structure. The bristles are quite delicate and delicate, therefore practically unable to damage the structure of the cilia.

A plastic comb also does a good job of separating sticky eyelashes. It is especially appropriate to use if your cosmetics are prone to knocking into lumps. The fact is that the working surface of plastic not only spreads the eyelashes, but also partially removes mascara from them. Therefore, using such a comb is not always convenient and you need to consider its features.

Cloves made of metal are the choice of professionals. Of course, such a comb will cost a little more, but just the metal work surface provides the most accurate spread of the eyelashes. It is quite plastic, has the ability to accurately impact, and also does not remove mascara during combing.

To use such an attribute should be like a standard comb, with the help of teeth, straightening and aligning eyelashes. It should be remembered that a similar procedure must be carried out immediately after applying the mascara, while it has not yet dried. Otherwise, you will not touch up your makeup, but only spoil it, and there will always be a risk of damaging the eyelashes themselves.

If you need to thin the cilia, or spread them when gluing, it is best to use a comb with metal cloves. In order to remove the remaining mascara and somewhat “fluff” the eyelashes, a brush or a plastic version of the comb is suitable.

You can also add extra volume to the cilia, and many makeup artists use this secret. To achieve the effect of increasing the volume and length, it is necessary to apply a very small portion of hair conditioner to the ends of the eyelashes. A standard eye cream may also work. After that, gently comb the eyelashes using metal cloves, and only after that apply mascara.

General impressions and reviews

If you really look after your makeup and style, then a comb for eyelashes is your irreplaceable attribute, as well as for any professional. Today, more brands are engaged in the production of special brushes and combs. There are more budget options, but they are not impressive in their quality of working the work surface.

Combs Tweezerman and Lash Comb are very popular. They stand out against the general background of reliability and a wide range of models. You can easily pick up an accessory with any version of the work surface. For convenience, you can always buy a comb, in which there are several pull-out options for teeth. This can be natural bristles, plastic, metal, while the density and width of the cloves varies depending on your needs.

Reviews on the products of these brands are mostly positive. They have practically no shortcomings. In addition to the fact that many models of combs combine several working options, they also differ in a fairly high quality of study. The teeth are even, they do not have any defects, therefore they are not inclined to cling to the eyelashes, which could increase the risk of them falling out. Due to this, caring for natural or extended eyelashes at home is not difficult. In addition, some professional hair comb options can also be equipped with special scissors for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Particularly popular, for example, an iron comb. Her cloves are quite thin and smooth, so they easily spread glued eyelashes and do not remove mascara, so they can be used for everyday hair straightening. On the other hand, you can use this comb to trim the eyebrows.

By choosing products from brands such as Lash Comb or Tweezerman, you get a good combination of price and quality. At the same time, you can save a lot by purchasing a 3-in-1 comb. When such a simple and at the same time functional accessory appears at your disposal, you will surely achieve the desired impressive effect from your cilia.

Watch the video: Lash seperator! Who knew?! (November 2019).

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