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How to choose facial oil

Cosmetic oils are very popular among the fair sex. And not in vain - they moisturize and nourish well, help restore freshness to aging skin of the face. They are also completely natural, which makes them even more popular.


Oils are:

  • Basic - these are the oils that are obtained by hot and cold pressing - coconut, avocado, shea, mango and many others.
  • Essential - oils with a characteristic smell and taste that do not leave marks on clothing and surfaces, because they evaporate immediately. They are also called "volatile." These are esters of orange, cloves, cinnamon, lavender, mint, patchouli, eucalyptus and so on.

Beneficial features

The positive effect of oils on the skin is difficult to overestimate. So they are:

  • They help to produce collagen, which leads to an extension of youth and the later appearance of wrinkles;
  • Include vitamins and minerals that nourish;
  • Suitable for moisturizing the skin and improving color;
  • Keep the skin in good shape and improve blood circulation;
  • Get rid of inflammation and redness;
  • Certain species have an antiseptic effect;
  • Almost everyone has a hypoallergenic effect;
  • Protect from the harmful effects of environmental factors, including ultraviolet.

How to choose by skin type

Many women and girls are guided when choosing a well-known brand or good reviews and are upset that the purchased product did not have the desired effect. The thing is that it is best to focus on what type of skin you have.

Dry skin

It should first be moistened with tonic or pink water - this will improve the effect. The best thing you can do for this type of skin is to moisturize it as actively as possible. Oils that handle this:

  • Avocado. Champion in moisturizing products. It nourishes well, makes the skin supple, and also provides protection against ultraviolet radiation;
  • Macadamia nut. Often used in anti-aging creams. It perfectly moisturizes, making it suitable even for very dry skin that has survived acne;
  • Jojoba. It is perfectly absorbed, protects the face from any harmful external influences;
  • Wheat germ. Rich in antioxidants.

Oily skin

Here you need to give preference to those funds that protect the face from the production of subcutaneous fat and oily sheen. Therefore, fatty products do not fit in any way, you need something light, such as:

  • Grape seed oil. Often used in cleansers for oily skin. Regulate the water-lipid balance, tighten and relieve oily sheen;
  • Hazelnut. Reduces inflammation, suitable for sensitive skin;
  • Jojoba. Suitable for oily skin. Eliminates black dots, nourishes. With this oil, the scars from old pimples disappear, but new ones do not appear;
  • Hemp. Recent studies tell us that it has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. Helps to cope with irritations;
  • Japanese camellia. Gently moisturizes, does not give a greasy shine, cares for the skin.

Normal or combination skin

The rating shows that here it is better to choose base and universal oils. Instead of pure oils, you can use creams and scrubs with their addition. Suitable oils:

  • Jojoba. Valuable and effective oil for all skin types, moisturizes, but does not give an oily sheen, well cares and nourishes;
  • Almond oil is good not only for care, but also for protection against ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, it is best to use it in the warm season;
  • Grape seed and its ether moisturizes well and quite often is part of creams and scrubs;
  • Coconut is almost entirely composed of saturated fats, and also has a bactericidal effect;
  • Sea buckthorn was made many years ago. She is known for healing wounds, managing inflammation and is good for dermatological problems.

Anti-aging care

Over the years, our face needs more care. It is better to nourish and saturate with vitamins and antioxidants. Oils that do this well:

  • Argan. Indispensable in skin care. Normalizes the water-lipid balance and contains acids that nourish mature skin;
  • Apricot oil is famous for the fact that it regenerates cells and gives skin youth, as well as saturates it with vitamins and acids;
  • From rice bran. It is rich in antioxidants, acids and nourishes the skin with vitamin E;
  • Roses mosquitoes. It contains a lot of vitamin A and is the best suited for the care around the eyes;
  • Borago gives the skin youth and elasticity. It is not surprising that this oil is often used in anti-aging cosmetology;
  • Evening primrose eliminates wrinkles, but is only suitable as an addition to basic care.

Oils for skin diseases

In diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema, special skin care is needed. In this case, they will be able to help:

  • Kiwi, blackcurrant and hemp;
  • Apricot, soy, grapes and baobab;
  • Borago.

Application Tips

You should start by applying a few drops on the fingertips and soft spreading with light circular movements along the face and eye area. Facial massage will also help. It should start in the cheeks and forehead, and then gradually go down below.

An important nuance: it is worth using the product only if you are not allergic to it. Finding it out is pretty simple. Before use, apply a few drops to the sensitive epidermis of the wrist or bend of the elbow and, if within five minutes there is no irritation or redness, then everything is fine.

Homemade mask recipes

First of all, you should know a few rules for the proper preparation of masks from oils. After all, if you do not follow them, the effect may not be.

  • Be sure to warm the mixture before use. Otherwise, it does not properly absorb into the skin. Heating should be done strictly in a water or steam bath, without using a microwave;
  • Mix all the ingredients before you heat them in equal proportions. The exception applies only to a mixture of base oils with essential oils;
  • Vegetable oil with essential oil should be mixed in a proportion of one spoon two or three drops;
  • The product should be applied after washing, preferably on a steamed and clean face;
  • Make masks is in the evening, when you definitely will not be painted and apply other products to the skin;
  • Oils do not require rinsing, but if you are uncomfortable, you can cleanse your face with tonic or micellar water.

Preparing masks at home is an easy and useful task, as you choose the ingredients yourself and know what exactly is in each product.

  • For dry skin. First of all, you need to take a little vegetable oil and warm it up. Take gauze, having previously cut openings for the nose, eyes and mouth, moisten it in warm oil and put on the face. Fifteen minutes later, remove the napkin, and rub your face with water. Take dried chamomile flowers and a string - one tablespoon each - and pour three tablespoons of olive oil. Put the resulting mixture in a water bath for ten minutes, cool, then take a teaspoon of the mixture and rub it with the yolk. The mask is ready, now you only need to apply it with a thin layer on the face and leave it for fifteen minutes. And then wipe your face with tea leaves.
  • Normal skin. Heat a half glass of linseed or olive oil in a bath and add five drops of vitamins A and E. Do the same manipulations with gauze and keep it until it cools down, and then moisten it again in solution. It takes about twenty minutes, after which it is recommended to wash with warm water. Such a mask will smooth the skin and remove unwanted wrinkles.
  • Oily skin. Brew weak green tea and add a large spoonful of oatmeal, five milliliters of lemon juice and a couple of drops of tea tree oil. Apply to face and rinse with water after twenty minutes. The mask perfectly cleanses and smoothes the skin.

A few more options for masks with essential oils can be found in the video below.


Many women praise cedar oil. They say that they really like the smell, and also it perfectly smoothes the wrinkles. Someone removes the abscesses with his help, someone simply adds to the cream - the result is everywhere positive and everyone is happy.

Grape seed oil saved many who tried it from its oily sheen. The skin has become soft and supple.

Peach oil has successfully eliminated more than one woman from wrinkles. The masks from it possess, according to them, some wonderful property, after them youth and smoothness are felt on the face.

Flaxseed oil has also collected many positive reviews in getting rid of wrinkles and rejuvenation.

Someone is very pleased with the effect of olive oil masks, without any additives. They say it smoothes the skin and makes it soft.

Watch the video: Best Oil for Each Skin Concerns Acne, Oily, Dry, Aging skin, Hyperpigmentation (March 2020).


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