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Self-tanning spray

Many beauties want to have a bronze tint on the skin, but last spring the tan disappears completely, and the use of a solarium is not very useful, and some are completely forbidden. A great way to solve this problem is to use a self-tanning spray, which is a skin-staining composition. It is applied to the skin and gives a bronze tint to the skin.


The use of this tool for the body has a lot of advantages.

  • Easy to apply.
  • With proper use, it practically does not leak.
  • It is applied in a thin layer, which provides instant drying.
  • It can be used where it is difficult to reach with your hand and poor visibility, for example on the back, buttocks, as well as on uneven surfaces, such as the face, collarbone.

But the disadvantages of this tool also exist.

  • If applied incorrectly, polka dots can be obtained.
  • If used according to technology, microscopic droplets of paint scatter around, and as a result, a large consumption is obtained.
  • May stain clothes.

How to choose by skin type

When choosing a self-tanning spray, first of all, you need to choose a shade that will suit you. Girls with light skin type, red and blondes should not choose too dark tones. It will not look natural. They are suitable for tinting compositions on which light is indicated. For owners of light brown, brown hair, you can choose darker tones. With an average content of dyes.

Brunettes and girls with dark skin need to choose dark shades of tanning. They contain the most pigments, and make your skin color as if you were back from the south.

To find out if the shade is suitable for you or not, spray a tanning sample on a piece of paper, and then attach it to your skin tone. If you are satisfied with the result, you can purchase this tool.

Before use, apply a tanning spray on a small area of ​​the skin that is hidden from prying eyes, for example, on the inside of the thigh. This will help to find out if you are allergic to this tool, to determine the number of layers that will need to be applied. Remember that you cannot use tanning spray after the end of its life. It can cause allergies, and its texture will deteriorate. As a result of using such a composition, you can seriously damage the skin or get a spotty shade.

You will learn about how to properly apply tanning and reviews on the use of this tool from the video.

Skin preparation for use

Before using tanning spray, you need to properly prepare the skin. To do this, it is necessary to clean it of dirt, fat, dead skin cells.

  1. My body with a washcloth and shower gel or any other means.
  2. We clean the keratinized particles with a scrub. You can use the scrub that you use constantly.

These manipulations will help make the skin smoother, which in turn will make it possible to more evenly spray the body.

Another necessary procedure before applying tanning is hair removal. Moreover, it must be carried out per day, so that irritation subsides, and the skin calms down. Next, you need to properly moisturize the skin. If your epidermis is very dry, this procedure may take several days. Particular attention should be paid to the knees and elbows. There, the skin is especially dry and the applied composition may have a darker shade.

How to apply

The result of staining the body depends on the correct application.

  1. Initially, you need to properly shake the bottle. This will help to mix the components and break the lumps, if such were formed in the bottle.
  2. Then, at a distance of 30-40 cm, apply the spray by evenly pressing on the spray cap. Although in the annotations to self-tanning in the form of a spray it is written that the length of the jet should be about 20 cm, this does not allow it to be applied evenly and to avoid staining, it is better to slightly increase the distance.
  3. Hand movements during spraying should be quick and smooth. This will make the tan layer more even.
  4. The tool needs to process every part of the body, it is better if someone helps you with this.
  5. Spray must be applied in 2 or even 3 layers to make the shade more visible.
  6. It is enough to apply one layer on the face. For a more even tone, it is better to do this with a sponge.

After applying tanning, you can not use moisturizers for at least a day, until the product reaches its maximum resistance. Otherwise, moisturizers may cause the applied composition to leak.

Review of the best brands

There are a lot of brands that produce self-tanning spray. Here are the most popular ones.

  • Best Bronze - a good result, but a little expensive.
  • Oriflame Sun Zone - products that have established themselves as hypoallergenic. Easy to apply, pleasant shades, does not leave yellow.
  • Markell is an inexpensive tool that gives excellent results.
  • Instant Sunless Spray - gives a beautiful shade to an existing tan, suitable for dark skin. Very expensive.
  • Yves Rocher - not flowing, excellent quality, like all products of this company.
  • Biocon is another remedy at an attractive price, it is easy to apply, it comes off evenly.
  • Formula 255 - gives the skin a golden hue, is quickly absorbed. Contains natural plant oils.

Application Reviews

Reviews on the use of tanning spray are very controversial, and this applies to all the brands presented above. Such a divergence of opinions is connected with the fact that all recommendations must be qualitatively implemented, but not all do. As a result, the color of the giraffe is often obtained.

Those girls who have adapted to applying the product, get an excellent tan on the skin, even before the sun begins to warm, without being irradiated with ultraviolet light.

Reviews about one of the most popular means and how to apply tanning you will learn in the video:

Watch the video: HOW TO: Self Tan Spray version (November 2019).

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